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message 1: by Novin, whose favortie character is Sirius Black. (new)

Novin | 575 comments Mod
*bangs hand on table*

message 2: by Gail (new)

Gail D.C. | 31 comments THis is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Just leav us alone and give us our MOVIE!

Ok it's not OUR movie but you know what I mean.
I am so disapointed. I am sure I will get over it, but to put off a movie untill next year so you can have even less compatition and a bigger boxoffice ............ come on.


message 3: by Gunjari (new)

Gunjari (irajnug) | 732 comments huh. that's kind of random.


message 4: by Maya (new)

Maya (mswwsmmsw) | 51 comments I AM SO MAD AT WB.
They're only doing this just to get money. They are a bunch of greedy toerags. I saw on mugglenet they said, "We love our fans" and "We would never do anything to upset them." WELL GUESS WHAT WB??????? IF THIS IS LOVE, I'M NOT SURE I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE! AND TOO LATE! YOU HAVE ALREADY UPSET YOUR FANS!! AND I WAS NEVER A FAN OF YOU ANYWAY!!! I'M A FAN OF HARRY POTTER!!!!
SO GIVE ME MY MOVIE IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh... I'm evven thinking of boycotting the movie. That way, they won't get their money ... hehe...

message 5: by Novin, whose favortie character is Sirius Black. (new)

Novin | 575 comments Mod
Yeah,boycotting is cool! Youknow , when we've read the book & the books are always far better than the movies, boycotting shouldn't be hard!!

message 6: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments 2 people won't make a difference.

message 7: by Maya (new)

Maya (numerounochewylover) | 270 comments i want to join, but i don't know... it's kind of amazing to see what changes they'll make in the theater version. i'll think about it, but THAT IS SO WRONG AND I'M SOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!! WHO'S STUPID, TORTUROUS IDEA WAS THIS?!?!?!?!

message 8: by Moonlight (new)

Moonlight | 13 comments *sops* Wah!!! No harry potter!!! ='(

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeh its horrible *crys*!!!! but im glad their splitting Dh into 2 parts! We get to see it ALL!!((random))

message 11: by Novin, whose favortie character is Sirius Black. (new)

Novin | 575 comments Mod
Oh that'd be much better than tha others , then!

message 12: by Maya (new)

Maya (numerounochewylover) | 270 comments is that even legal?!?!?! :(

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi I'm new.

Aaaaaauuugh! How can they do this to us?!

message 14: by Maya (new)

Maya (mswwsmmsw) | 51 comments Hi Mitsuki :)

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

why are they doing this!!!!

message 16: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments Cuz they want to make a good movie... fans would rather have a good movie and a wait for 8 months than a junk movie with no wait.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I NEED THE MOVIE IN NOVEMBER AND I NEED DH PART ONE IN JULY 2009!! WE'RE ALL HAPPY WITH IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 18: by Robin (new)

Robin (tggr514) | 21 comments DH 1 isn't scheduled to release until July 2010, DH 2 follows in May 2011. All the articles swear these dates won't be affected by the HBP delay...

message 19: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments I don't care about the HP movies cause they have barely any relation with the books. The 3rd movie was the last one I watched.

message 20: by Mccaul (new)

Mccaul (ryanmccaul) I'M NOT TOO UPSET!!!!!!!!! TWILIGHT'S IS COMMING OUT IN NOVEMBER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

I tought it, Twilight was suposed to come in Dec.

message 22: by Shiara (new)

Shiara | 108 comments WHAT?! THAT'S...THAT'S...IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY'RE...snubbing the hp movie.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm not obsessed with twilight, it's okay, My freind told me to read the books and i thought they were good.

message 24: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments It's all about money...

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)


message 26: by Claire (new)

Claire (clairecho22) | 18 comments I was in shock! cause the movie was comming out a day before my birthday ): yes...my birthday is on the 21st Nov XD


Im still happy cause twilight will be comming on that date! ... but Harry Potter was a birthday tradition...ugh...

message 27: by Suz (new)

Suz | 145 comments Much as I dont agree with what WB have done (gits!), I can understand why when you see the list of rubbish they have due to be released next year.
The positive is that there wont be such a huge gap between half blood prince and the first part of deathly hallows!
Personally I much prefer the books - and it gives everyone a chance to re-read the book before we get to see the film - even if its only so we can all sit in the cinema and moan about how much they have left out and changed!!!

message 28: by Robin (new)

Robin (tggr514) | 21 comments Don't blame Dan for the delay! See info from his interview: http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-pot...

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)


message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

I know. Isn't it exciting, Ryan? Hiya, Maya! :D

I hope that information is incorrect, Robin. I would really like to see DH 1 and DH2 come out in the same year.

message 31: by Karlene (new)

Karlene (wakana) | 20 comments I think that postponing it is much better for them business-wise, and, yes, that sucks big hairy man balls. However, honestly, I would much rather wait and have the last three movies be released closer to each other because I'm not going to be able to wait for the last two as long as I have been able to wait for the Half Blooded Prince. Too much of it is going to run together, and it's going to make my patience wear even more thin than it already is. I much prefer the books to the movies, and all this means (as someone said before on here) is that I'm going to have another chance to re-read the books and refresh my mind to the wonders of Harry Potter. =P LOL.

message 32: by Elyse (new)

Elyse (elysej) | 31 comments This was supposed to come out the day before my birthday. Crap. Crap, crap, crap. >:P

message 33: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments lol, i remember the eragon movie... horibble.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

yeah, that was an ok movie not the best..

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

I am a Twilight Junkie and a Harry Potter Junkie so either way I am happy. Yes it bums me out that Harry Potter won't be out till next year, yes I am happy that Twilight is out early sue me.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

I dont like Twilight....
And I prefer the books to the movies but im still miffed about the movie because I desperatley want to see DH 1&2.HBP just cogging up the wait!

message 37: by Mccaul (new)

Mccaul (ryanmccaul) HA

message 38: by Lily (new)


message 39: by Alex (new)

Alex | 5 comments Hi im new

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)


message 41: by Novin, whose favortie character is Sirius Black. (new)

Novin | 575 comments Mod
Hi, Alex , welcome!

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Oppose what exactly? Them trying to get more money? Oh yeah I am sure a few people from goodreads can really make them change the date for Harry Potters release. The reason it was postponed is because the guy that plays Harry is in a broadway play and they are letting that play finish before the release of HBP

message 43: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 686 comments The guy that plays Harry is named Daniel Radcliff and the play finishs way before the movie HBP is released.
I agree with Samantha about the protesting thing. It is a shame it wouldn't work. But hey, Twilight's coming out soon. I'm not really as excited about that as HBP, but oh well.
I'm also excited about the Percy Jackson movie. It's being directed by Chris Columbus, the guy who directed the first two HP movies. I thought he did a pretty good job with them, so I think he'll do justice to the Percy Jackson books and keep it mostly the same.
Sorry, know that was off topic.

message 44: by Amira (last edited Sep 18, 2008 01:46PM) (new)

Amira (liightningbolt) | 18 comments ^^No worries, I'm looking forward to the Twilight movie too (and thought it was a smart move by Summit Ent. to move it to 21st Nov).

There's also The Road coming out soon, another book-turned-movie, by Cormac McCarthy. That should be awesome.

Disappointed, but what can ya do?

message 45: by Maya (new)

Maya (numerounochewylover) | 270 comments really, meg? how can you not like twilight? as both an hp and twilight fanatic, i can't understand it.
obviously they are cold hearted and don't remember the days when they were jut like us... shameless.

message 46: by Shiara (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:17AM) (new)

Shiara | 108 comments Hi Maya! anyway...weren't you supposed to give me Breaking Dawn today? ((Today = 9/19/08)

message 47: by Maimuna (new)

Maimuna | 8 comments NOOOOOOO.....how'd u find out...i've been looking forward 2 it since i read the book and it was my first harry potter book.

message 48: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (musicisrefuge) | 4 comments In response to prajit who said: "Cuz they want to make a good movie... fans would rather have a good movie and a wait for 8 months than a junk movie with no wait."
That's actually NOT the reason they pushed it back. The movie is already finished and was just being put through production by the time they pushed it back. If you read the article (which you can find on mugglenet) The A-Holes just did it to get more money. They put other words on it, but that is the true reason they moved the movie to summer 09. NOT so that they could "make it better."

message 49: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (musicisrefuge) | 4 comments P.s.
Come on people. Don't be rude just because someone likes more than one series or they are more "obsessed" with the books than you are. I am incredibly excited about the Twilight movie because the books were amazing. They grabbed my interest just like the Harry Potter series did, and I'm not ashamed to say that I LOVE both of them. It's not "obsessive" to have a passion for things you love. :)

message 50: by Prajit (new)

Prajit (pram) | 167 comments i just read twillight and i don't see what makes it one of the best books... LOTR is much much better

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