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Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Name: Streak
age: pretty young
breed: what do you mean they are unicorns
appearance: all white except for silver horn and hooves
personality: easily frightened, but normally easy going
family: mother Lightning and twin brother Thunder
history: none
crush: none

Name: Lightning
age: adult
breed: same
appearance: all white except for a red horn and hooves
personality: very motherly and kind
family: son and daughter
crush: none

Name: Thunder
age: same as Streak
breed: same
appearance: all black except for silver horn and hooves
personality: very calm and quiet. He acts very mature
family: sister and mother

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((Breed is like throughbred paint horse like that))

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Name: Shade
age: Adult
breed: Fresian
Rank: Lead Stallion (Get's Breeding Rights with all Mares when they're of Age)
appearance: All Black except for a Silver and black striped Horn [image error]
personality: Calm unless he's Challenged, Then he's a Fierce Fighter
family: None

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Name: Stormbreaker

Age: Quite young

Breed: unknown

Appearence: Shiny black with a golden star on his head and a golden horn. he has a silver mane and tail he has deep green eyes

Personality: He is a bold young horse that is extremely brave, he is very sweet but a fierce fighter and he is very mysterious

Family: unknown

History: he was abandoned as a foal then he and Themalina met eachother and have been inseperable ever since(details below) they grew up together with no help he grew up in a deep forest that was untouched by humans and still is

Crush: open


Name: Themalina

Age: Same as Stormbreaker

Breed: unknown

Appearence: She is a caramal colour with a white tummy and star on her head, her horn is silver and her mane and tail are a deep chestnut brown, her eyes a kind and dark

Personality: she is extremely wise and intelligent, she is the sweetest thing you could ever come across, she offers advice to whoever needs it and is brave and kind

Family: she doesn't have any family, all she has is her adopted brother, Stormbreaker

History:just like Stormbraker she was abandoned as a foal she only remembers part of her life which is very unusual she loves Stormbreaker as her own brother and they taught taught eachother all they know

Crush: Open


Sylvaine Amando (faeltheonfan) Cool

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Name: Cassidy
age: Young Adult
breed: Unicorn
appearance: http://www.free-extras.com/images/uni...
personality:Find out
crush: OPEN

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Name: Abaca ((a- ba-ca))
age: old
breed: unknown
appearance: tba
personality: since she is very old she is also wise. At first she is crany and mean but she does have a soft side. Loves younger kids
family: none all dead
history: none
crush: none
Other: oldest unciron alive

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Name: Rosie

age: 6 months

breed: Cupcakes (Thats what she wants it too be)

appearance: Evything black except a whit patch on her rump (lol) that looks like a fish

personality: loveable and loved by all

family: unknown

history: abused by every thing she met(Humans)

crush: Everybody

other: dosent have a horn yet becase young, ummm.... likes to follow everybody around, annoying

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thats what she wants her breed to be!
plus i like cupcakes

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Lol same!

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:D why is jack sparrow ur picta?

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ƒσαℓєη | 417 comments ((Watch there be a Charlie. JUST WATCH!!))

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((OMG i <3 charlie the unicorn!!))

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Name: Star
age: years
breed: mustang
appearance: black with a white star on her chest
personality: fun, sweet, can seam dark at times
family: none
crush: open

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get lost dumb bumb!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr

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well don't post that sort of stuff

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that's not nice...

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ƒσαℓєη | 417 comments Ella wrote: "((OMG i <3 charlie the unicorn!!))"

I'm OBSESSED!!! Ask Donatello. "There's no stopping the vortex Chaaarrrllliiieeee." XD

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Jerry *makes weird noise with tongue that so irritates charlie and divya*

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ƒσαℓєη | 417 comments LOOB-LOOB-LOOB! (idk that's what it sounds like to me XDD)

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Jerry and it fits right in with hall of the mountain king!!!

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Name: Bob
age: 6 years
breed: Shetland Pony
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
personality: fun, sweet, kind

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Name: Storm
age: adult
breed: Lusitano
appearance: http://en.gtwallpaper.com/fondecran/l...
personality: tbrp
family: none, all lost in forest fire
history: in a forest fire that killed her parents
crush: open
other: ...

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) lol

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) wow...

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He's in a zombie book that my buddie is making! At first he's not a real unicorn but then halfway threw he turns into a unicorn and saves everyone!

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) .....

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Name: Rainbow Magic
age: 8
breed: White Horned.
appearance: Pink, with rainbow mane and tail... (YAY)And has a special unicorn horn which is also rainbow!!

(picture --> http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Xq67seqTzCA...
personality: Likes dashing around in hairy nuggets, and also likes playing with "my little pony" she sees herself as rainbow magic and says "NEIGH NEIGH PURRHHGHGJGGHGHG" and then ends up dribbling, so much that she fills her pool up.
family: Is related to Pixie Dust, sisterrrss.
history: ...Well, she spent all of her other years prancing about looking pretty. Everyone is jellous of her, because she's soooo prettyyyyfffuuuulll and they are also REAAALLLY jellous of her purple magical coconut that she keeps in her closet.
crush: naah.
Others: mane and tail are BEAAAAUUUTTIIIFFFUUULLLY long and pretty, she also likes pineapples and playing with "my little ponies"

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Personality: she's uhhh... kinda.... DUMB!!

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Gabby Name: Pixie Dust
age: 3
breed: white
appearance: white with a creamy mane and tail, no horn yet http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk...

personality:annoying, stupid and clingy
family: Rainbow magic as her sister :D
history: was abandoned by her mother, because she was too annoying, and kept on running into walls, so her mother kicked her in the head, and now she's even more brain damaged.
crush: the earthworm that lives under the magical lake of rainbows.
other: farts out rainbows and likes chewing on other unicorns legs. she also likes to pretend she's an earthworm, and eats grated cheese. brain damaged. like, heaps.

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(sorry I forgot) crush: On the water bottle that has a double chin and has some daisy's as hair, she calls him "Brad" but his name is "Meeehhheesha Numboooroootoooplookshooksoooupohilikesoupandthatswhyhislastnameissolongcauseheisawaterbottle" But she forgets to say it some times.

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ummm... are we accepted?! :D :D

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Gabby O.o

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Name: IceFlow
age: Adult
breed: Lipazzainer
appearance: All glittery White with a Crystal Horn and a Silver mane and tail [image error]
personality: Fierce Fighter, Stubborn, Protective
family: BlizzardFall (Son)

Name: BlizzardFall
age: Yearling
breed: Lipazzainer
appearance: All Black with a Black Mane and Tail, His small Horn is Crystal like his Mother's. As an Adult [image error]
personality: Playful, Stubborn, Likes to Play Fight
family: IceFlow (Mother)

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Queen_of_Winter H | 7 comments Name: Iris

age: Adult

breed: Clydesdale

appearance: description

Her pelt has a tint of purple to it.
Her horn is purple.
personality: Going to be Rp'd

family: None.

history: Family died in an accident.

crush: Open ATM


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Name: Fin

Age: Young stallion

Breed: Mustang

Appearance: http://images.pictureshunt.com/pics/u...

Personality: Quiet, shy

Family: none

History: none

Crush/mate: open


Name: Isis

Age: 3

Breed: Clydesdale

Appearance: http://images.pictureshunt.com/pics/u...

Personality: Daring, adventurous, loves to have fun



Crush/mate: open


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Name: Rhiannon
Age: Young Mare
Breed: Arabian
Appearance: red unicorn Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: caring, kind, lonely
Family: Skyballion, her older brother.
Other: One of the rare blood-bay unicorns, also called Blood Unicorns because of a legend, based on truth, about how her great-great-great grandfather, a pure-white Arabian unicorn, had gone insane and murdered an entire human village, the blood of the humans he slaughtered soaking into his coat, main, and tail. The tale states that his deed was so evil that, to show the world his crimes, his coat was turned the color of the blood he had spilt, as were the coats of his descendents. She fears to go amongst others because she is afraid that they will have heard the legend. She and her brother Skyballion just recently found each other again after being apart for so long that she had given up hope that he had managed to survive.

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Name: Skyballion
age: Young Stallion
breed: Arabian
appearance: http://landofunicorn.tumblr.com/photo...
personality: Caring, Protective, If there are Mares in his Herd that are in heat he Will mate them.
other: Same as Rhiannon, In a Herd there If there are Mares in heat Stallions Will Mate with them, It doesn't matter if they're Mothers, Sisters, or Daughters, Stallions don't think like humans do, They see a Mare and Breed.

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Queen_of_Winter H | 7 comments Name: Dessa; The Roamer

Gender: Female

age: Young Mare

breed: Shire

appearance: description

personality: Be rp'd

family: None that she knows of. They were all captured and killed by men in fancy suits of armor, they wanted to keep them as a side-show attraction, but, the creatures were banned by the leader of the group, and they were executed.

history: She has lost her memory of her foal-hood, all she remembers is being alone.

crush: Open

other: She is know as the ghost star(Note: her pelt color)herds see her one day, then she dissappears the next time they look. She has roamed the lands, feeling useless, and lonely, determined to find an accepting herd, she roams into this land, hoping to find one.

(I had always called my horse ghost star because, my g-ma had a huge pasture, and she would always disappear lol)

(Diana I had the same photo for the unicorn and didn't know it until I clicked on it xD)

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Name: Moonsinger
age: Young Mare
breed: Mustang
appearance: blue unicorn Pictures, Images and Photos
personality: caring, gentle, kind
family: unknown.
history: Abandoned by a stream as a foal, she is the only known blue unicorn. She wanders from place to place, searching for what happened to her family.
other: She has a powerful healing gift.

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Queen_of_Winter H | 7 comments Name: Shadowbreeze

age: Young Female

breed: Shire

appearance: She has a silver horn(Not shown)

personality: She's very Respectful to those who respect her, she's nice to young foals, Strong minded, and easily angered.

family: None that she knows of.

history: Her mother was murdered by a Silver Unicorn, her father was captured by a woman that wanted to keep Unicorns. She escaped, and now roams alone.

crush: N/A

other: She is the last full bred shadow unicorn. Has a gift of destroying something when she would like just by looking in its direction. These Unicorns are said to have been created by the greek god Hades. They are also known as, Shades. Her horn glows red when she is angry, blue when she is sad, purple when she is happy, and Silver when she is neutral.

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Name: Zalkaine
age: Adult
breed: Arabian
appearance: All white with a black dorsal stripe that extends from the base of her mane to her tail, He horn is a Clear Crystal and her eyes are Ice Blue
personality: TBA
family: Zathura, Valkrain, Falcon, Eyrie
history: Joined Skyballion's herd
crush: Skyballion

Name: Valkrain
age: Adult
breed: Arabian
appearance: A Deep dark Brown with a White mane and Tail and a Clear Crystal horn, Her eyes are a Violet color,
personality: TBA
family: Zathura, Zalkaine, Falcon, Eyrie
history: Same as Zalkaine's
crush: Skyballion

Name: Falcon
age: Adult
breed: Arabian
appearance: A pretty golden Palomino Mare with a Light Silvery Flaxen mane and Tail, her eyes are a Deep liquid Gold, Her horn is a Shimmering Golden color
personality: TBA
family: Same as Zalkaine
crush: Skyballion

Name: Zathura
age: Adult
breed: Arabian
appearance: A light Blue with a snowy white mane and Tail, her eyes are a deep ocean blue as is her horn
personality: TBA
family: Same as Zalkaine
crush: Skyballion

Name: Eyrie
age: Adult
breed: Arabian
appearance: A Cool Silver with painted sky Blue splotches over her body, her mane an Tail are white while her eyes and horn are a Sky Blue
family: Same as Zalkaine
crush: Skyballion

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