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powers(up to 2):

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Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) | 1892 comments Name:Neera
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
powers(up to 2):creat ice and snow

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Name: Allaka
appearance: she has blond hair with a blue streak in it. Her hair is shoulder length and she is slim. She has bright blue eyes that always seem to be moving. Her wings are transparent(see through) and are silver. She is about 5'4 and pale skin.
personality: loves to have fun and party. Adventours and daring
powers: able to change shape and size

Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Name: Sylvaine
age: 150
Appearance: Long brown hair and green eyes. She is about seven feet tall (I like my faeries tall)
personality: she is a warrior. She sis kind to her friends and ruthless to her enimies
powers(up to 2): trees
History: Her husband tricked her into believing he was a faerie
family: Husband Devinas who is a human
crush: none
other: is a queen

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((What do you mean"trees"for the power?))

Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) She can talk with them, and blend into them, and case them to grow where ever she wants and stuff like that.

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Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Name: Mian
age: 50
Appearance: Golden blonde hair. Amber colred eyes
personality: very happy-go-lucky. She is almost constantly smiling
powers(up to 2): sunshine
family: open
crush: open

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Name: Ice

age: 25 yrs

Appearance:blue and black, use ur imagination

personality: zoned out

powers(up to 2): to summon plants, and telekinesess

History: does drugs, but other wise unknow

family: none

crush: Elmo

other: does drugs, likes to share

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Name: L moe
age: 25
Appearance: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
personality: Emo/ goth
powers(up to 2): Fire & making things combust!
History: Unknown
family: Unknown
crush: None?
other: Trails black shadows when she moves, can't speak anymore, someone took away her voice. Writes everything down on a notepad.

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what, no, Crush for ice is L moe

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Name: Elliot
Age: 25
Appearance: She always wears pink. Her hair is long and golden, her eyes are blue. She's always smiling. When she smiles, two dimples appear. Her wings are pale pink.
Personality: She's really annoying, always butting into other peoples conversations. Although she's annoying she's one of the most friendliest people ever. She is very truthful and keeps anybody's secrets.
Powers: She can control weather with her mood and she can speak to animals (her favourite animal is a bunny)
Family: Unknown
Crush: Jack
Other: Her best friends are L moe and Ice, and she trails rainbows when she flies.

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments Name:jack
Appearance:wears red most of the time and has blue eyes and when he mad wings turn bright red and eyes go white
personality:talkative, absent minded
powers:able to heal any wound when mad can attack people with water
History: unknown
crush: Elliot
other: is very popular because his healing powers

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Name: Paul
age: 27
Appearance: TBA
personality: Hothead
powers(up to 2): Fire and steam
History: TBRP
family: DEAD
crush: None

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Thomas wrote: "Name:jack
Appearance:wears red most of the time and has blue eyes
personality:talkative, absent minded
powers:able to heal any wound
History: unknown
crush: Elliot?
other: i..."

yeah cool

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments Name:pip
age;(appears 19) 150
appearance: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
personality: kind , helpful , smart , defensive , talented cook
powers(up to 2): shape shifting , lighting control
History: comes from a rich family but is kind
family: a rich father and mother
crush: Arietta
other:has a fear of ice he scared him to death

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments anyone want to rp?

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SunnyDarkness wrote: "Name: Paul
age: 27
Appearance: TBA
personality: Hothead
powers(up to 2): Fire and steam
History: TBRP
family: DEAD
crush: None

Fire! Yay ^-^

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments can someone make a crush for pip?

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Name: Chloe
age: 25
Appearance: looks like Elliot
personality: dosent act like elliot
powers(up to 2): teleportation, stops time
History: none
family: none
crush: (for pip)

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Can I make competition?

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Name: Arietta
age: Never ask a lady her age
Appearance: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
personality: Dreamy, shy, fires up when she stands up for friends, secretive, cute ^-^
powers(up to 2): Can let out a burst of power that knocks out everyone within 1km for a few days
Can also calm people down
History: Why should I tell you?
crush: Open
other: Has a really good evil glare and an affinity with the moon

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she's so pretty...Hang on...YOU MADE ANOTHER ONE...?

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Me? Yah ^-^ Thats 2...

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments Sarah wrote: "Can I make competition?"


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XP It doesnt have to be, I just wanted to make another anyway...

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments and plus Ella did not put much plan to the character so arietta can be pip's crush

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Kay, thats fine! ^-^

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments wanna rp?

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K ^-^ You start...

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Name: The Bubble Gum Fairy
age: Pretty Young
Appearance: Blue hair, pale skin, preeeetyyfull...
personality: Nice, likes giving bubble gum to every single little kiddy.
powers(up to 2): Can BAM bubble gum out of her... well, this is embarrising for her, its her butt.
History: Lived in a bubble gum machine at school, before she was taken by a magical unicorn into the land of chickens.
family: Liv the Lollipop Lady, Merlin the lizard, and Chicks the chook.
crush: On her sister named "5 Gumzels"
other: I like bubblegum.

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ohh, sorry. The Bubble Gum Fairy forgot to put her second power!! She can also do amazingly good wallrus sounds. She can also make the bubble gum that comes out of her butt into different shapes.

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Gabby Name: 5 gumzels
age: 675
Appearance: Looks kind of like if a groundhog and a unicorn had a baby.
personality: bland. likes grass pie.
powers(up to 2): can turn people inside out, and can fart as loud as a whale can call.
History: Was a soldier in WWII, and is the discoverer of pie.
family: Bubble gum fairt, endfds the cat
other: thinks her sister has a crush on her? weird eh?

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haha lol!

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Megamarie Name: Maricar (short for Maria Carina)
age: 17
Appearance: http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i...
personality: Pretends to be friendly and good natured.
powers(up to 2): Power absorption and Power negation
History: Her family has been hunted for centuries. The members of her clan are all dead. She is the only one alive who has those powers. She makes those around her believe that her powers are like theirs. But all in all, she only mimic their powers.
family: dead
crush: OPEN (might fall in love along the way)
other: loves kids.

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Brenda :D (brendaboo) | 360 comments Name: Cassie Martin
Apperance: ((i'll put it up later))
Persionality:she's funny and she's a flirt and likes to say "oh wow alot"
Powers: she can move water frez water and burn water
Crush: Alot of people

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Castious
age: I lost count after 209
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h... (just add some blood-red wings!)
personality: Deep, dark and dangerous
powers: Talk to animals and minipulate sand
History: "You wanna know? Forget it!"
family: My sister, Silvesta
crush: ....."MY WHAT?!"

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Abby (Tangledforever) Name: Bloom

Age: 16

Appearance: http://nd04.jxs.cz/307/688/a3db5410eb...

Personality: Strong and caring, she is always available to help her friends. She is altruistic and is willing to sacrifice her safety for the safety of the universe. Since she is the guardian of the Dragon Fire, she unwillingly makes many enemies. Bloom also tends to be a little impulsive at times and this leads to some bad experiences as well.

Powers: Dragon Fire, Fire Manipulation

History: Bloom appeared in a building that her adoptive father Mike, a firefighter, was dousing. Mike rescued Bloom and eventually adopted her. Bloom's adoptive mother was Vanessa, a florist. Bloom grew up to have an uneventful childhood and had no awareness of her true origins. In her youth, she received a gift, her close pet rabbit Kiko and met her nemesis, the snobbish and arrogant Mitzi.

Family: Mike and Vanessa

Crush: open

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Abby (Tangledforever) Name: Riven

Age: 17

Appearance: http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photo... (just imagine wings)

Personality: Riven is a lone wolf, very competitive, easily jealous and great at sports.

Powers: Riven is an excellent swordsman, wielding a scimitar-styled purple phantoblade and a bolla. He is also very good at dragon wrangling and is a very skilled thief and lock picker. Riven seems to be the most knowledgeable in stealth and strategic planning.

History: .....


Crush: open

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Seraph | 5555 comments Zoe, Ninja of the Keyboard wrote: "Name: Castious
age: I lost count after 209
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h......"


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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) XD Gaara, of the FARIES!!!

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Name: Piper
age: 14
Appearance: Short with Waist length Dark Brown hair and Brown eyes, Her wings are Green
personality: Playful, Shy, Intelligent
powers(up to 2): Can Slow Down and Speed up molecules to either Freeze Time or make something Expload
family: Prue, Phoebe

Name: Prue
age: 17
Appearance: Small with waist length Black hair and Blueish/Grey Eyes, Her wings are Black
personality: Daring, Brave, Stubborn
powers(up to 2): Telekinesis
family: Piper, Phoebe

Name: Phoebe
age: 12
Appearance: Small with long Dark Blond hair and Hazel eyes, Her wings are Pink
personality: Hyper, Always Happy,
powers(up to 2): Premonitions
family: Piper, Prue

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Seraph | 5555 comments Zoe, Ninja of the Keyboard wrote: "XD Gaara, of the FARIES!!!"

Chchchchchc... gaara, of the FAIRIIIES!!

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Bronte Name: Arya
Apperence: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
Personality: Happy, funny and smart
other:Has the power to comunitcate with animals. Also has special skill with a bow and arrow

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Seraph | 5555 comments Good luck with Gabby and Jennifer!

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Gabby -_-
we're not that bad, are we? *hehehhehe*

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Seraph | 5555 comments Ha. Ha. Ha.

Just a leetle bit... Random?

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