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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments You have until March 1st to post a story/poem and on the 2nd and 3rd we'll vote for which one we thought was best.

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don't use a story previously used in this group.

Your story should be ONLY 300-2,500 words long.

The topic this week is: Freakshow. The rules are pretty loose. You could write a story about anything that has to do with the subject. I do not care, but it must relate to the story somehow.

Have fun!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments dang. this one may be kinda hard for me....

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I like it. And I have a great idea. Thanks!

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*rubs hands together in anticipation*

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments No problem, Logan.

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments hehehehehe

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments No problem.

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*peeks in*
hey guys.
I turned on some music, and lookie what happens, I write a story. haha.
Anyways, the story line is a bit confusing, so for an overlay: She's been in abusive home with an abusive stepmother, who verbally and physically abused her for years. She's out of it now, but still dealing with memories. Not my best work, but I think it's the best I'll come up with this week :)

Once a Freak, Always a Freak
By Avree
Word Count:672



It’s all I hear, the only sounds ringing in my ears as I slide down the hall silently. All I want is silence. The constant chatter – I’m going insane. I can’t tell whether it’s real or if it’s all in my head.


Her taunting voice scares me, repeats itself in my mind, repeating, repeating. It screams at me yet no one else seems to hear. Desperate, I run into the bathroom to my left, almost hitting a boy coming out of the room. My long brown hair covers my face and I slam myself into the door, and try to lock myself in a stall. Shocked, I stand up, brushing my stringy hair out of my face with my rough fingertips. I see urinals. And two stalls at the far end. Worse, I see two guys. One is at the sink; the other is standing in front of the furthest urinal from me. I swear loudly, and turn around, only to walk into another guy. What is it with these clumsy guys? I meet his confused and amused grey eyes and duck past him and out, into the hall. I walked right into a mix of tall, dyed blondes.


I cursed my internal voice, avoided their gazes, and ran to my locker. Opening the ugly purple door, shoved my back pack in, grabbed my Math textbook and notebook, and ran to my class.


Her voice whispered in my ear once again, refusing to hand me peace. Walking into my class with my head high, I sat down and opened my almost full math notebook and started practicing the equations from yesterday.


The teacher started talking.



I tried to tell her to be quiet, but it was impossible. Her voice was haunting me inside and out, giving me Goosebumps. She wasn’t here, but it felt like she was whispering into my ears.


My father just sat at the table, not moving a muscle, letting her dish it out to me.


I scribbled equations over my notes, trying to block her and her voice, the memories that were standing in front of me every second.


My pen strokes got harder, pushed more furiously against the weak paper.


I dropped my pen, clenched my fists.


I bowed my head, taking deep breaths, trying to remember what my counselor had told me, focusing on my breathing patterns.

You’re a waste of space.

In, out. In, out.

I hate you.

Picture pretty things. Picture what makes you happy.

You don’t deserve life.

I know, I know.

I am ashamed for you to be my daughter.

I stood up, knocking over my chair, and screamed.

“I’m not you’re daughter, you were never my mother!”

I breathed in a deep breath of air, when I realized that my entire class was staring at me, including the teacher. I knew then I was at fault for everything. I saw one of the blonde I had passed this morning lean over and whisper to her friend. I swear that her lips spelled out ‘Freakshow.’


That was the day everything fell apart. I ran home, attempted suicide. My guardian found me, rushed me to the hospital. I was confined in a psychiatric hospital for two months before I was allowed to go home, with weekly visits to the physiatrist. Once you were in the system, you never got out. So much alike, was the fact that once you were called a Freak, you were always labeled. Now, I suppose I had a part in that – falling apart. I should have been stronger; I should have stood up to her. I should have told dad not to marry her. I was at fault for my life’s problems, not hers. I guess that makes me a freak. My personality makes that into a show, for everyone to see. Amber, the blonde from years ago, was right. I’m a freak show. But I’ll get through it. What other choice do I have?

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments i think the last paragraph goes by really fast...

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, it was sort of like a flashback... then an explanation. Is that bad or good, it going fast?

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments i didn't like it, it was like, details, then....a life time described in a paragraph....kinda like eating the best food in the entire world, and then having a piece of bread for dessert...

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I get what you mean. I don't know how I would fix that, but I appreciate you letting me know :)

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments your welcome!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments The Freak Show/Joseph Merrick’s Story
By: Rachael
wc: 665

Night time falls upon the carnival. Throngs of the curious gather like moths to a flame. They’re here to see me; the “freak of nature.” Day in, day out. Same crowds, same gawking. I’ve survived this way for years upon years. It’s the only way I know how. Each night is the same routine; the same humiliation. Ready to endure the agony, I steady myself and step onto the stage. The lights dim. There is an immediate hush amongst the onlookers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Lester, the ring announcer cried out. “I invite you, one and all, to bear witness to the most horrific, despicable, disgusting freak of nature known to mankind!” He continued on with his usual preshow rant. Speaking of me as if I were his best property. His treasure perhaps. I think to myself, I am his property. He does own me. I would not have survived without him taking me in.

I am quickly snapped out of my thought as I hear Lester introduce me to the crowd. I sit quietly while the curtain drops. The gasps, squeaks and shrieks begin as Lester begins to point out the “hideous deformations of my face and head. I am not allowed to move or talk unless directed to.

Once, while standing, I became short winded and made for my chair during a show. Lester’s face turned purple and proceeded to beat me with his pointing stick. Since then, I only close my eyes and think of happy things to get me through each humiliating showing. I think of my mother; who died when I was just a baby. I imagine what she must have been like. That she was beautiful and happy once. I think to the day that I finally find her up in heaven. Then we could be happy together for all of eternity.

The degradation continues shamelessly. I am now on my feet clothed with nothing but a small linen sheet to cover my genitalia. I notice some spectators are leaving the small dark room. Perhaps unable to stomach anymore. The women in the audience are now sobbing and turning their heads away; while the men are gawking, laughing and swigging their whiskey. They point at me and make howling sounds while Lester smirks and continues to point out the raised and bumpy growths that cover almost all of my back.

I am then forcefully grabbed by the shoulders and made to turn around. This is always the worst part. Having to face them. The ridicule. Humiliation. The crowd goes into an uproar. I close my damp eyes and try to think once again of heaven. My momma...Lester goes on with his explanation, telling the crowd of my inability to walk “like a common man.” It’s true. I can walk. Just not like others can. My bones are damaged and legs uneven in length. Because of this, I am able to walk with a cane. That doesn’t stop the pointing and staring from my audience.

While finishing his closing speech, Lester shoves me back toward my chair. All I can hear are the names I am being called. Freak! Monster! Disgusting Animal! The curtain finally back in place to serve as a shield from the trash being hurled up to the stage at me. A shield from the ridicule, from the cruel world.

Truth is, I am severely deformed. I have a fatal disease for which there is no cure. But that is not all of me. I am not a freak. Or a monster. Or an animal. I have feelings. I am a human being; just like everyone else.

I have lived this life forever. Being treated as somebody’s pet. Being stared at constantly. The pain, suffering and illness. The embarrassment. The constant fear. The longing for life, happiness and love that will never come.

Instead, I close my eyes and go to heaven where I’m sure happiness awaits.

~Joseph C. Merrick~
The Elephant Man

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments oh, sad :( but i loved it:)

message 16: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments ty kat. appreciate it.

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by Logan of Locksley
Word Count: 1088

I like making fun of people. I’m sarcastic, I’m obnoxious and I don’t know when to shut up. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with making fun of someone once in a while. But it all depends on what you’re teasing them about. Something stupid they shouldn’t have done? Fine. Something they can’t control, that causes them pain every day? Decidedly NOT fine. It may seem hypocritical, but I can’t stand it when I see someone being mercilessly mocked. That’s why I told Mitchell to leave Isaac and Sarah alone.

Mitchell also likes making fun of people. He’s obnoxious too, and he definitely doesn’t know when to shut up. So what’s the difference between us? What we make fun of people about. The cafeteria is full of people who deserve to be mocked a little bit. Joe Simmons talks too much. Randy Jenkins thinks he knows everything. I use lots of big words. Caitlyn the Combat Girl has purple hair, spike bracelets, and wears combat boots. Uh…actually, she might not be someone you want to mock. Still…all the goofballs in the world, and who does Mitchell pick on? He picks on the guy who can’t see and the girl who can’t walk. What a jerk.

Isaac and Sarah are two of the nicest people I know. To be fair, I’ve made fun of them sometimes – but not the way Mitchell was. I laughed at Isaac for liking Daphne, and teased Sarah for liking Isaac. Mitchell called her a cripple and tried to trip Isaac. Everyone gets used to Mitchell’s idiocy, so I wasn’t going to say anything. But then he took it too far.

“Come on, Mitch.” Joe Simmons shouted. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Nah…” Mitchell said. “I wanna stay here with this little Freakshow.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. “For crying out loud, Mitchell, can’t you bother someone else?”

“What did you say?” Mitchell demanded, glaring down at me, furious that I dare speak to him.

“Shouldn’t you give someone else the pleasure of your company?” I rephrased.

“Shut up, Carson!” Mitchell shot back. “You trying to confuse me with big words? I’ll teach you a lesson if you don’t shut up.”

“I’m sorry, Mitch.” I said. “For the record, which word was too big? Was it ‘pleasure’ or ‘company’ that confused you?” I asked flippantly.

Mitchell didn’t say anything, at least not verbally. He punched me in the face.

”Do you honestly think that’s a mature way to behave?” I asked calmly. “By the way, you hit like a little girl.”

He punched me again. “I told you I’d teach you a lesson, you little punk!”

“I don’t quite understand the lesson. Hit me again, master.” I retorted. He obeyed.

By this time, my face really hurt. Most people would have tried to get out of the situation. I’m not as smart as most people. I mouthed off again. He shoved me. I mouthed off again. He punched me again. I told him he hit like a girl, again.

“I’ll kill you!” Mitchell growled. He grabbed my shirt – I hadn’t realized how strong he was – and lifted me off the ground. Then he threw me at Combat Girl’s table. I hit the edge across from her and rolled off, unceremoniously crashing to the ground. I moaned and sat up.

“You’re tougher than you look.” Combat Girl said. She stood up and started to walk over to me.

“Yeah.” I muttered. More loudly, I said, “I seem to be alive, Mitchell!”

“Not for long!” He shouted, and moved towards me.

“Oh, get over yourself.” Combat Girl snapped, and kicked him squarely between the legs with her ridiculously large boots. Mitchell squeaked and fell to his knees. “You alright?” She asked me, offering a hand.

“I think so.” I replied, taking her hand. “Thanks.”

“Sure.” She said.

By this time, Mitchell had recovered. He stomped over towards us with death in his eyes. I put my hands up and tried to placate him.

“Come on, Mitchell, let’s just let it go.” I said. He laughed and shoved me hard.

“Stop!” Caitlyn the Combat Girl said.

“Back off!” Mitchell shouted, and called her something both unkind and inappropriate. In a perfect example of comedic timing, the principal entered the room just in time for Mitchell’s vulgar tirade.

“Go to my office, Mitchell. Now.” Mr. Madison’s British accent cut through the chaos and everyone was silent. Mitchell turned around sheepishly.

“She kicked me!” He started.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Mitchell. Go.” Madison interrupted.

“Fine! I’ll deal with you later, Freakshow.” Mitchell said over his shoulder as he followed Mr. Madison. Combat Girl stood on her chair and watched them walk away, grinning the whole time. Everyone else went back to whatever they had been doing earlier.

“What is wrong with you people?” Caitlyn shouted. She jumped down off her chair and grabbed me as I was starting to walk away. “Come here, Carson.” She said quietly, throwing her arm around my shoulders. “Am I the only one who saw how awesome this guy was? Come on! He deserves more respect than that!”

After a moment, Sarah started clapping, and everyone else did too. I looked at the ground and tried to ignore the heat rising in my cheeks. “Thanks, guys.” I said when the clapping died down.

“That was awesome.” Caitlyn said again, this time just to me. She put both arms around me for a moment and quickly kissed my cheek as I tried to pull away. It would have been more pleasant if a) my face hadn’t just been punched repeatedly and b) if she didn’t scare me half to death.

“Ow.” I said, surprised and embarrassed. “Thanks, though.”

“Sure.” Caitlyn replied. I sat down beside Isaac and held my aching face in my hands.

“That was stupid.” Sarah said. “But sweet of you.”

“Anytime.” I moaned. My body hurt. A lot.

”Isn’t he great?” Caitlyn asked, moving her tray to the other table.

“He has his moments.” Isaac said.

“Hey, Isaac.” Caitlyn said. “How are you?”

“I’m okay.” He said.

“Carson is pretty cool.” Sarah agreed. “Welcome to the Freakshow.” She continued. “Mitchell’s going to consider you number one on his list of people to do stupid things to now.”

“I don’t mind.” I replied, and it was true.

The next time Mitchell called us a Freakshow, we laughed and asked if he wanted to join the club. He rolled his eyes and said something unkind, and then he walked away. What a Freak.

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Katrina Knight (KatrinaKnight) Nice work locksley ;)

message 19: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments Good job :)

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments oh, and I swear I'll have mine posted tomorrow!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments ty alex.
i felt like i was having trouble with this topic...lol

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments betta get crackin al!! lol

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Sorry, the story's kind of rushed.

Title: Andréa
Words: 403

If she hadn’t been around for so long, the awkward positions the acrobats were in would have freaked Andréa out. But she had grown up in this large tent. She closed her eyes as she stepped out onto the tightrope. This no longer held any difficulty for her. The wire was like home.

She continued to walk further out until she reached the middle of the rope. Andréa bent backwards and stopped when she could feel the hair on her head brush against the wire. The position felt so relaxing.

Soft footsteps entered the tent. It had been quiet to begin with but the apparent silence spoke of trouble. Andréa opened one of her eyes and peered at the newcomer. A frown creased her forehead as she straightened. She hopped off the tightrope and lightly landed on the floor. What, was he supposed to be a cowboy rip-off?

The man stood just inside the tent, the flap slowly closing behind him. A piece of cloth covered the lower half of his face. He wore a cowboy hat, boots, shirt, pants, even gloves. Dust covered his pants and shirt. He pulled a glove off and fingered his holstered gun. “Where’s Arnold?” the stranger’s low, deep voice asked.

Andréa looked around the tent, waiting for someone to answer. When no one did, she took a few steps forward and put her hands on her hips. “Who’s asking?”

“David. An old friend.”

“He’s out.”

A small hiss filled the tent. “Wrong answer,” David said quietly. He flicked his hand. A silver speck flew through the air, barely noticeable to the untrained. Andréa skillfully dodged the knife as it traveled through the air. She swiped her arm through the air. Black smoke filled the area around her. When it cleared, the area she had once stood was empty.

David whipped around, looking for Andréa. He slowly turned himself in a circle. The acrobats, magicians, and hypnotists in the area stood still, watching. After he’d made full circle, David felt a small wind behind him. But before he could do anything, a cold yet warm sensation spread through his chest. He frowned, shocked and unaware of what had just happened.

Andréa whispered in his ear. “Arnold says hi.” She pulled the knife out his chest and let him fall to the earth. She snapped her fingers. “Clean this up.”

With that, Arnold’s successor walked away from the mess.

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Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments AN UNEXPECTED TURN
by Shayma
wc 1305

“Hey, Mary, Mary! Get up! It’s time for School.”
“Ahhh” I sighed as I opened my eyes. “I’m Up.”
“OK, Bye.” Said Sarah. Sarah is my 4 year old sister. She doesn’t go to school yet but she truly enjoys waking me and my brothers and sisters up every day.
Every day she says “It’s fun to watch you guys suffer cause I can go back to sleep and you all have to go study.”
But whenever she says that my older sister Nicolle replies that “I have a year left to graduate from high school and then I can do whatever I want! Go to college, take a break for a year or whatever I want! But you didn’t even start school yet and then it will be my turn to wake you up and go back to bed!” And every time Sarah stomps off annoyed. This is a daily routine.
Later that morning….
“Hi. I’m Trixie and I’m the second to youngest out of six brothers and sisters. I have two older sisters and brothers and one younger sister – Sarah. Nicolle is the oldest of us all. My hobbies are reading and sports and bird watching and I hope to be a pediatrician one day. Thank you.”
“That's very nice Trixie,” the teacher said. “Class, give Trixie a nice welcoming applause. She just transferred here from another school and will be joining us this semester. “ Then to me she said, “Trixie take a seat and we will begin class.”
The first couple of classes were fine but at lunch break I went to the cafeteria and sat at a table alone. Then a couple of kids from my class came over and one of them, a boy named Eric said, “Hey Trixie. What’s up?”
“Hi.” I replied shyly. “What’s up.”
“Oh nothing.” He said. “I just wanted to ask you a question.”
“Sure, what?” I said.
“What’s it like living in a circus of six people?!” he blurted out laughing. Then they all walked away making monkey noises and laughing.
A lot of other kids were staring and giggling now and I felt my cheeks go red hot. I finished my food as fast as I could and rushed out to my locker to get my notebook for math class. I went straight to the class and waited in the room.
Math was very slow but after it we had gym class and the teachers took us all outside and made us race in mixed groups of boys and girls.
I run fast and by half way around the track Eric and I were in the lead with him in front. I knew he would hate being beaten by a girl so I pushed myself hard until I was ahead of him and getting even further ahead of him.
But suddenly I tasted a bitter sour taste in my mouth and I realized what was next but it was too late to do anything.
I woke up later in the hospital. My mother was sitting in a chair next to my bed reading a magazine. She saw me open my eyes and came over. “How are you feeling sleepy head?” she asked.
“I have a headache.” I replied. “And I feel sore all over.”
“Well you hit the ground hard with your head so I am sure that's why you have a headache.” my mom said. “But thank goodness there were not worse injuries considering what happened. You were running really fast when you fell, but it seems one of your classmates new seizure first aid. He laid you on your side and put his shirt under your head or your face probably would have gotten more scratched up.”
“Oh nooooo!” I moaned. “Now half the school probably saw what happened! They probably think I’m a one girl freak show! They already think my family is a circus cause we are six kids. They were making fun of me at school today.”
“Oh I am sure it will be fine honey.” my mom said. “Some kids even brought you a gift well gift.”
“Really?” I asked Stunned!
“Yes. Here it is.” She replied. “A cute stuffed monkey.” She handed me a the monkey which I hadn’t noticed on sitting on the table next to my bed.
“Oh mom – It’s a joke!” I moaned. I was already beginning to imagine how horrible the next few years were going to be.
“Well anyway, you have a visitor.” She said walking towards the door. “It's the boy who helped you during the seizure. He has been waiting for you to wake up.”
Before I could say anything else she had asked him in.
“Eric?!” I blurted out surprised. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, I came to apologize for the way I treated you at school today. I am really sorry and well I am sorry that you have epilepsy.”
“I, I’m really sorry, oh and I brought you some daisies.” He said as he handed me the flowers. “I know its kind of lame.“
“No! I mean no, its really nice of you. Thanks.” I said. I tried to sit up now. I felt pretty sore and kind of dizzy, but it was less embarrassing then lying down. I wondered if I looked as bad I felt.
“You’re welcome.” He replied happily. “I’m just glad you’re going to be ok.”
“Have a seat.” My mother said to him. “Thank you for helping Trixie out like you did. How is it that you knew what to do during a seizure?” she asked him.
“Well my mom had epilepsy.” He replied suddenly looking very uncomfortable. “She used to have seizures when I was younger.”
“Oh.” My mother replied. “So I guess her seizures are under control now then.”
Suddenly Eric looked really upset. He looked like he might cry. “No.” he said. “Well she had a seizure at the top of the stairs one time and she fell down the stairs. She had called me from the top of the stairs just before she fell but I was playing Sony and I just ignored her. She got hurt really badly when she fell and well they weren’t able to – well she didn’t make it. I just always wished I could have done something. Done more.”
I was shocked. Eric was leaning forward and looking down then but I could see there were tears on his face.
I grabbed his hand. “Oh my God. I am so so sorry about your mom Eric.”
My mom put her arm around his shoulder and said “I am so sorry about your mother Eric, but she raised a wonderful son and trust me I am sure she is so proud of you.”
“Thanks.” He mumbled. “I gotta go”. Then he turned and left the room quickly. I didn’t know what to say and my mom just sat in the chair in silence too.
The next day when I got to school I was amazed to see a big banner above the classroom door that said “Welcome back Trixie!” Not only that, the kids all gave me get well cards and had pitched in to by me a gift. Not a monkey this time – but a cool pair of roller blades - with all the safety gear. I always figured that Eric was behind the whole thing, but he never did mention it.
Well, school just got better and better after that. I made a lot of great friends and we were all together until we graduated. Two years through college Eric proposed to me and we got married one year later. We have beautiful two year old twins now- Claire and Nolan and every day I realized how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family.

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments that was cool, stephanie
nice job, shayma

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments im almost done i swear ill have it posted by 10!

message 27: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments sorry, im not done, not doing it this week....and i had an awesome idea lol

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Katrina Knight (KatrinaKnight) This Week the only thoughts I can have of freekshows are of my mind so I am sad to say I have no story although I had wanted to. Hopefully next week.

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Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments Alex (Reader, Writer, and All Smiles) wrote: "Polls are up! Please vote!"

where do i vote from

message 30: by Shayma (new)

Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments never mind i found it lol

message 31: by Shayma (new)

Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments ok i know im stupid obviusly lol but any way i accedentley voted for myself but im gonna vote for somone els now but just so every body knows tecnecly ill be one less or if u guys can do somthing about it but i dought.

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Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments im sorry im abviusly really am stupid i didnt know i can change my vote so i did that and ill stop posting comints

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey, Shayma, that's ok :P
when i voted this week, I voted for my brothers... but he was logged in instead :P so i stole his vote hee hee.

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Nice job, Logan. :)

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments yay!! i voted! ty al

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