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message 1: by Victini, V-Wheeeeeeeeeeel! (new)

Victini | 2106 comments Hoenn!

message 2: by Lyla (last edited Apr 04, 2011 09:54AM) (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 28 comments Sol sat high above the valley, in the mountain cliffs, depressed. Nobody wanted him. He looked up and realized it was cloudy, only over the mountain. He sighed. It's because I'm here... His head drooped and he sat on the cliff, watching out over the glistening lake. Beyond that lake, was a meadow beside the forest.

Skip(Kip) trotted around in the small meadow next to the forest. It was sunny and she was having fun batting at the flowers.

message 3: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 28 comments Lyla walked down a forest trail, giggling, with her boyfriend Andy and her buddy Treecko. Treecko sat on her shoulder and Andy held her hand as they walked.

message 4: by Victini, V-Wheeeeeeeeeeel! (new)

Victini | 2106 comments Bob walked around with his Sceptile.

message 5: by Call me Random, Greninja POWER! (new)

Call me Random | 443 comments Xena was gently cuddled her Azurill, Zezzy. Her Kirlia, James, was sitting right next to her.

message 6: by Drama (new)

Drama | 214 comments Torchic walked around.

message 7: by Victini, V-Wheeeeeeeeeeel! (new)

Victini | 2106 comments Sceptile looked at Bob."Scept,Sceptile!"I see more humans!Bob looked at Xena,Andy,and Xena."Oh,Hello."He said.

message 8: by Glitchieyt (new)

Glitchieyt TTV | 9 comments As Nytro took his steps forward, he had only pokemon he found in this region. His salamence and Flygon were his only companions for this time.

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