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message 1: by Monica (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) Hi Mike,
Just joined Goodreads and found this group. It's hard to find writing groups in Rockland County! What do you have planned for this group?

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Mahr | 2 comments Hi Mike,
I also just joined Goodreads and was excited to find this group. My question's the same as Monica's: what's planned?

message 3: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments I'd be interested, too, as long as whatever is planned is on a Sunday. Perhaps we could meet in a public library.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura Mahr | 2 comments That sounds good to me. Maybe in Nyack? They have a cafe.

message 5: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments I'm strictly kosher.

message 6: by John (new)

John Monk (JohnMonk) | 2 comments If writing meeting are ever set up, let me know.

message 7: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Does this group meet any place? I'd be interested in sharing and learning.

message 8: by Monica (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) Hi Maria,
Nothing's gotten off the ground here. It looks like we're slowly accumulating some Rockland writers looking for a group. I've never succeeded in finding a nearby group. When I meet with people it's up in Fishkill, and I know of some groups in Bergen. Nothing here in Rockland!

message 9: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Hi Monica,
Thanks for replying. I'm new to the area. Too bad as it would have been nice to have something close by home.

message 10: by Diane (new)

Diane Thompson | 5 comments Add me to the list of people who would like to meet, if possible, even if only to have coffee and share war stories.

message 11: by Diane (new)

Diane Thompson | 5 comments BTW, has anyone tried that writer's course at the Rockland Arts Center? I am thinking of signing up but would like to know if anyone has had any experience with it.

message 12: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) I was on their website last night looking at the Creative Writing class but I don't want to join something that runs until 10PM.

message 13: by Howard (new)

Howard H. | 13 comments Here are the interesting links and an attachment to a ROCKLAND County fascinating new human interest book “THE SPY IN CANAAN”

For the Kindle Version of The Spy in Canaan:

Enjoy the information.
< >

message 14: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Maria, Diane - I've taken courses at RoCA. Don't recommend it.Format is frustrating: read one page at some, not most, sessions. May be okay for the most beginning of beginners.

All: I'd be interested in getting together face to face. Is that something others want to happen?

message 15: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) What do you propose David? ~M

message 16: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Maria,
Maybe we could meet once a week or once every two weeks, email 5 pages or so to everyone to read in advance, print out, and bring to discuss, critique, etc. The New City Library may have a space we can use. I'm waiting for a call-back from them to check that out. Do evenings work? Personally I'd like to stay away from weekends.

Thanks for responding.


message 17: by Howard (new)

Howard H. | 13 comments Are NON-aspiring writers invited?

message 18: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Howard wrote: "Are NON-aspiring writers invited?"

It's not for me to decide, though I have no trouble with that. Some days I don't aspire much, either.

Right now, I'm just doing some legwork.

New City Library will provide a room only once a month. I have a call in to the Community Center at Street School in New City. They may be able to provide space more often. As a community center, there is no cost. I'll keep you posted.


message 19: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments Sounds great!

message 20: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) David, I agree about the weekends but I wouldn't want to meet too late in the evening as I have a difficult time driving in the dark and would be coming from North Rockland.

message 21: by Denise (new)

Denise | 6 comments I would be willing to meet as well.

message 22: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments Though it's not about writing, I invite you all to the Sunset Toastmasters club in Pearl River, which is dedicated to learning the art of public speaking. Many of us writers are shy, and this is a club that helps you get over that. I'm finding great pleasure in writing and presenting my speeches.

The next meeting is January 26 at 7 pm at the Pearl River library. Here's the link:

message 23: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Progress, or lack thereof, report: To meet at Street School, which is probably available early evening (days are pretty booked) we'd need insurance (as an organization) and then the use of the room is free. Otherwise there's a $75/hr. cost. Ouch. I'm calling someone else from the town tomorrow to find out what's involved with the insurance. If we can't get ahold of a town facility for free, we might want to consider meeting in each other's homes. I'm game if you are. And we have a Keurig, so my coffee won't poison you.

I'll keep you posted.


message 24: by David (new)

David | 33 comments I think I've got the space problem solved. My wife owns a court reporting agency with multiple conference rooms, chairs, etc. On the corner of Congers and Main in New City, second floor above the Carvel and next to Legal Aid. There is an elevator. Free, no insurance needed, can use as often or seldom as we like. After business hours (after 5 pm) would be best.

If you'd like to go this route, my suggestion is to meet there for a two hour block and decide how to proceed. You can bring anything you want to eat/drink. Duncan Donut is just down the way from Carvel.

If someone else would coordinate the time, that would be great.


message 25: by Diane (new)

Diane Thompson | 5 comments Wednesday evening is best for me. I like the idea of sending out pages in advance. Has anyone even gone to a writers group before? I haven't the foggiest what is supposed to happen at one. I'll see if there's a book. Also, if everyone interested would message or email me, I would be happy (sort of) to coordinate. I am that desperate.

message 26: by David (last edited Jan 15, 2015 05:09PM) (new)

David | 33 comments Good! Wednesday 1/21 is fine with me. How about everyone else?

We can get in after five. What time would you like?

What do you think about just getting together this first time to decide what we'd like to do next?

I did go to the writers group at RoCA. I think we can do a lot better.


message 27: by Denise (new)

Denise | 6 comments Yes I have gone to Hudson Valley Romance Writers. At those meeting you read 3 pages of the work you want critiqued. Everyone else writes down their thoughts and then shares it with the writer. I have a prior commitment on 1/21 so I don't know if I could make it.


message 28: by Howard (new)

Howard H. | 13 comments When firmed up, please post where and when meeting will take place.

message 29: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Wednesday, January 21 at 6pm, Rockland & Orange Reporting, 2 Congers Rd., New City, second floor - there's an elevator. Park in the Carvel parking lot off Main St. Facing Carvel, walk to the street on your right. That's Congers Rd., Turn left. Rockland & Orange Reporting is a few yards down on your left. If you need to, call me on my cell, 845-598-4575.

Please RSVP, whether you're coming or not. The Wednesday date is not fixed in stone. If Thursday or next Monday is better for most people, we can do that, but please let me know ASAP. Thanks.


message 30: by Denise (new)

Denise | 6 comments David the best I could do in maybe. I will try to come if I can. Let me know if the day changes and I could give a more definite answer.


message 31: by Monica (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) This is great to see. Finally something in Rockland. For me, though, right now isn't the ideal time. I'm actually writing the first draft of something, so not quite at the point of critique yet. I would be interested in meeting later on. I hope this works out.

message 32: by David (last edited Jan 20, 2015 10:29AM) (new)

David | 33 comments Monica,
If I may, I'd like to urge you to begin participating now. You may have some earlier things it might be valuable to get another take on. Even if you don't, a discussion with other writers should be helpful, and you'd be helping others by reading and critiquing their stuff. Also, (guilt, guilt) a very small turnout now might keep the group from developing and the "finally something in Rockland" won't exist. I sincerely hope you can make it tomorrow.


message 33: by David (last edited Jan 21, 2015 06:57AM) (new)

David | 33 comments I hope you're not getting too tired of hearing from me.

Weather this afternoon is supposed to be bad. If it is, I'll post later and we'll cancel for tonight. We can meet on Monday, same time, same station: Rockland and Orange Reporting, 2 Congers Rd. (between Main St. and Rt. 304 in New City) at 6. If that doesn't work, please let me know.

Also, please help me clear up my confusion about this group. When I found "Rockland Country Aspiring Writers" on Google (of course) I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that this was a group that was meeting or at least in contact by email, rather than just a thread on Goodreads. Can someone tell me more about the group? I'd like it to be more than a thread, as you can see.


message 34: by Monica (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) Sorry, David, but this has only ever been a Goodreads discussion group, and not an active one at that. If you scroll up to the beginning of this thread, I posted a hello into the echoing void here 4 years ago. Nothing ever resulted. Perhaps we've got some momentum here now.

There is supposed to be some snow starting around 8 pm. It's not supposed to be significant though, and I'd still be game. (I am trying to make it, David! Thanks for those encouraging words.) Of course, we'd have to see if the forecast remains that way.

message 35: by David (last edited Jan 21, 2015 02:09PM) (new)

David | 33 comments Weather looks reasonable for now, so let's get together tonight. Entrance to 2 Congers is beneath a construction awning, but the door is clearly visible and I'll wait there to be sure you find the place. I hope as many people as possible will come so we can get an actual writers group off the ground. See you soon.

Monica, thanks for the history.

message 36: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Folks,

Monica and I met. We'd both like a face to face group. Next week I'm creating some flyers and putting them in the libraries, asking people who are interested to contact me. It would be great if some of you want to be part of this. Hopefully I'll get names from the flyers, publicize the date, and we can get going.

Have a good weekend. Grandurchins in Atlanta beckon.


message 37: by Sandi (new)

Sandi Perry (goodreadscomsandiperry) | 2 comments Hi All,
David, I'm impressed by your perseverance. I've been a part of many writing groups and always appreciated the honest feedback I've gotten. I have a couple of books up on Goodreads at present and am currently working on my next. Let me know when you've got a critique group together, would love to be a part of things.
Sandi Perry

message 38: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Okay, Sandi, with you we've got three. I think 10-12 is a good number, but that's certainly open to discussion. I've got flyers in four area libraries and will hit a fifth when the roads clear a bit. Would you please send me your contact info? Thanks. Here's the text of the flyer. It's much prettier in person.




message 39: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Sanders | 10 comments Hey there. I had no idea that this group existed. If you guys can nail down a regular time. I'll be happy to come. I taught a writers workshop last month at the New City Library and was hoping I'd find a cache of writers in Rockland.

message 40: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Folks,

We've got five people who said they'll come to a meeting: Monica, C.A., Sandi, Howard and I. If others want to come, that would be great.

So, Thursday, 2/29, 7pm. 2 Congers Rd., New City, second floor. It's across from the little park, the only entrance between the Carvel/Dunkin Donut strip mall on Main St. and the alley. Past the alley is Rte. 304.

Any problems, call my cell: 845-598-4575.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


message 41: by Denise (new)

Denise | 6 comments I could come this time too.

message 42: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Great! See you then.

message 43: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Okay, we're on for tomorrow night, Thursday.
7pm, 2 Congers Rd., New City, second floor. My cell: 845-598-4575. Feel free to call. See you tomorrow.


message 44: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Sanders | 10 comments I don't know why, but I'm not getting updates on this group. I didn't think anyone else responded. I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. I'm very sorry about that.

message 45: by Howard (new)

Howard H. | 13 comments Still in California for another week. Will likely see you at the next meeting.

message 46: by David (new)

David | 33 comments C.A., Not everyone responded through Goodreads. You should be seeing everything that's put up here. Be happy to keep you up to date by email if you'd like. BTW, was it the SF workshop you taught at the New City Library?

Howard, sorry you and C.A. can't make it tonight. Someone called me from Cornwall who can make Mondays. How are Mondays for the rest of you.

Hopefully we'll have enough people tonight to at least get started. I'm very excited about getting a writers group together in Rockland.

message 47: by Monica (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) Hi there,

Sorry to be awol, been very busy, even through the weekends. And it keeps coming - something's come up for tonight. I won't be able to make it. I'm sorry to miss this! Please post any results or decisions.

message 48: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Sanders | 10 comments David, Yes I taught the sci fi/fantasy workshop last month.

message 49: by David (new)

David | 33 comments Folks,

No one showed up last night.

I'm willing to take one last shot at getting enough live human beings together to form a writers group:

Monday, March 9, 7pm, 2 Congers Rd., New City, 2nd floor.

Please let me know if you're coming, either here or 845-598-4575, or


message 50: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Sanders | 10 comments This time I'll mark it on my calendar. I'll be there.

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