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What do you want to do

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What do u normly do?

 [♔] .queen's armor. idk u pick i dont really care

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harry potter

 [♔] .queen's armor. i like midive

 [♔] .queen's armor. midieval*

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Yay! Me too! Ok do u want to be the boy or girl, that ior we can make 2 charries

 [♔] .queen's armor. 2 charries work better for me

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Ok. A boy and girl?

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Kk I'll make my charres first

 [♔] .queen's armor. i gtg be back latter

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Name: James
rank: prince
personality: kind to everyone. He doesn't like his life as prince, too proper. He likes to read and learning. He likes to go into town, and walked around. He also loves to laugh.
appearance: brown hair that is cut short. He smiles a lot and when he does it shows in his eyes. Bright green eyes and pale skin. About 5'7
history: nothing
family: parents are king and queen

Name: Josephane
nickname: Jo
Rank: villager
personality: tom boy. She does wear dresses but hates them. Loves to try new things and is always looking for new things. She is happy and always tried to look on the bright side. She does like to weave and that's how she makes her living, weaving rugs and blankets.
appearance: light brown hair that is shoulder length. She has blue eyes that always are looking around. She wears plain dresses and has milky white skin. About 5'3.
family: none
History: her mother died at childbirth, and her father died from.a sickness when she was 10. She did have 3 brothers but they all died before they were 1.
other: has a dog named Cowboy

I will get puctures and add more later

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 [♔] .queen's armor. name: ally
rank: servent
personality: tba
looks: http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj...
family: dead
crush: she lickes james but knoes they can never be together

name: Abe
rank: villager
looks: http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q1...
family: mom

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((Cool want. To start?))

 [♔] .queen's armor. ((okay))

Abe was walking around the village.

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Jo careied a few blanekts over her arms. She sighed and looked around.

James went into the village dressed as a villager

 [♔] .queen's armor. Abe saw her and sighed "need help?" he asked

ally was walking awound with her head down and ran into james "ahh,im sorry," she said not notacing whi he was

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Jo shook her head "I'm aleright, thank you though"she said

James smiled slighly "its my fault, wasn't watching where I was going"he said

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally sighed "i still ran into you,im sorry" she said again feeling bad she bowed down saying sorry and walked away witha basket of breed in her hand,

Abe smiled "okay" he said.

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James sighed and watched her walk away

Jo smiled slightly "I'm Josephene, but if you call me that I'll kill you. Calp me Jo"she teased

 [♔] .queen's armor. "clap u? okay" he laughed

ally brought the baset of breed to a poor family "here,i made it for you" she said smiling the kids were hidding behind there mom
mom: "oh thank you your so kind"
Ally smiled "welcome" she said.

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"Sorry slap, I'm not the best with words"Jo said blushing

Jaes sighed and began walking again

 [♔] .queen's armor. Abe laughed "its okay" he said

ally smiled and walked away.

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Jo laughed

James saw Allie and felt his heart beat faster. "God she is beautufl!"he thought

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally smiled and almost everyone in the village.

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James watched her and smiled widely

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally looked at james "oh hi again" she said

Abe smirked.

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"Hello"James said

"Oh alright, I do need help"Jo said

 [♔] .queen's armor. "hahah i though so" he smiled

"hello" she said back in a soft voice.

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Jo rolled her eyes

James smiled slightly

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally blincked

Abe smirked and helped her with the baskets.

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"Care to take a walk with me?"he asked

Jo smiled with relief

 [♔] .queen's armor. "umm okay" she said smiling

Abe smiled "your welcome.."

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James offered her his arm

"You aee a life savor"Jo said

 [♔] .queen's armor. Abe smirked "why thanks" he said

Ally smiled and took his arm.

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Jo rolled his eyes

James led her down the street

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally blushed a little and smiled to herself.

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James felt his heart race as they walked

 [♔] .queen's armor. Ally felt acoword and looked at james and opened her mouth to sat something,but nouthing but came out she made a stupid face to herself

abe smiled and walked "so were are u brining thies baskets?"

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"Somethong wrong?"

"To a house "Jo said

 [♔] .queen's armor. "du no," she said

"okay,umm were's the house there is alot of house around here u fool!" he sighed.

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James nodded

Jo blushed again "I know that!"she said

 [♔] .queen's armor. Abe sighed

Ally smiled at him.

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"This house!"Jo said pointing

James smiled "can we talk priavetly?"

 [♔] .queen's armor. "okay" she said

"ohh i see" he said marching over to the house.

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James led her to a field...where they first met

Jo sighed and walked in

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