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Please Use This Outline:

Wish: (Only if they already used it)

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A fox in a snowstorm | 85 comments Mod
Name: Flowerstar
Rank: Leader
Appearance: Bright ginger with white paws and green eyes, smooth fur.
Personality: Nice, gentle, caring
History: Nothing much
Wish: ?
Crush: Open
Mate: Forbidden
Kin: Open
Other: When she was a warrio, had a kit named Snowkit. She is nowhere to be found. But only Flowerstar knows it's Icestorm.

Name: Snowstorm
Rank: Warrior-queen
Appearance: Snowy white with ginger paws, dark green eyes.
Personality: Nice, cunning, bold
History: Never new her mother or father
Wish: ?
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kin: Open

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Name: Emberpelt
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy
Appearance: description
Personality: Very loyal and nice. He's fairly young for a deputy, but takes his position seriously.
History: Was one of two kits, his sibling Frostkit was a female, and died because his mother ran out of milk, and didn't realize it. He was weak also, but was nursed back to health by another welcoming queen.
Wish: He hasn't used it yet, and wonders if he ever will. He thinks about it a lot though.
Crush: OPEN
Mate: OPEN
Kin: Deceased

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Brooke Name: Sunkit- I want to rp the apprentice ceremony
Age: 6 moons
Rank: kit
Appearance: http://www.funnycatpix.com/_pics/very...
Personality: Sunkit is like a little sun. Everyone around her feels happy and optimistic. She is loyal and would die saving her clan.
History: Born normal
Wish: (Only if they already used it) she doesn't know.
Crush: not yet
Mate: not yet!
Kin: deceased
Other: Needs a mentor!

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Emberpelt can be her mentor.

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snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 12 comments Name: blindpaw (sight)
Age: 7 moons
Rank: apprentice
Appearance: [image error]
she is a fluffy tabby. her fluffy fur sometimes gets in her way but she has gotten used to it. she is a light brown tabby with white paws. her eyes are a milky blue for she is blind.
Personality: blindpaw is kind. she cares about others. she has always loved kits. she is easy to be friends with. she is shy but when it coes to battles she puts her life on te line for others but still knows death is not always the soloution. blindpaw is appreciative for what she has she knows she isnt the same as others and is proud of that.
History: when she was newborn her mom was in riverclan and her father is in windclan. she lived in river and was one of the most feared for becase she is blind. in river se was not able to fish for she couldnt see. her father fought for her to be in windclan but her moher killed him and he now hunts with starclan. her mother soon died from greencogh. she was finnaly in wind. she is being trained to hunt by smell and hearing, she is very good and has only missed one once and it was a rabbit so her mentor wasnt going to scold her. she was born to be in windclan and hopes she never has to leave. she knows her father and mother were great warriors and wants to grow up like her father. se has gotten used to being called names and being made fun of and now she is here.
Wish: she wants to see again so she can be a great warrior.
Crush: open
Mate: none yet
Kin: she was an only child it made her sad that she ad no brothers or sisters. her mother killed her father in a fight over were she would go. her mother died of green cough
Other: needs a mentor

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OMG her wish could be to see again when she is older.

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 12 comments is it accepted?

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U dont have to get it accepted in this group. Ever now and then, if someone posts a really crappy charrie, then I'll just ask them to edit it.

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Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) Name: Windtail
Age: 14 moons
Rank: warrior
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: fun loving, she loves to play in puddles and to get her fur wet, wether its dirty water or not.she loves to pull pranks, but that habit can be easily fixed with a mate. she loves kits an apprentices.
History: ..............
Crush: Emberpelt
Kin: dead
Other: ..............

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