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A Tale Of Two Cities

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Skena Megahed here we'll discuss the book of A Tale of Two Cities

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Skena Megahed Ok, I just finished the book and here are my notes (for is as a whole)
PS: I don’t think you should read it before finishing the book because it contains things from the last chapters.
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Asmaa Kamel | 4 comments Dear Skena,

I've just finished the novel and I'm so sorry it took me too long; I managed to read almost two pages only per day :(

I agree with you in your hatred of the Marquis of Evremonde and actually I was glad for his end (without any guilt!)The scene of the death of the boy was very well-written. I was very much touched by it, especially describing the conversion of the feelings of the father from anger to tears upon the arrival of Monsieur Defarage.

As for Madam Defarge, I felt the revenge and somehow evil in her character right from the start. I knew that she was the little sister and felt sorry for her while the letter was read but by the end of the trial scene, I realized how cruel she was. However, I was astonished by the behavior of Monsieur Defarge who was the real patriot of the Novel, who could somehow differentiate between justice and revenge. I regarded the display of Doctor's letter as a betrayal for the Doctor.

I also admired the relation between Lucie and her father and how that relation managed to restore him back to his old self.

Right from the start, Miss Pross appeared as the guarding angel of Lucie and so I wasn’t surprised by her strong struggle with Madame Defarge. Remember how she treated Mr. Lorry because of the way he drove the news to Lucie at the beginning of the novel?

I started to feel pity for Carton by the time he had his talk with Lucie, I was very touched by this line “I am like one who died young, all my life might have been”. Then I fell in love with him by the time his intentions of scarifying his own life for Darney's began to show up, here I also liked the description of his last hours while he was wandering in the streets of Paris “It was the settled manner of a tired man, who has wandered and struggled and got lost, but who at length struck into his road and saw its end”. Of course the execution scene made me cry as well.

Though the misery of the poor French people was clearly described from the start, it wasn't enough to justify their thirst for blood and their revenge that had no limit by the end of the story. However these lines were brilliant in describing their transformation “I know how hard it has grown in me, the wearer of this, to support life in myself; but do you know how easy it has grown for me, the wearer of this, to destroy life in you”

Finally, it was really nice reading this with you. I'm looking forward for our next book :)

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