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((RP your cats here.))

Wishing Rocks is where cats from every Clan come to get their single wish approved by the Living StarClan Warrior.))

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((Ok, I don't think anyone knows how to do this, so I'll do a example.

Smallfur padded into the large cave, feeling lonely. He padded up to a shadowy figure. Soon, as he got closer, could make out a cat. "Hello." He mewed, stepping out of the shadows. Smallfur took a deep breath. "My wish, is to have fun." The other cat looked up. "Your wish has been accepted. But, with the ability to have fun, comes responsibility." Soon, the cat vanished. Smallfur heaved a sigh of happiness. He headed back to the clans.

Just do that. No body even has to have the Starclan Warrior as a charrie, if you need to play him, RP him. But try and keep to the dialog the same-ish.
Oh, and try to make the wish more realistic.))

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