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His final novel

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message 1: by Brandin (new)

Brandin (pan_dim_onium) | 19 comments Mod
After his death there were two incomplete novels found on his laptop. The most complete of which was apparently Pirate Latitudes, but there is one more. Now I don't know if it was a draft or how far along it goes or anything. I was hoping we could do some fun speculating. I would love it if he did something along the lines of State of Fear and Next in that it be action packed with plenty of scientific controversy. I'm hoping it wasn't another historical fiction as I'm not a fan of that genre. What do you think?

message 2: by Brandin (new)

Brandin (pan_dim_onium) | 19 comments Mod
Here's an update on his final book. The description is straight from amazon.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Rogers (sciencethriller) | 1 comments I'm raffling off a free copy of Crichton's last novel, Micro. Enter by Dec. 18 (2011) at ScienceThrillers.com. Now that the Crichton legacy is over, you can also find new writers in the same genre by reading my book reviews here on GoodReads or at ScienceThrillers.

message 4: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (elizabethdarcy2594) I really enjoyed this last book, however the ending didn't seem very Crichton-istic. Had to be done by Preston. Unfinished work=3/4 satisfactory.

message 5: by Kiel (new)

Kiel (kielkielkiel) | 14 comments BUT THE MAJORITY IS HIS WORK RIGHT?

message 6: by Brandin (new)

Brandin (pan_dim_onium) | 19 comments Mod
Richard Preston wrote Cobra Event, which I understand is a great book. It's sad that so little of this was actually written by Crichton. Don't know how much, but any amount just taints it to me. Such a loss to the world...

message 7: by Jacq (new)

Jacq (jacqbridge) I couldn't finish micro, it was interesting but it just got so boring towards the end, too much of the time they were near death and it should have ended a lot sooner

message 8: by Jukang (new)

Jukang Liwayway (jukangliwayway) | 2 comments Kiel wrote: "BUT THE MAJORITY IS HIS WORK RIGHT?"

only one-third is Crichton... the rest is Preston..

message 9: by Nuri Dhea (new)

Nuri Dhea S (dheavannea) | 1 comments Whew the great lost for humanity n the world. We lost our crichton. The best writer in the world. Ever.

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