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romance versus chick lit

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Stephanie I thought I would categorize this as a romance novel. but then this is obviously very much a chick lit novel as well. honestly, what's the difference?

Danell To make things easier, I have made one bookshelf: chicklit-romance. I think that the genres have so many similarities that sometimes it can be very hard to distinguish between the two.

Madison Messina to be honest i hated this book when i started it. my aunt gave it to me and was like 'you have to read this, its so good' and then my mom made it the book for our book club to read.. after the first couple chapters i started to love the book and finished it in a week. one thing i have to say is.. i hated darcy by the end! lol and i wanna read the next book in the series, 'something borrowed' looks goood.

Madison Messina i would call it bothh.

Sara Hickman I guess I consider romance novels to be those my grandma used to read with Fabio type men on the cover. (Although I will admit, I have not picked up anything from a Romance section in the book store maybe ever.)

Amanda Robinson Ha ha ha...I agree with Sara! That's funny; I think everyone's grandmother had a collection of those.

Sandy I agree with Sara as well. Romance is over the top Fabio-type men carrying a damsel off to the bedroom. Chick-lit books are a little more realistic (there are still a few unrealistic events in them, it is fiction after all) and the heroine is usually clumsy or awkward and is a modern woman trying to make her way in this world.

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Zee I agree with Sandy. Although these two words are often used interchangeably, I see a big difference between the two.

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Maricris Ablay i think something borrowed is a chick lit book... the main theme of the story is not romance but friendship... it just happened that characters's friendship was tested by the romance of Rachel and Dex and Dex and Darcy

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Olga Soaje I think agree with Sandy, her idea sums it up.

Stephanie Haefner Romance is far different these days than what Grandma had on her night stand!! :) No more Fabio covers!!!!

The lines between chick lit and contemporary romance are very blurred. Chick lit's plot line focuses more (even if only slightly) on the character's non romantic struggles. (Rachel's inner struggles with her friendship with Darcy and her struggles with her own morality). Romance focuses more on the romantic relationship. But in both, there is the other too, sometimes only slightly less. All romances have some other kind of struggle for the main character, whether it be family or job related, personal emotional struggles.

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