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y: the last man, is it worth the effort

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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments My friends give mixed reviews on Y: the last man. I'm a bit of a dinosaur and prefer the single issues. So, is Y worth hunting down? I have fou issuesnd the majority of the series, imssing about 20 issues.
if you compared Y to any other series what would it be?

message 2: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments Personally I thought Y was great until about half way through. Then the stories started getting a bit redundant and, to me, the ending really undercut all of the interesting comments on gender that Vaughan was making with the series. I'd say it's worth reading and if you get to a point where you feel like stopping then stop. And if you don't want to invest in buying it, check and see if your library has the trades! Any urban library system should.

message 3: by Dana * (new)

Dana * (queenofegypt) I just started the 5th book, so far I am still held to the story. I would say it is not a waste of time by any means. I get mine from the library, so I am not out any money or time.

message 4: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments thanks. I found a cheap copy of first trade and read it late last night. I liked it, but don't really see why everyone is so impressed with it. I will probably read at least volume 2. Our library has a few graphic novels: sandman, preacher, but they are rarly in to be checked out.

message 5: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments Brad, that's why god created holds. Also, if your library already has a few comics and you want them to have more, ask who does the purchasing for that section and let them know! If they, as is likely the case, don't know what they're buying, offer them your expertise and give them some suggestions. I am a librarian myself and I can tell you that we love it when our patrons take an active interest in the collection.

message 6: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments very rare that I use the library at all. Bit OCD when dealing with rading material. I can rent a movie but I prefer to own a book. I also get the imprssion that our library is not well funded- little bit rundown.

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments All the more reason for them to know *exactly* what their patrons want!

message 8: by Bob (new)

Bob (shack) Y The Last Man was great, I read in the trade format that I got from our local library. Here in Pennsylvania the libraries are linked and you can easily search/get books from other libraries in your county. You may want to search your library catalog online to see if they have more trades available elsewhere. Our library also has movies and video games for rent at $2/week

message 9: by Dean (new)

Dean | 11 comments I read the entire series in Graphic Novel form and loved them. I think there were a lot of plot holes but it was still a good story.

message 10: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments I finished volume one- it was okay, I think because of the way my friends talked about it I was expectingsomething more, don't think I'm going to read any further

message 11: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (ellstar) | 1 comments I agree with Ed, I was totally engaged with the first few volumes, had to chew my way through the middle portion, but the end more than made up for it in action. Thematically the story changed a few times, a bit for better a bit for worse, but it's still a fantastic series.

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