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RJ slowly made his way down to the kitchen, head towards the ground and eyes darting from person to person.

Ally shivered as she woke, she knew the man would be back again this morning and there was nothing she could do about it. He stepped in her room with an evil smile, " Hey Ally, more therapy today?" She shook her head, not wanting what he wanted to give her. He was even worse than her dad about it.

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RJ sat at the table staring back at him.

Ally waited until the doctor was done until she cried. She was used to that kind of stuff already, but it still hurt.

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Ally ran into the kitchen

RJ looked up at her, then looked down.

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Ally sat down, not eating.

RJ watched them

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Ally shrugged a bit.

RJ looked away quickly

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Ally chewed her lip

RJ heard the voices start talking again and burried his head in his arms

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Ally and RJ sat there, unsure fo what to do.

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Ally scratched her arm relentlessly

RJ tried to make the voices stop, but they didn't

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RJ pulled at his hair, "They won't be quiet. "

Ally scooted further away from RJ

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Ally went back to he room.

RJ looked up, " The voices"

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Ally hid in the corner of her room.

RJ clentched his fists on his hair

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RJ looked up at her, cringing. He let go of his hair and put his hands on the sides of his head.

Ally sighed and leaned against the wall

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Ally got up and looked at the small window.

RJ took a breath, he hadn't realized he had been holding his breath. He sat up slowly.

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Ally started to cry softly.

RJ nodded, the voices getting quieter.

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Ally turned then hid her face

RJ nodded, taking a sip of water

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RJ nodded, and held out his hand, "I'm RJ"

Ally nodded, lip still quivering

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Ally shivered, knowing he could probably feel all her bones. She looked up at him, looking like a little kid.

RJ smiled a bit, " How- how long you been here?"

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Ally shivered softly, thinking about him.

R.J. looked at her, "That's a long time. I just got here."

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(( is that the group's name? ))

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(( oh, mb ))

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Ally, was still crying and shook her head.

R.J. , "What is interesting?"

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RJ raised an eyebrow, "Well lucky me"

Ally chewed her lip, hugging him a gently.

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R.J. smiled, "Nice to meet you too"

Ally buried her face in his neck, each of her bones visible, her breath slowing down

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R.J. giggled, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out like that at all."

Ally nodded, " mhmm"

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R.J. nodded, "Great"

Ally sat back on her knees, smiling a bit."

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R.J. "so, what kind of crazy are you?"

Ally looked around, "Sorry"

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R.J. nodded, "my mom killed herself... she kissed ,e on the cheek right before, and then she just-" he stopped himself, realizing he had never told anyone about that or about what his dad had done.

Ally, "For being such a baby"

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R.J. shook his head, "Sorry for you too"

Ally nodded, "I was"

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R.J. looked around the place.

Ally frowned, " Dr. Hertz said that if I can't take it, then I am"

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R.J. shrugged

Ally wondered if he knew about him.

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r.J. nodded, "I'll eat."

Ally looked up at him, " Does he do it to everyone?"

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(( g2g ))

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R.J. chuckled, "Appels are on the menue, I suppose"

Ally nodded

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R.J. smiled back at her.

Ally looked around, she had never been out of her room in three years.

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R.J. flinched as he caught it.

Ally , "I guess you could go if you want."

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R.J. took a bite.

Ally shrugged, "I don't leave, and not a lot of poeple come in here."

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