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Please use this outline:

Kittypet or Loner:

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Name: Spike
Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Type(Rouge, Loner, Kittypet): loner
Personality: grumpy, rude, very agressive
App: description
History: when he was a kit he knew a black cat with a white paw. This cat touhgt him how to fight.
Mate: open
Crush: open
Kin: none
Other: has a red spiked color with tons of cat and dog teeth but mostly dog.

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who is tawni?

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It was from a diffrent group! I fixed it!

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lol ok i was like wha?

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sorry! lol

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lol its k gtg ttyl

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Personality:Demon is sly and extremely mean. He doesnt take no for an answer and he is EVIL. Demon is an extremely good fighter and very fast. He is not invincible but seems like he is. Dont pick a fight with him. he can kill u. He is flirty and will be nice to his mate.
History: Secrets and more secrets
Crush: You can try
Other: Demons eyes do a weird thing. When he gets rele mad they go completely black.
((his eyes:

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Lol wow

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Lol all done:)

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Name: Claw
Gender: Male
Kittypet or Loner: Loner
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h... but with blue eyes
Personality: Nice, cunning, bold, brave
Owner: None
Crush: Open
Mate: Closed, had one who died
History: Had a mate who had his kits, Running and Bounce, his son who looked just like him. He is in search of them. They dissapeared, he had found his mate's dead body, in deep snow. Her white pelt plastered in her body, and ice in her ears. Claw hated seeing this, and had been looking for his kits since then.

Name: Petal
Gender: Female
Kittypet or Loner: Kittypet
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: Nice, gentle, can be mean, strong, feirce
Owner: A elderly woman
Crush: Demon?
Mate: Closed
History: Alot of secrets

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Name: Fiona
Gender: Female
Kittypet/Loner: Loner
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Fiona is very full of herself, and doesn't like admitting that she gets lonely. She is easily hurt, but doesn't show it. If hurt she normally runs away from the cat to cry. She feels very misunderstood, but shows a expressionless face most of the time.
Owner: She is a Loner
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
History: Fiona was a clan cat a long time ago, and doesn't remember it. Windclan was under a loner attack, and a tom's kittens had died the previous day. He needed kits to keep his small pack going, and stole 3 kits from Windclan, Fiona included.
Other: She has a very short temper, and is a great fighter, so don't mess with her.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 67 comments Name: Applefur
Age: 14 moons
Gender: she-cat
Kittypet or Loner: Rough
Appearance: http://www.wallpaper1080hd.com/Pictur...
Personality: Hostle, will do what it takes to get what she wants
Owner: None
Crush: None
Mate: None
History: was once a warrior of shadow clan but dissobayed tomany rules to count
Other: Is Willowpaw's mother

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