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Lynne (lmsindel) Leave a quote from page 46 (or elsewhere) of your Mythology book.

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Lynne (lmsindel) Here are 2 quotes from The Castle of Llyr:

"The bats are gone"
"I can't say I'm unhappy about it. I get along well enough with mice, and I've always been fond of birds, but when you put the two together I'd just as soon avoid them."

"Achren drew closer to Taran, finxing him with her eyes. Her voice had dropped to a whisper: her words, seeming to reach him alone, twined around his heart. "What cares an Assistant Pig Keeper whether I or another hold sway over Prydain? Lord Gwydion himself cannot gain for you what you hold dearest: indeed. he can bring about only her death. But I can give you her life. Yes, a gift only I can bestow."

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) | 2814 comments Mod
anlog?? Amazing how quickly you were able to get to a book on this shelf, lol :)

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
Tales from the Mabingion:

After the seven men in Branwen's story had buried the head of Bendigeidfran in the White Hill in London, with its face looking towards France, Manawydan stared at the town of London and at his friends. He gave a great sigh and became very sad and full of longing.

"Oh God almighty," he said, "woe is me! Everyone has a place to sleep tonight except for me."

message 5: by Lynne (new)

Lynne (lmsindel) Lyn M wrote: "anlog?? Amazing how quickly you were able to get to a book on this shelf, lol :)"

I was just trying to see if you were smart enough to figure out what the real word was. I guess not...

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Lynne (lmsindel) Lynne wrote: "Lyn M wrote: "anlog?? Amazing how quickly you were able to get to a book on this shelf, lol :)"

I was just trying to see if you were smart enough to figure out what the real word was. I guess..."

As for the book...it was really short.

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LynnB | 1623 comments From The Iliad:
"Diomedes, son of Tydeus, why do you ask my name? What matters who I am? Even as leaves upon the trees of the forest are the generations of men. The leaves fall in the autumn and the wind blows them away; and in the spring the trees put forth new leaves. Even so perishes one generation of men, and is forgotten; but another comes to take its place..."

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Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from Greenwitch:

Merriman said: "Lucky for us he failed, or the creature might have responded. The fishermen hustled him off this way -- they were most indignant, and rather rough ... I followed into the village, until they released him. Then he put a shadow round himself, and I lost the way. But yes, he is near. One senses the ill-will."

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from Trickster

Since there are still crayfish in the world today, it is obvious that some of them escaped. Perhaps one of them was that same little crayfish. If so, then he must have learned a lesson about not telling the truth. For never again has any crayfish ever bragged about killing a raccoon.

Wanted to post this now, even though I'm not done reading the book. It's terrific, and some of you may want to add it to your plans for the month. It's a graphic compilation of native American folktales told by native americans, and illustrated by a variety of illustrators as well. I'm rationing myself to only one or two of the tales each day, and I'm loving it.

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from Odd and the Frost Giants:

"I just thought I should point out that we are wasting our time. We don't have any way of getting to the Rainbow Bridge. And if by some miracle we crossed it, look at us -- we're animals, and you can barely walk. We can't defeat Frost Giants. This whole thing is hopeless."

"He's right," said the fox.

"If it's hopeless, said Odd, why are you coming with me?"

message 11: by Tara (new)

Tara | 742 comments From Ain't Myth-Behaving:

A better quote was on page 36:

"These are... Hellhounds?" Megan's face came into view, her lovely alabaster brow furrowed with confusion. She held up a small, wiggling black creature.

I frowned, and pushed several similar objects from my chest, glancing at Stewart. He picked up a hound that was wrestling with his shoelace. "I tried to tell you, Mr. Hearne. Elfwine felt the previous hounds were too aggressive, so she arranged for these gto be your dogs this season."

I took the small, curly-haired bundle from him and examined it thoroughly. Despite its petite size, its voice was that of a full-grown hellhound. "Poodles. She gave me poodles. Me, the lord of the hunt."

message 12: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from Tattoo

"So," I said slowly, "I have the power to start fires, Annabelle's psychic, and Delia can change her nail polish color just by running her hand over it?" Something about that last power didn't seem quite right.

"Maybe it's not just the nail polish color," Delia said. "Maybe it's any color." With a grin, she held her hands up to her head and ran them both down her hair. "Blond," she said, and as her hands passed over her thick locks, the hair turned blond, from the roots down.

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Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from The Twilight Prisoner

Jack felt annoyed with her. It wasn't his fault that he was alive, and that he had continued to grow, or that he had a crush on a living girl who could grow and change with him. But he wasn't the only one upset. Cora's arms were also crossed over her chest, and she was giving Euri the once-over. He had never seen her look so angry.

"What's with the uniform?" Cora asked.

Jack cringed. If there was one thing that Euri was sensitive about, it was having died in her school uniform.

This is the second of a series. I definitely recommend reading the first, The Night Tourist, first. Looks like I returned it to the library without posting a quote, but I think this quote gives an idea of the flavor of both books.

message 14: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
omigosh, can't wait until p. 46. I love this quote from p. 39:

This was a strange story, one I would have to learn a new language to read, a language I could not learn except by trying to read the story.

from Kissing the Witch

message 15: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3441 comments Mod
from The Penelopiad:

There was a slanderous item going around about Anticleia -- that she'd been seduced by Sisyphus, who was the true father of Odysseus -- but I found it difficult to believe, as who would want to seduce Anticleia? It would be like seducing a prow. But let the tale stand, for the moment.

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) | 2814 comments Mod
From The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling:

For Gwen and Findabhair, there was so much more. This royal residence and center hd been the pulse of Ireland for over two thousand years. Bright-surfaced Teamhair, the poets called her. Tara of the Kings. The glory of the place was subtle and secret. It lingered in the shadows of the tall grasses the covered the mounds and earthworks. It whispered on the wind. Cnoc no mBan-Laoch. The Hill of the Women-Heroes. On this green knoll assembled he female warriors, golden torcs at their throats, slender spears in their hands. Not until the seventh century A.D. and the Christian laws of Cain Adamnain were women banned form warfare. Teach Miodchuarta. The Banquet Hall. A long sunken trench between two parallel banks, it was once a house of noble proportions. Fourteen doors graced its high walls: seven to face the golden sun, seven to face the silver moon. Raith na Riogh. The Royal Enclosure. In ages past, this broad circle housed a kingly fort crowned with a palisade of oak. Here was held the great Feis of Tara, the coronation ritual in which the King wed the Goddess of the land.

This book is full of these kinds of descriptions of Irish legend and lore. It is really quite interesting.

message 17: by Luann (new)

Luann (azbookgal) | 1006 comments Finally finished one mythology book for March - only a few days late! :) Here's a quote from page 46 of The Battle of the Labyrinth:

"The Labyrinth is right under the surface of the mortal world, kind of like a second skin. It's been growing for thousands of years, lacing its way under Western cities, connecting everything together underground. You can get anywhere through the Labyrinth."

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