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Phantom was curled up under a tree resting.

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Snow saw Phantom and Nickered kindly.

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Acacia wandered into a clearing where she spotted Phantom curled up under a tree. She whinnied softly and lay down under a tree on the other side of the clearing.

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Snow neighed a welcome when she saw Acacia.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Lightning tossed his mane as he walked around aimlessly.

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Jet watched his mares, his ears perked for danger

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Acacia whinnied in return when Snow neighed at her.

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Jet looked around

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Acacia watched Jet from under her tree.

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Jet trotted around keeping his mares near

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Lightning lowered his head, grazing on the grass.

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Jet watched everyone

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Snow trotted over to Jet and nickered.

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((He feels like a stalker with watching everyone))

"Hello"Jet nickered

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"Hi" She nickered back. She was in season and she nipped Jet's shoulder.

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Jet shook his mane

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She stood next to him as she tossed her head, her long black mane blowing in the wind.

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Jet perked his ears toward her

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Snow's heat scent floated around her.

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Acacia trotted over to where Jet and Snow stood and said "Hello"

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Jet looked over and nickered a greeting

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"How are you doing with keeping us all under control" Acacia asked quietly.

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Jet laughed "so far, s good!"he whinnied

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Acacia laughed in return. "Seems like a lot of work" she said.

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"It is"Jet nickered

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She smiled up at him. He was quite big compared to her.

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Jet sniffed Snow

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Snow smiled and nickered to Jet, moving her tail, so more of her Heat scent spread to him.

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Jet whinned and nuzzeled her

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Snow nickered back and moved her tail farther. Her scent spread to Jet's nose.

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Jet whinned loudly with pleasure

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Phantom watched them and rolled her eyes. She didn't think she had time for stallions.

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Snow trotted off to a Secluded area so they could mate.

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She sighed and got up "Going for my run if anyone cares."

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Jet trotted after her and they mated
((Tha is as far as we will go))

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Ice trotted after Phantom "I'm going with you"

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Jet came back and whinned looking arouns at his mares

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She nodded "Then come on." she looked at the mountains and smiled.

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"where are you foing!?"Jet whinned

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"For a run" Ice said.

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"Stay close"he warned

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She nodded "We'll be safe!"

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Ice nodded as well and galloped off with Phantom.

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Jet watched them go

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She nickered and tossed her mane and ran to the mountains.

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Acacia wandered away, towards the forest. She was in search of a mate.

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Jet whinned loudly

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Ice followed Phantom.

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Acacia tossed her mane and looked back towards where the other horses were. Jet had whinnied and she wondered why.

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