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message 1: by ♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫, I have an evil career boy and a nice sweet boy charrie. (new)

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) | 317 comments Mod
Any Questions?

message 2: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) Can I join in the role play or should I wait for the next Game?

message 3: by ♫Nicola♫, Happy endings are better in real life ♥ (new)

♫Nicola♫ (disneybookprincess) | 348 comments Mod
I think you can join in!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) Really? Awesome I'll go make a character

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