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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. "Dark Forces" 80s horror series for kids/YA.. mostly paranormal in theme? [s]

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message 1: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments This was a series me and my sister read in the 80s... they were sort of "horror for kids". Either juvenile or YA. I remember the majority of them were paranormal in theme... or at least I remember them that way. I have seen some other series mentioned and googled it.. but none of them are the one I remember. Thanks! ;-)

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 48 comments Goosebumps? Or was that too late?

message 3: by Erin (last edited Feb 21, 2011 09:48AM) (new)

Erin | 192 comments Was it this series?

message 4: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments No, but thank you!

message 5: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments Yeah, Goosebumps came later. I am 38 if it helps, LOL! ;-) I just remember they were super creepy. At least at that age. (Maybe even now, haha)

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (dootloo) | 6 comments Was it Fear Street? Or do you have anything more specific you can tell us about the books? I read a lot of stuff like that when I was a kid (and I'm 36 now) so if you can tell me more, I might be able to remember/find what you're looking for.

message 7: by Alycia (new)

Alycia (alyciac) | 47 comments How about one of the Point Horror series? I think they started coming out in the mid-eighties.

message 8: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (queentess) | 9 comments Christopher Pike wrote a lot of horror YA, but I think that was mostly 90s.

Could you be thinking of Betty Ren Wright? I particularly remember loving The Dollhouse Murders.

message 9: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments Dern it.. no, sorry, none of the above. I want to say the series might have even had the word "creepy" in it, but that also could just be my imaginative memory.

They were all independent/individual stories, but under one name/franchise.. I seem to remember lots of possessions ... and monsters.

message 10: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (dootloo) | 6 comments I did some searching around and found these:

A Twilight series (not the Stephanie Meyer books) that included titles like The Haunted Dollhouse, Watery Grave, and Dance of Death.

I also found a series called Chamber of Horrors. Some titles I found were Amulet of Doom, Spirits and Spells, and Eyes of the Tarot.

And I found a series called Fleshcreepers. Some of those titles are Blood From the Mummy's Tomb, Vampyre, and Fangs of the Werewolf.

There was also a series called Dark Forces, with The Doll, and Ashton Horror.

message 11: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments I figured it out!!
I found a post online where someone said:

Does anyone here remember the Dark Forces series? They had around 15 books total in the run, covering a wide range of topics such as demonic possession, ouija boards, tarot cards, black magic, and plenty of others.

They were written and released in the 80's. They were sort of like Goosebumps today, just ten times more effective and written for a slightly older audience. I got my first taste of H. P. Lovecraft through this series.

Some of the titles that I recall are "The Companion," "Magic Show," "Swamp Witch," "Eye of the Tarot," and "The Doll." I remember "The Companion" gave me nightmares, it was about a high school kid's invisible friend who was actually a demon trying (and succeeding) to possess him.

Sooner or later, I'm going to hunt them all down and buy them. Probably the greatest, and darkest, book series ever aimed at introducing young people to horror.

And I found two if them thus far:



I was a little relieved to see it wasn't just me creeped out... these books scared the %&*( out of me as a kid, LOL!

Thanks SO much for all who tried to help me.

message 12: by ♥ Susan (new)

♥ Susan  (mermaidx) | 9 comments Melissa wrote: "I did some searching around and found these:

A Twilight series (not the Stephanie Meyer books) that included titles like The Haunted Dollhouse, Watery Grave, and Dance of Death.

I also found a se..."

Yes, Dark Forces! I hadn't reloaded yet. Thanks!! ;-)

message 14: by Jason (new)

Jason Feltham | 1 comments I love the internet. I just finished reading a Fear Street book to my six year old and had flashbacks to a library book I read, must have been less than 10 years old at the time. Google search of the only details I remember "Kim, demon possession, imaginary friend 80's youth fiction" led me here. Just have to say so thankful, I'm going to hunt down "The Companion" and read it again.

message 15: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34332 comments Mod
Here's the Goodreads link for the Dark Forces series - https://www.goodreads.com/series/8374...
which includes Eyes of the Tarot and The Doll (also under the series name Chamber of Horrors).

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