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status(muggle born, half blood, pureblood)

NOTE: you may only ave 1 pet, a owl, toad, rat or frog

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Name: Caroline
House: Gryffondor
Personality: she is soft, gentil and quite. She would rather curl up with a book than play quidditch. She is very smart but not a show off. She is afraid of snakes and spiders. If someone is picking on her, she just ignores them
appearance: long brown wavy hair that goes down to her waist. A heart shaped face, with freckeles across her nose. When she smiles she gets two small dimples. She is average high about 5'3. Her skin is milkly white and she is slim.
status: half blood
family: her mother is a witch, dad is a muggle. She has 2 younger brothers James and Michale who aren't at Hogwarts.
history: nothing much
other: pet is a brn owl named Athena

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Name: Matt
Year: 4
house: Ravenclaw
personality: he is very smart, even for a Ravelclaw. He loves learning ad never gives up when he tried to figure out a puzzel. He doesn't play quitttich but does ike to watch it. He never shows off and doesn't like being the ceneter of attention. He has abad habit of saying random facts that he has read
appearance: brown hair that is ut short. He has bright green eyes that always seem to be looking around. He has black glases that always seem to be sliding of his nose. He is a little short about 5'4. He ha a light tan
stautus: pureblood
family: both his parents are wizards, no siblings but always wanted a sister
history; none

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Annabeth  (annabeth123) | 21 comments Name:Bellginia (Leah)
age: 13
year: 3
house: Gryffindor
persoanlity:smart,likes quidditch,friendly,kind
appearance: long black hair,tan skin,brown eyes
status: pureblood
Family: mom,dad,sister
history: both parents are purebloods and has one sister
crush/bf/gf: open
Other:pet owl named Felee

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Name: Emma

Age: 13

Year: 3

House: Ravenclaw

Personality: Loves Quidditch and animals, kind, friendly, hot-tempered, cheeky, good sense of humor

Appearence: Long blonde hair, usually hanging loose, tied back in a ponytail or braid. Tanned skin deep blue-grey eyes that always sparkle in a cheeky way. Slim and small.

Status: Half-Blood

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

History: Dad is a muggle-born, mum is a pureblood, all siblings wizards or witches

Crush/bf/gf: open

Pet: Pygmy Owl named Piccolo and a phoenix named Piper (she is a family pet)

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Name: Madeline "Maddi"
age: 13
year: 3
house: Gryffindor
persoanlity: Quirky, sarcastic, stubborn, smart, out going, loud, outspoken
appearance: Long curly black hair that reaches midback. Has sparkling silver eyes. Is 5'4. Slim/Athletic build. Usually wears hair in braid pigtails or loose. Usually wears Dark Blue skinny jeans, vintage or vneck tees, hoodies and converse.
status: pureblood
Family: mother,father, one older brother
history: tba
crush/bf/gf: open
Other: has an owl (female) named Ryder

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Name: Paul
age: 10
year: 1st
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: Sly, sneaky
appearance: TBA
status(muggle born, half blood, pureblood) Pure
Family: Rich
history: TBA
crush/bf/gf: Open

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((If its his first year he is 11))

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Name: Edward
age: 14
year: 4
house: slytherin
persoanlity: rped
appearance: sandy blond hair
status(muggle born, half blood, pureblood) pure
Family: dad and mom
history: he has nothing
crush/bf/gf: open
Other: has a jet black cat

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sydney Name: Biance Zable
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: Smart, Fun loving, Brave, Loyal, Caring
Appearance: http://image.blingee.com/images18/con... -Her hair is black except for a few streaks of the color in the picture
Blood Status: Pure
Family: Her dad is a highly influential man in the Italian Wizarding world, her mother is a teacher at Polisroma, the Italian Wizarding school. She has a younger sister who still is at Polisroma.
History: will be explained
Crush: Luther (Luke -same guy)
Animal: An orange tabby cat with pure white feet named Garfield (Bianca secretly loves the comic strip "Garfield")
Wand: 11 1/2 inches Cherry wood, with unicorn hair in the core
Other: Her smarts are said to match that of the famous Hermione Granger ((assuming that we are in the future)), she has the highest grades and her intellect has surpassed her whole year and a bit of the older students.
Bianca transferred from Polisroma to have a different learning experience at Hogwarts, she still will go off in rapid Italian.

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Name: Luke
age: 16
year: 6th
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: TBRP
status(muggle born, half blood, pureblood) Pure
Family: Dead, inherited millions of Galleons
history: TBRP.

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Name: Kensie Blythe Granger
age: 15
year: 5th Year
house: Gryffindor
persoanlity: Kind, Stubborn, Willful, Protective of the younger students, Motherly
appearance: [image error] Or [image error] The woman, Her eyes are Bi Colored Her right one is Ice Blue and her left one is Hazel
status: Half Blood
Family: Ron Weasley (Father/Deceased), Hermione Granger (Mother)
Animal: Red Tailed Hawk (She's from out of the Area and Got a Red Tailed Hawk before she Transferred) http://mayo.personcounty.net/Wildlife... Named Rava A Gift from Viktor Krum
Wand: vine wood, 10¾ inches, dragon heartstring
crush/bf/gf: Suri
Other: Flies on a Firebolt

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sydney By the way she can't be 19 and a 7th year unless she got held back twice...

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sydney Eep! She can be Bianca's friend if you want :)

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Anastacia (ana3) | 79 comments Name: Azalea 'Zail'
age: 11
year: first
house: Gryffindor
persoanlity: Shy and only speaks when spoken to
appearance: http://www.chucksanimeshrine.com/anim...
status muggle born
Family: mom and 2 year old sister
history: her father was killed just after her sisters birth
crush/bf/gf: open
Other: http://media.photobucket.com/image/an...

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♫ Emily ♫ Heda Lives On ♫ Name: Suri Carlos
age: 15
year: 5
house: Gryffindor
personality: outgoing, kind, and generous. she has a bit of a bad side, though.
appearance: http://www.animegalleries.net/album/t...
status: half blood
Family: adoptive mother
history: she was taken from her family when she was two, and thrown into a cruel, rich woman's house. Her adoptive mother was the enemy of the rich woman, and her mother rescued Suri when she was eight.
crush/bf/gf: Kensie
Other: http://www.google.ca/imgres?q=persian... his name is Tiger

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Name: Hermione Granger
age: 37
year: She's a Transfiguration Teacher and Head of Griffendor House
house: Griffendor
personality: Nice, Upbeat, Calm, Encouraging
appearance: [image error]
status: Muggle Born
Family: Kensie Blythe Weasley (Daughter), Ron Weasley (Husband)

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Ana Lucia Cortez wrote: "Name: Hermione Granger
age: 37
year: She's a Teacher and Head of Griffendor House
house: Griffendor
personality: Nice, Upbeat, Calm, Encouraging
status: Muggle Born
Family: Ken..."


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Thank You.

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Name: Andrea Gales
Nickname: Andy
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
House: Gryffondor
Personality: Andy is daring and loves to risk her neck. She loves to do pranks and is always pulling them on people. Her sense of humor though can get her into trouble at times. But most of the time Andy's jokes are harmless. Andy is not the best at school though. Even when she tries her hardest she is never doing well. This frustrates her a lot so she hardly studies anymore
Appearance: Andy has dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders. Her eyes are a light blue, the color of the sea. Everyone loves her eyes but Andy hates them. She is around 5'4 and has light pale skin
Status: Pure Blood
Family: George Weastly, father, Katie Bell, mother. Both are purebloods. Cousin is Kensie
History: nothing unusual
Pet: has a large barn owl named Peppers
Wand: 10 inch long, dragon
Crush/bf/gf: Nick
Other: Best friends with Kensie

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Ana Lucia Cortez wrote: "Name: Kensie Blythe Granger
age: 15
year: 5th Year
house: Gryffindor
persoanlity: Kind, Stubborn, Willful, Protective of the younger students, Motherly
appearance: Or The woman
status: Half..."

Suri is a girl right?

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Alright and do you mind Andy and Kensie being cousins?

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No, I don't mind.

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Alright thanks ;)

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Magical Creature
Name: Blaze
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Personality: Proud like all other Hippogriffs.
Appearance: http://www.motifake.com/hippogriff-hi...
Crush: None

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Name: Alys
age: 14
year: 4
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: she's quie and fast and shy and anti-social. But she's top of the class smart
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=hogwar...
status: muggle-born

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If she's 15 she has to be a Fifth Year, If she's a Fourth Year she has to be 14

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immm and isiot sorry I'll change that!))

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~DragonRider~ wrote: "Name: Alys
age: 14
year: 4
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: she's quie and fast and shy and anti-social. But she's top of the class smart
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=hogwar......"


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Magical Creature
Name: River
Age: Adult
Appearance: [image error]
Trainer/Owner: Rubeus Hagrid
Mate: None

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Name: Chris James
age: 32
year: She's the Head of Slytherin House and Potions Master
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: Like Serverus Snape
appearance: [image error]
status: Pureblood
Family: Nick James (Son)

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Could someone make a crush for Andy please?

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Name: Nicholas James (Goes by Nick)
age: 15
year: Fifth
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: Nicer then some of his fellow housemates He takes after his mother the Head of Slytherin House in the looks department
appearance: [image error]
status(muggle born, half blood, pureblood)
Family: Chris James (Mother), Draco Malfoy (Father)
crush/bf/gf: Andy
Other: His Magical Creature Pet is River the Dragon He shares her with his sister

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OOHH! He it HOT! Is that George Eads from CSI? Thanks for making Andy a crush!

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No problem and yes it is.

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He is sooooo hot! Haha!

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Name: Sara James
age: 11
year: First
house: Slytherin
persoanlity: A Mix of Nick and Hermione
appearance: [image error]
status: Pureblood
Family: Nick James (Brother), Chris James (Mother), Draco Malfoy (Father)
history: She's been through alot so she tends to act and look older then she is

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Name: James Calahan
Year: 1st
Personaity: Kind, funny, cring, sweet to Slytherins but pretends to hate the other houses because he feels he has to
Appearance: short blond hair with dark green eyes, pale skin
Status: Pureblood
Famiy: mom and dad who areboth magical
Crush: Sara
other;: I'll add more tomorrow sorry

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Lamooregalore Name: Chase Rane
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: Mysterious, friendly, extremly experianced with magic, and lots of tricks up her sleeves!
Apperance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=brown+...
Status: half-blood
Family: No one, but herself and her cat ((:D))
History: TBA in the future of this roleplay!!
Crush: open, if you can pass her test...
Other: TBA in the future of this roleplay!!

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