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((you know the drill))

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments (Ok any is invite to come on this thread and play too))

Kida seat down thinking about something that keep bothering him for awhile.

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((invite anyone))

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Azreil getting off a long flight wanted to check in with the coven leader

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments ((thats what i mean anyone))

Kida was loving the huge place she was staying but, they werent many vampires at area. She frowned upon it wondering was she the few that are what she is.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 7 comments A girl with black hair wearing red skinny jeans and a black biker jacket walked down the street. Her green eyes scanning every alleyway with hunger.

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Jaidyn A brown haired girl cheerily skipped into a bar.

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments Kida frowned and got bored and went off to downtown to see what is happening around her city.

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AZreil with distaste from his last meal was looking for a delcie

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments Kida lift her head sense a new vampire arriving. It was new compare to anything she knew before. The vampire was a little more powerful than she was. But, that is the judge by what she can feel.

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Jaidyn Madison stopped herself. She was punk, not girly. She grabbed a beer.

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Azreil sensing another began walking towards it

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Jaidyn Madison glared at some guy as she downed her beer. He ran away because she was the badass of the town.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 7 comments The girl with black hair walked into a bar and saw Madison. She grabbed a beer and sat beside her. "Hey."

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Jaidyn Madison rolled her eyes. "Hey..."

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 7 comments The girl tightened her grip on the beer, causing it to crack.

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Jaidyn Madison blinked. "Name?"

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 7 comments "Kaitlyn." She growled.

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Jaidyn Madison snorted. "Madison."

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments Kida came walking towards knowing the other vampire was trying to find her too.

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Azreil ran into a girl

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments ((do you mean the girl my character trevor))

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((yes ))

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments ((ok i didnt' want to be wrong on it and look stupid...btw please be patient with my grammar i know im one of the oldest user in the site but, my grammar and english isn't very well. When i was young I wasn't taught. Please be patient with me.))

Kida look up at Azreil realizing he was much older than him in vampire age. She was wondering why she had a very special visit by this vampire. Her hair sway with the little wind it was blowing.

She step to the side looking at him up and down. Step to the other side did the same thing. Appear behind him examining him. She appear again infront of Azreil again. Out of nowhere she smile, "Nice to meet you! What is the special event that such an elderly vampire has visit my city?" She bow to him gently showing respect. But, she would also in a speed of light if she felt threat she will not be afraid of fighting back.

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((it's okay mine is bad to and whaat do you mean wasn't taught?))
Azreil smiled "Elderly I'm the oldest and nice to meet you

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Jaidyn ((Can he like Madi?))

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((uh what))

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Jaidyn ((Can Azriel like Madi?))

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((I don't care ))

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Jaidyn ((Yay!!))

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Jaidyn Madison rolled her eyes and walked out of the bar.

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 29 comments (((grrrrrrrrr u took my question jaidyn...because, right now that was her goal right now to find a mate to be the king of the vampire of s.A. vampires. Its ok I find someone else. I was raised by my dad when i was growing dad was drunk, high, in jail, or fucking a woman...never care for my will being....and he dies when i was five and i was the foster care that didn't care for my education ewwwww))

Kida smile back at Azriel, "May I ask you thy question?"

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Jaidyn ((Awww Jaidyn feels sympathy toward you...))

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((damn sorry but you aren't missing much but foster parents should go to jail and I'm king anyway))Azreil "Go ahead"Azreil

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Jaidyn Madison saw Kida and Azreil.

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Azreil turning sensing her "come here little vampire"

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Jaidyn Madison crossed her arms. "Arent you a cute one."

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Azreil "Look in a mirror then tell me why you take my breath away"

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Jaidyn Madison blushed.

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Azreil "YOu are even more beautiful when you blush"

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Jaidyn Madison looked away.

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AZreil smiled

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Jaidyn Madison looked back at him. "You don't know me and youre already flirting?"

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Azreil "In my time people were married on first glance"

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Jaidyn Madison thought for a moment. "It's not your time now is it? I'm Madison."

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Azreil smiling "Unfortanetly for me"looking her up and down "My name is Azreil"

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Jaidyn Madison kissed him. "That's the modern way to say, Nice to meet you." She whipped around and started to walk away.

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Azreil darting in front "Why you leaving "

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Jaidyn Madison smirked. "Why not?"

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AZreil "You say I must get to know you So we must stay together till then"

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