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Sasha walked into the office drinking her coffee

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Evalina sat in her lab and was listening to her music.

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Sasha sat down at her computer. She started it up and sighed looking around

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Evalina was at her computer working.

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Sasha's phone rang and she awnsered. She nodded and then hung up. She then called Evalina

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Evalina answered "Yes?"

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"Hey its Sasha"

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"Hey Sasha! What's up?"

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"We got a case!"Sasha said

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"What is it about?"

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"They found a man behind a trash can. He has 3 bullet shots to the head, and his wrists are cut off"

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"Sounds interesting."

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"Yea come on"

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Adriana walks in, She was just hired. "I'm looking for Special Agent Gibbs" She said with her Israeli accent

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Sasha frowned "got to gp"she said and hung up. She walked over to the girl "I'm speicla Agent Gibbs"she sais

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"Adriana David, I've been assigned to your team" She said with her Accent.

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Sasha nodded "yes....Israli acxent?"

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"Yeah, I was Mossad. Like my mother" She said.

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"Ziva David, your mother righr?"

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"That's right." She said nodding. "How can you tell?"

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"Lero Jethro Gibbs. He is my foster dad, he used to work with your mom"

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Evalina hung up and went to gp.

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"Ah, She mentioned a Jethro Gibbs when she told me about the Team. She also warned me about a Mr. DiNozzo" She said.

Tony sat at his desk.

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Sasha noddes her face expresonless. "Yes come on, i'll show you him"she sais

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Tony played with his Stapeler.

Abby was down in her Lab,. She was the only one left of the origional Team.

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I have

Sarah has

Longclaw has

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((Horsefan Pirate Roleplay.)

Marcus walked in and saw Tony playing with his stapler.
"Uhh. Tony." He spoke with narrowed eyes.

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"TONY!" He said clapping.

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Tony looked up. "Yeah, Hey Boss" He said to Sasha. "Marcus is Back" He said.

Adriana sat at her mother's old desk.

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((Sam we already have a team leader, Sasha gibbs))

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((I know, hang on.))

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Mcgee was busy tiyping on his back

Gibbs nodded "you think I don't know that?"she asked

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Adriana smiled as she got to work.

Tony ignored Marcus. getting back to work.

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Gibbs frowned as her phone rang.

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Gibbs phone rang and he picked it up. "YeaGibbs?"he asked. He nodded and shut the phone "ok gear up! Got a dead petty officer!"he called

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Marcus slid on his glasses and jacket.
"See you later." He called and was out.

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Adriana and Tony grabbed their gear.

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Mcgee caught the keys

"Someone call Ducky!"Gibbs ordered grabbing his gun

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"On it Boss" Tony said dialing Ducky's number and giving him the coordinates of where they were going.

Adriana and Tony loaded into the elevator

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McGee got the van ready

Gibbs joined them in the elevator, drinking his coffee

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Marcus slid out the side door and headed down town. He dialed Gibbs.

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"Looks like you mainline caffine too" Adriana observed knowing that his father did the same thing.

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Gibbs lookedover and shrugged "it wakes me up"he said as his phone rang. "Yea Gibbs?" He asked

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((Ugh Marcuse called Gibbs Abby!))

"Gibbs. I'm going to need those coordinates one more time." He said exhausted.

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"Sure Abs"Gibbs said into his phone

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"See you there" Gibbs said then hung up. His phone rang again and he awnsered. He heard Marxus and gave him the directions.

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"Thanks." He said and snapped his phone shut.

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Abby walked into the garage and climbed into the Truck.

Adriana and Tony loaded into the truck too.

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