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Caroline woke early and jumped out of bed. "First day of school!"she thought as she threw on her muggle clothing

Matt woke and looked at his watch. He blinked and shot up. He grabbed his muggle clthing and threw it on

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Annabeth  (annabeth123) | 21 comments Leah woke up and grabbed her trunk and Felee.

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Caroline ate breakfast then her family got into their car. They drove to the train station and onto the platform

Matt was already at the train, saying good bye

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Annabeth  (annabeth123) | 21 comments Leah stood with her parents and said good bye.

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Caroline got on the trian

Matt did to

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Annabeth  (annabeth123) | 21 comments Leah watched her parents leave and sat down.

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Caroline looked for her friends

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Emma had awoken extra early today, as it was the first day of term. She was so excited, she literally leaped out of bed and dressed in her muggle clothing in about 2 seconds ,she slid down the stair railing at top speed and raced into the kitchen. Her mother was already preparing breakfest. As Emma sat down her mum said
"For goodness sake Emma, how many times do i have to tell you not to slide down that railing???"
"Sorry mum" she replied. As soon as breakfest ended, Emma raced back up the stairs and made sure she had all she needed for Hogwarts. She grabbed her trunk and her pygmy owl, Piccolo and made her way back down the stairs a little more carefully this time.
They finally arrived at the station and Emma said goodbye to her mum and looked for her friends

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((Shall caroline and emma be friends?))

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((yeah, that'd be good))

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Caroline saw Emma and raced over

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"Caroline!" Emma yelled and ran to her friend. "I haven't seen you all summer!"

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Caroline grinned and hugged Emma "I know!"she exclaimed

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"We totally have to see eachother more often when we're not at school" Emma said as she hugged her back.

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Caroline nodded as the train blew "we hqve to go!"she cried

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" Yay on the Hogwarts Express once again" Emma yelped happily

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((sorry if it sounds like she's a dog or something))

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((Lol its ok))

Caroline laughed and raced on boat,rd

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They found an empty compartment at the back of the train and sat down. "Are you as excited about school as I am?" Emma asked Caroline excitedly.

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"Of course!"she cried etting her owl Athena, out of the cage.

((Do u want Matt to be her bf??))

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"Oh, I should do that too" added Emma grabbing her pygmy owl,Piccolo, and letting her out of her cage.

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Caroline smiled as Athena streched her wings

((They will already be dating))

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"There you go Piccolo" said Emma to her owl."We should go get into our robes" she said to Caroline.

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"Relax, we have a few hours!"Caroine said as Matt walked in

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"Matt!" Emma yelled. She jumped up and hugged him."I haven't seen you all summer!"

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Matt laughed and hugged her back "hey I missed you to!"he said

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Emma sat back down next to Caroline and Matt sat across from them. The lady with the trolly came round and Emma bought a lot of things.

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Caroline bought some chocoalte frogs, and so did Mmatt. They talked about their summers and started trading cards

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As they neared Hogwarts Emma said, "Now we should get into our robes"

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Matt nodded and left

Caroline grinned as she cnaged

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Emma pulled on her Ravenclaw robes and sat back down.

((what house is Caroline in??))

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((Grfyfondor and matt is ravenclaw))

Caroine changed quickly

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The Hogwarts Express neared the platform. Emma made sure she had everything.

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"Ready?"Matt asked coming over

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"Ready" she said taking his hand

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Matt grinned and squeezed her hand lightly

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Emma grinned back.

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The train pullled to a stop, and all 3 got out and went to the carrigaes

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They all took the end one and sat together, ready for the ride to the castle.

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The carriages pulles them to the school

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As the carriages pulled to a halt at the school, Emma begun getting even more excited. The Sorting Ceremony was one of her favourite parts of the year.

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Matt got down and helped Emma down

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"Thanks Matt" Emma said and smiled at him. They headed for the entrence.

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Matt held her hand

((Gtg its 3:15 Am))

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Emma squeezed his hand back

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Matt grinned as they sat down

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They sat together at the Ravenclaw table ready for the sorting

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