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message 1: by Krys (new)

Krys Hey all! *waves hello*

Thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I'm a desperate wannabe grad student for anthropology (waiting to hear back from grad schools) and love reading SF/F ... though I'm kind of developing an interest in serial killers and criminal psychology right now. We'll see if that interest lasts.

One interest I've had for a while is ebooks, ereaders, and the publishing industry. I enjoy keeping up with what's happening in that arena, even though I don't have an ereader quite yet. It's getting pretty interesting, now that indie authors have more "mainstream" venues for exposure (eg Amazon and Barnes and Noble).

I enjoy writing as well ... though if I'm ever going to go anywhere with it, it would probably help if I actually finished something. Ha!

... and, well, that's me in a nutshell.

message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10143 comments Mod
Hi Krystal... so happy to have you! THanks for joining. The publishing industry is certainly an interest of mine, as are indie authors ;)

Though I am not a fan of Amazon (for their treatment of authors) I do agree that ePublishing offers many more options for the underdogs!

message 3: by Krys (new)

Krys Hey! Thanks. Glad to be here.

I did hear something a while back about Amazon and POD publishers, and then there was the whole fiasco with Macmillan & ebook pricing last year. I wasn't thrilled with Amazon's handling of the whole situation, either.

Are you familiar with JA Konrath's blog? Just google him and his website will pop up. He's a bit over the top most of the time, but I agree with the broad strokes of his message (that the publishing industry is changing and indie authors should take advantage of the transition, especially the fact that they can offer their ebooks for much lower than traditional publishers can/are willing to).

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