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NOTE: no special powers!


message 2: by Jerry (last edited Mar 07, 2011 09:48PM) (new)

Jerry Name: Tundra
Age: Three years
Gender: Female
Rank: Loner
Personality: tba
Appearance: Silver fur with darker markings around eyes and on back and tail; yellow eyes
History: She was born into a pack, then left to start her own. She is looking for other wolves to start a pack with.
Family: Open
Crush/Mate: Open

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Age:2 1/2
rank :teenage warrior
perso:to be rped
app: http://s448.photobucket.com/albums/qq...


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Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Name: Rolina
age: however old a teenage wolf would be
rank: daughter of the leader (anyone who wants to one of her parents is welcome)
personality: kinda bratty
appearance: will post later
family: open
crush/mate: open

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yeah thaat6s mine to teenage

Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) what?

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Name: Tomber
Gender: Female
age: 3
rank: lone
personality: in rp
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
history: ran from her pack when she was little
family: none
crush/mate: none but open

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Name: Nala
gender: f
age: 3
rank: loner
personality: smart clever. Kind to some wolves great hunter
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
history: mother died when she was 2

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Name: Skull
age: 2 years
rank: teenage warrior/hunter
personality: fierce, mean, loves a good fight and will start one
appearance: http://gliving.com/wp-content/uploads...
history: normal life but killed her parents in a mock fight. Sister got killed by a bear so she doesn't like bears (That's how she got blind in her right eye)
family: none
crush/mate: open
other: has scars all over her body and three over her right eye making her blind in that eye. Has been in alot of fights

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hey longclaw

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Yo Trevor!

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2 years is a teaenager right not warrior

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K so what should I put? I still want to be a warrior

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) you guys do know that a wolf is fully mature at 22 months right??

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ah how about a young warror I'll put mine that to

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I fixed mine!

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) No one listens to me!!!

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) No one listens to me!!!

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ah okay a 2 year old is a pup in this game so

message 21: by Jerry (new)

Jerry not in real life. then it's a juvenile, verging on an adult wolf

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I know that

message 23: by Jerry (new)

Jerry not a pup

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Name: Freya
Age: 3

Rank: Hunter/Warrior

Personality: She is very fierce, but kind to the ones in her pack and the ones she loves. She has a good sense of huimor but she often goes off into her own world and doesn't realise what's going on around her, this, of course, doesn't occur when she's hunting. She is friendly, intelligentand kind. She has to know who the one she's dealing with, otherwise she won't trust them.

Appearance: Click Here

History: She is an orphan, abandoned when a young pup by a cruel twist of fate, her parents brutally shot dead by poachers in search of rare furs. Shortly after she was orphaned, an older wolf by the name of Loki took her to the pack. This poor innocent creature survives as a soldier against a cruel world.

Family: None
Mate: None

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Name: Abbadon
age: 3
rank: travels with two other wolves
personality: rped
appearance: white with black muzzle
history: kicked out of old pack
family: he din't know or care
crush/mate: open
other: loves to eat other wolves but really loves pups

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Jerry he's a cannibal? wtf???

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kinda creepy....

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i know we need better enemies no offense longclaw

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Name: Shelia
age: 3
rank: travels with abbadon
personality: rped
appearance: grey and black
history: kicked out withabbadon
family: who cares
crush/mate: abbadon

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Name: Jasper
age: 3
rank: travels with abbadon
personality: rped
appearance: black
history: same as shelia
family: same
crush/mate: open

message 33: by Jerry (new)

Jerry holy __, how many charries are you going to make?!

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

last one

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Trevor wrote: "i know we need better enemies no offense longclaw"

That's alright

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Trevor wrote: "Name: Abbadon
age: 3
rank: travels with two other wolves
personality: rped
appearance: white with black muzzle
history: kicked out of old pack
family: he din't know or care
crush/mate: open

Can Skull join his 'pack'?

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(thought you would make your own Idk I'll make a charrie to join you

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Name: nemian
age: 2
rank: warrior teen in Skull pack
personality: rped
appearance: black with white stripe down back
history: tba
family: dead
crush/mate: skull?

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Sure and that wolf looks cool I can imagine it...

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thank you

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Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Name: Ryoku
age: Young adult
rank: Hunter/Warrior
personality: Tough, loves pups, playful, outgoing, loving, fierce, kind, caring, respectful, daring, troublesome, funny, deadly in fights, acts younger than his age, find out more.
crush/mate: Open

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((male or female?))

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Name: Soot
age: Young Adult
rank: Loner
personality: Unrelenting In Battles, Loyal, Brave, Loving, Caring
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
history: Her Old Pack Was Killed by Hunters She Was The Only Survivor
family: DEAD
crush/mate: OPEN
other: Looking For A Pack

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(cool Azreil crush on her?"

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Raven Prowl (Silverfang) wrote: "Male."

mate/crush: Freya?????

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