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Fawnheart had just caught a rabbit and was heading back to ThunderClan. She had just made the kill and was very proud of herself as this had been her first patrol.

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Spottedstar sat outside her den

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Rosepelt prowled unhappily through the forest, looking for prey.

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Spottedstar looked around then lept off her spot and walked into the forest

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Rosepelt stiffened as she heard pawfalls, but it was just a cat going back home with prey.

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Spottedstar walked through the forest and stopped, smelling a unfamilar smell. She fowned and slowly made her way over till she saw Rosepelt

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Rosepelt went stiff al over sensing a strange cat coming. She was poised, ready to flee...

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Spottedstar froze and bared her teeth "who are you?"she spat

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Rosepelt looked at her wearily. Not another cat.. why did they keep popping up?
"frankly, I have no idea. But call me Rosepelt."

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Spottedstar nodded slowyly "Spottedstar, where are you from?"she asked

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"That way.." she said, jerking her head over her shoulder. "what about you and all the others?"

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Spottedstar noddded again "we're Sky Clan, I'm the leader"Spottedstar said

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Rosepelt raised an eyebrow. "right... SkyClan hey? I'm guessing thats important? Anyway, are you going to fight me or let me go?"

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"Since you seem to be no harm, you may go"

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"why thank you, your grace" Rosepelt frowned, not happy about her very superior attitude, but still curious.
"Just for the record... whats a clan?"

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"One don't call me "your grace" and two a clan is a group of wild cats who hunt and protect one another"Spottedstar said

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As Fawnheart neared her clan she wandered to the medicine cats place and talked to her friend.

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"Any other questions?"Spottedstar asked

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"ah.." Said rosepelt. "is there a fireclan?" She asked without thinking.

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Spottedstar nodded "how did you know?"

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Fawnheart was heading back out of the medicine cats den when she saw to cats talking to eachother on the other side of the field

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"I... I didn't?" Rosepelt frowned, thoroughly confused.

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"You guessed?"

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"It just came out..." Rosepelt sighed. "I've got amnesia. No memories since I was... well a few months age."

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Fawnheart wandered cautiously towards the two cats on the other side of the field, she didn't want to come on too strong, otherwise they would attack her. She was curious to know who the new arrival was.

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Rosepelt sensed the new cat advancing and went stiff again

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Fawnheart caught the scent of the new cat. The cat was frightened. Fawnheart wanted to tell the new cat she meant no harm, but the other one was still there and she was sure it would attack.

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Rosepelt relaxed as she sensed the new cat was no harm, that she could beat her in a fight.

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Spottedstar sniffed the air "its ok Fawnheart!"she called

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Fawnheart relaxed. She wandered over to where they stood. "Hello" she said.

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Rosepelt looked at her. "Hello stranger."

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"What clan are you in?" Fawnheart asked the stranger slowly.

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"a great question! You?"

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"I'm in ThunderClan" Fawnheart responded

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Rosepelt nodded, shifting from paw to paw, uneasy in unfamiliar territory.

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"It's alright" Fawnheart reassured the new arrival, "You are welcome here"

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Rosepelt obviouslt didn't believe her. "look, stranger, I'm not welcome ANYWHERE for more than one night,"

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"Why is that??" She asked curiously.

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"they find reasons." she said darkly. "i'm different, somthing they're not used to. I don't know or obey their rules. So they chuck me out."

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"Er...O-K" She responded, rather confused.

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"Yeah!" rosepelt said brightly. "I LOVE my liife... What about you, stranger?"

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"I guess so...although I've only just become a proper warrior" Fawnheart responded.

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"congratulations on whatever you look so happy about! Is it a big deal?"

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"Yeah. It is" Fawnheart responded.

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"Yay! So... where am I?"

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"Well...You're in this forest where the warrior clans live. As i've already told you, I'm in ThunderClan, there is also RiverClan, which my brother is part of, and there's ShadowClan, and WindClan" She answered

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"and fireclan.." she murmured thoughtfully. "so have you got laws?"

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"Sort of..." replied Fawnheart, "I mean no cat from a different clan is allowed to set foot on your territory, unless invited, otherwise they might steal food" she said

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"Why would they steal? Thre's plenty of food everywhere, trust me, I should know..."

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