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Betty Asma (everydayabook) | 3612 comments Coisas da terra/Things of the Earth
by Ferreira Gullar
translated by William Jay Smith

All the things I speak of lie in the city
between heaven and earth.
All are things perishable
and eternal like your laughter
words of allegiance
my open hand
or the forgotten smell of hair
that returns
and kindles a sudden flame
in the heart of May...(cont'd) Eng Port

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Betty Asma (everydayabook) | 3612 comments Where to find some more translated or bilingual poems by Ferreira Gullar--

Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology


Translated by Paul Blackburn

This verandah is fixed
at the edge
of the afternoon. Where clouds work.

The chair is nowhere as dry
& lucid as
the heart.

Only at the edge
of the afternoon one knows the
afternoon: green leaves & wind, &
chickens cluck, the
houses under the sky: what's
in front of the eye.

And fruits?
& also the
fruits. They grow & modify
the truth
the color
of the skies. Yes, the fruits
we'11 never eat, they too'll
make the afternoon.
(your afternoon
wherein I am put aside)
The rest of this poem, as well as other poems written by Gullar, is at

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