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Rules: Create a creative short story that is fun/interesting and keeps us reading. (max 600 words) Fiction is prefered, and remember try to be CREATIVE. The entries will be judged by Me and Chrizziebelle and the winner will become a moderator of the group. Moderators can participate, but they will obviously not win. We hope to see lots of you participate, even if you dont win, you will be featured in our *Star Writers* topic. Remember to invite your friends to the group!
The mods(:

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Mishiru_Bruin Ahaha I'm done, should I post it here?

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Mishiru_Bruin I don't feel the need to keep my story up here any longer.

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Wow, you totally ripped off spongebob. You're cool.

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Mishiru_Bruin What? What do you mean i ripped off spongebob? I had a box when i was little, those things are the best

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) I actually, have no idea what she's talking about, either. Defenitely cute.

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Molly (mturner24) | 5 comments *tear*

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Mishiru_Bruin Thanks guys! :D

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Deadly_pixie grrrrr this story made me cry you b****........ loooooveee you

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Mishiru_Bruin Ahaha thanks Calynn, thats kinda what I was going for. I never write anything like this, but this is definitely the best thing I've written.

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Molly (mturner24) | 5 comments If you want something to cry over, here's one.

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Molly (mturner24) | 5 comments Boris

Tess was five, or thereabouts. She had a few friends, like the girl down the street or the boy across the block, but her greatest friends were the ones that lived in her bedroom: her stuffed animals. There was Pinky the elephant, Bounce the kangaroo and Whiskers the kitty. Most prized of all, though, was Boris the bear, who lived on Tess' pillow. He was her best friend, one who always listened to her little girl troubles and never told her she was being silly. She took him everywhere, and she never slept without him.

Tess walked into the kitchen, toting her backpack and full to bursting with stories about kindergarten that day. Her mother sat at the table, her head in her hands, and her father paced around the kitchen like a cornered animal. Tess ran her little hand through her mother's hair. "Mommy, what's wrong?" She asked solemnly. Her mother lifted her head and clasped one of Tess' hands in two of her own. "Oh, honey," she whispered sadly. "You know Kailey, the little girl down the street?" Tess nodded. Kailey was her best human friend. "Well, she was chasing a ball, and it rolled out onto the street. She- she got hit by a car. I'm so sorry, baby." Tess nodded again. She was okay. Kailey was sick, and she had to spend a lot of time in bed. She was better off this way. She cupped her mother's cheeks between her hands. "Are you okay, Mommy? 'Cause if you're not, that's okay with me." Her mother let go a little tear and gathered her daughter into her arms.

Kailey's funeral was held two days later. Tess stood quietly, clutching Boris to her chest, until the service was over and everyone came to pay their respects. When it was Tess' turn, she stood over the open coffin, contemplating Kailey's peaceful face. After a moment, she laid Boris in the coffin beside her friend, snuggling him up to the girl's side. Her mother tapped her shoulder and looked anxiously at her daughter. "Are you sure, honey?" She asked. Tess nodded.
"Kailey won't be sick in Heaven," she replied. "So she'll have more energy to play with toys. I've had my turn with Boris; it's her turn now." Tess leaned over the coffin and kissed Kailey's forehead. "Have fun," she whispered. "And wait for me."

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There is a spongebob episode with a magic box. Its a rip off. :/

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Mishiru_Bruin Aww thats so cute, I like the last line, but I'm not crying, sorry, my emotions are messed up, I have a concussion so every things like loopy. I mean I'll cry over the tiniest thing, but when its really sad I'm just like, meh.

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And sadly, I didn't cry.

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) My throat kind of closed up, but I didn't cry.

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I'm crying over the lack of grammer and punctuation in these things.

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Mishiru_Bruin Same (not for the grammar thing, that was just rude)

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Only if the truth is rude.

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Mishiru_Bruin You didn't have to say it like that. Some people take pride in their stories, and it can take a lot of courage to put them up here for others to read, and when you shoot them down like that, peoples feelings get hurt. Now I have begun to wonder the age of someone accusing others of their mistakes, and I want to see if you could possibly do better. If you could take 650 words, get someone attached to the feelings, actions and emotions of a character, and if you can do the same. If you can achieve this. When and if, you do this, we may write slander upon your work. We may say rude remarks and terrible things. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we do not need to be entitled to others, if we do not wish for it.

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments That One Boy

I only said yes to you because of the way you smiled at me. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I hate zombie movies but in that one moment when you looked me in the eyes and smiled, I didn’t care if it was a five hour zombie marathon or an actual zombie takeover. We sat in the cinema but I’ll be honest I don’t even remember what happened in the movie because all I did was look at you, the way you were staring up at the screen with a look of such wonder in your eyes it made my heart skip a beat. I remember when we walked out of the cinema, the streets as silent as ever and you took my hand in yours; nothing had ever felt so right to me before but at that moment I knew, you were something special. You pulled me into the alleyway next to the cinemas and we just stood there looking at one another, it was so personal… so romantic and yet we were barely even touching, do you remember? I remember it every day.

I remember how it started raining and you pulled me into an empty doorway, your breathing was hard as you looked down at me in the confined space of the doorway, your breathtaking blue eyes piercing into my own and I remember my knees going weak. You looked at me and your lips moved closer to mine, tempting me to reach up and bring our lips together for that one simple kiss but you didn’t you just whispered my name like a caress, your voice was filled with so much emotion, I knew I’d found you… the one. I closed my eyes and brushed my lips against yours, do you remember? It felt as if someone had shocked me, that touch of your skin melted my heart. I remember when you deepened the kiss and my whole body trembled and my knees gave out, you caught me as if it were second nature and held me to your chest. We stayed like that for who knows how long, you holding me and me soaking in your warmth. I remember then as we were standing like that - clearly as if it were yesterday - when you said those three simple words that changed my life forever and I knew I’d fallen in love with you too.

The feelings that are between us are so strong that we don’t even realise what’s going on around us. I see the flash of a gun and I try to push you out of the way, only you tried to jump in the way to protect me. I close my eyes as I hear a bang, expecting to feel the sting of the gun, but I felt nothing. My world was spinning, as I opened my eyes to see you looking down at me and holding your chest. You fell to your knees and I fell with you; the tears rolling down my face and all I could think was, ‘not you, not now, please give me more time.’ Though even after all of this you still managed to look up at me and wipe away my tears. And when I felt my heart breaking into a thousand pieces you gently kissed me on the lips and whispered those three words…

‘I love you.’

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments hope you like mine... and i checked it's 573 words I believe :) hope you enjoy :) xx

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Holly wrote: "hope you like mine... and i checked it's 573 words I believe :) hope you enjoy :) xx"

Thanks for participating! :)

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments :) No worries, I like to write so it was fun :)

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments when do you find out who wins btw? :)

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Yes, writing is very fun! Results will be revealed March something or another(:

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Molly (mturner24) | 5 comments Hey, I'm 13! 'tis an awesome age!!!!!

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ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) Guys, cool it! It seems to me that people are just trying to get in the actual story and not worrying about the structure, which, honestly? Is fine by me. This isn't a paper we're grading for marks. It's something you're all choosing to write. It's something that I can tell, comes from the heart. So if your writing comes from the heart, and you have some attachment to what you're showing us, who cares if it's not perfect and lacking in grammar? What's important is that, at the end of the word limit, you make people feel things. And if you can do that, as far as I'm concerned, you've accomplished your mission.

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments well said :)

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) why, thank you :) and i really enjoyed your story.

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments Thank you :)

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Deadly_pixie Wow so you block her. Bitch move.

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I try :)

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Holly (hollyyy) | 7 comments So what urm happened to this competition?

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