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job(if any):

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Name: Allie
personality: calm and nice. She is smart but not geek like. She is caring and loves animals. Also loves to read
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
history: none
family: lives alone
job: works at Starbucks
crush: open

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Lauren wrote: "Name: Sam
age: 20
personality: Sometimes gets worried about anything small does not like doing bad things and she loves her friends.
history: She just grew up normally
family: Lives in..."


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Name: Jason
age: 19
personality: can get mean if you hurt him or someone he cares about, but he is also very unstable. He is very kind if you get to know him though

history: Jason grew up in a very abusive home and ran away.
family: his father
job(if any): none, he always gets fired
crush/bf/gf: OPEN

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Name: Jillian (Jill)
age: 18
personality: in rp
appearance: add later, sorry
history: in rp
family: lives with mother and thats about it
job(if any): Book store
crush/bf/gf: none
other: none

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Name: Mark
personality: loves sports. Daring and loves to run. Nice and popular with his friends. Funny and loves to laugh.
Appearance: dark brown hair that is cut short. Blue eyes and a light tan. About 6'2.
History: nothing yet
family: mom, dad ad yonger sister
job: works at a mcdonnalds

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sydney ~andjustsmile~ wrote: "Name: Jason
age: 19
personality: can get mean if you hurt him or someone he cares about, but he is also very unstable. He is very kind if you get to know him though

history: Jason gre..."

I can make a girl for him if he's still available :)

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I made him one

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Want to make mark a girl

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sydney Yeah give me a couple minutes :)

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sydney Name: Hayley
Age: 17 almost 18
Personality: Fun loving, adventurous, smart, stubborn
Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_x3hJz_-bB3Q...
History: Not much, she grew up in a nice rich family
Family: She has a younger sister named Danni
Job(if any): She reads to blind children, so it's more of a charity than a job
Crush/bf/gf: Mark

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sydney Finished!

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Yay! I will go post!

 [♔] .queen's armor. name: heather
age: 19
gender: F
history: tba
family: none
crush: jason?

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Name: Brookelle
age: 18
personality: Outgoing, funny, flirtatious, feisty, has an attitude, protective, fun, active, loose
job(if any): None
crush/bf/gf: OPEN

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Sarah Nolasco (gollywomp) | 2 comments Name:Vanessa
appearance:long black hair,green eyes,kinda tan
history:need to rp
job(if any):Model

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Mark is taken

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Name: Sunny
age: 20
personality: shes outgoing, fun, easily fooled, emotional. Loves to party and drink
history: Family was from Cali then moved to Hawaii. Her mom died and her father kicked Sunny out.
family: dad..
job(if any): Works as a secret singer
crush/bf/gf: Jake
other: Seems happy, but does get depressed.

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Name: Paul
age: 24
personality: Quiet, withdrawn
history: TBRPO
family: Dead
jobif any): Archetect
crush/bf/gf: looking

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Name: Jake
age: 21
personality: can be nice when he talks
history: his parents died when he was younger
family: none left
job(if any): pizza delivery guy
crush/bf/gf: Sunny

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Name: Amelia McKenlin
age: 16
personality: sweet tempered, shy, curious, and helpful, hates seeing people get hurt.
history: Orphaned as a child, she was bounced from one foster home to another, until finally she ran away. She now lives on the streets, working at a diner for food.
family: none
job(if any): unofficially works at a diner for food.
crush: Dominic
other: she has a stray cat that stays with her, whom she calls Smoke.

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Name: Eric
personality: nice, funny kind. He loves to laugh amd is always smiling. Daring and willing to help anyone. Popular with his friends. Great with aninals
appearnce: he has jet black hair that sticks up in the back. He has green eyes that always seem to be laughing. His skin is tanned from being outside and he is very hot.
history: his dad died when he was 7. He doesn't remeber him, just small memories
family: mom who is a vet
crush: Amelia?
other: own a hse and cat

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 714 comments ((hi umm Im new and I was wondering if it's too late to have. Character
In this rp?????))

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Nope. Welcome Gina

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Name: Temperance Brennan
age: 20
personality: Highly Intelligent but Owns no TV so she gets Confused somtimes
appearance: [image error]
history: Was Adopted then put into the Foster system
family: A Daughter named Suka That she adopted from Africa
job(if any): Forensic Anthropologist Grad Student

Name: Suka
age: 5
personality: Shy but Kind,
appearance: Short with Chocolate Brown skin and black wavy hair, her eyes are also a dark brown color
history: Used to live in Africa until she was Adopted by Temperance
family: Temperance Brennan (Adoptive Mother)
job(if any): None (Too Young)
other: Mainly speaks Swahili but is Learning English

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It's Bones!!!! But where's Booth? :D

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lol Can someone else make him because I want them to Date and I can't Control two charries that are dating each other.

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lol I'm not good at RPing guys... Sorry...

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 714 comments Name: Ashlynn
personality:smart. Funny. Kind. Generous. Mean when messed with or someone she cares about is. Happy. Energetic.
appearance:(no pic.) pretty redhead with a brown tint. About 5 foot 3. Skinny but not too skinny. Green eyes. Very pretty.
history: has had a child and put it up for adoption ( boy named Josh) she was adopted into a family with an abusive father.
family: Sister
job(if any): currently looking for a job
crush/bf/gf: OPEN TO ANY BF
other:" Owns two dogs and a fish

((Kk thanx ))

Name: Ashlynn
Personality: smart. Energetic. Sweet. Generous. Funloving. Funny.

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Name: Seeley Booth
age: 21
personality: Nice, Protective,
appearance: [image error]
family: Parker Booth (Son)
job(if any): FBI Agent in Training
other: Both Booth and his son are Gifted with Languages

Name: Parker Booth
age: 5
personality: Same as his Father
appearance: [image error]
family: Seeley Booth (Father), Rebecca (Mother, Dead)
job(if any): None (Too Young)

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:D I love watching Bones....

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I Do too, A new episode is on right now!

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uh, what time zone are you in??? :D

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

I live in Washington State

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That explains it... I'm in SC. David Letterman just started here!

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Aladonza | 1 comments Name:Amy
appearance:Long black hair, Eletric blue eyes,Plump lips,wide pretty smile
history:None that she likes to share

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Mark is taken, last I knew...

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Yep he is

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Booth isn't taken So long as your Charrie doesn't mind that he has a Son.

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personality:nice,loose,fun,easy going
history:Can't tell
family: none
job(if any):Starbucks
other: can anyone be her friend?

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Name: Chris Sanchez
age: 15
personality: Angered Easily, Violent Tendancies
appearance: [image error] or [image error] With Violet eyes [image error] Or [image error] The woman sitting down
history: She get's Sexually abused by the Males in her Foster home.
family: A Foster Family, Thinks of Ivy as her Mother, Eliza Sanchez (Daughter 3)
job(if any): Is a Dancer at a Club that Damien Frequently Visits
crush/bf/gf: Unknown
other: At times she acts much older then she is, She's a True Citizen Soldier. Especially where her sisters Concerned

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Can someone make her Foster Family?

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I can if you like and you can add Ivy to it but that is if you like

appearance:Talll,lean,black hair,brown eyess
history:Lives with Adella
job(if any):

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Yeah, Ivy can be a part.

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kk is there anyone else do you want?

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Her Father and at least Four brothers. all older.

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Anyone need a guy!?

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