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Jerry Tundra loped through the trees. There were no wolves here as far as she could tell; she was safe for now. She lowered her muzzle to sniff out some prey.

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Azreil walking around wanting to do somethin heard her walking over "whats wrong

Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Rolina lay on a rock sunning herself.

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Jerry Tundra pricked her ears. Was that a young wolf calling? Against her better judgment, Tundra raised her muzzle and sent out a brief, low howl.

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Azreil looked up fast not recognizing the howl

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Azreil "Asreil and you?"

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Jerry Ears cocked forward, Tundra prowled cautiously over to Timber. Her hackles rose when she saw Azreil.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber looked around and on the ground. Don't stay in this place to long. Others will find you.

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Jerry Fur bristling, Tundra growled at Azreil to see if he meant any harm to her.

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Azreil smelling something he didn't like looked around

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) ((sorry, just how it started))

She raised her head and sniffed the air.

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Jerry Tundra held Azreil's gaze challengingly, though the tilt of her ears indicated that she did not wish to fight. "Is this your territory?" she growled.

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Azreil "No I have no territory and by that question it isn't yours"

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Jerry "No, but it may well become mine," Tundra replied, a hint of a threat in the lift of her tail.

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Azreil "I don't care I hold no interest in territory yet"

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber looked around trying to find where the howl came from.

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Jerry Tundra tossed her head. "However, I wish to start a pack. I would welcome any strong and loyal wolves to join me."

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber crept to a den where the sound came from.

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Jerry Tundra lifted her head and tail high, refusing to show her fear at the number of wolves around her.

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Azreil "Okay a pack is stronger than me bymyself"

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Jerry "You will join?" Tundra asked, ears pricked and tail waving slightly.

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Jerry Tundra lowered her muzzle. "You may come with me, if you wish," she offered kindly.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber looked at them and hel back a sigh.

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Azreil "Yes I will but who are you?'

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Jerry "My name is Tundra," Tundra announced. "I have wandered alone, searching for wolves to start a pack with."

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Jerry Tundra gaped her jaws in a laugh and licked Timber's forehead. "Of course, little one!" she said. "That is the pack's duty to the pups."

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Azreil "My name is azreil.What's yours little one"

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Jerry "Welcome to the pack, Timber," Tundra said, yellow eyes glowing and her tail wagging.

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Azreil "You seem happy"

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Jerry Tundra turned her gaze on him. "I have missed the company of other wolves," she admitted.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber back up and stepped on a stick. Slick move Tomber!

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Azreil "I see "eyes snapping in the direction of the noise

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Tomber started running, but she knew she was making more noise doing so.

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Nala was in the woods her nose bent, looking for foos

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Azreil "If you'll excuse me"running after the noise

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((yes sarah! nala! lol!))

Nala froze hearing a noise

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Jerry Tundra sighed. "So many wolves," she murmured. "We shall have to mark our territory soon, won't we, Timber?"

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) ((shrug, the other's real name is Anala so haha!))

She looked back and sighed. She stopped.

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Azreil Up on her in seconds "who are you?"

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Nala sniffed the air

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Jerry Tundra pricked her ears and stepped forward, straining to hear what was happening.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) "Tomber." she said blankly.

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Azreil "Come with me"turning and walking back

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Jerry Tundra lifted her muzzle. She could hear Azreil returning with another wolf.

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Nala smelled the air

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Azreil walked into the clearing

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Jerry "Who is that?" Tundra asked, eyes narrowed.

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Azreil"fomber uh domber oh yeah Tomber"

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Jerry Tundra's yellow eyes danced with humor, then turned stern. "And what is she doing here?"

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