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message 1: by Arminius (last edited Feb 21, 2011 06:46AM) (new)

Arminius | 1034 comments Yes I am an oddball who enjoys President's day.

To celebrate I read a book about FDR. I didn't expect to be done it by now though. So, I will try to start a book about Herbert Hoover today.

I watched a C-Span BookNotes interview on a book about President Franklin Pierce on Saturday. I will watch another C-Span BookNotes interview about another President today.

I will also thank America's best president for our great country. Thank You President Washington you opened the world up to freedom and started the greatest country in world history.

message 2: by Aynge (new)

Aynge (ayngemac) | 1202 comments I think it sucks that they combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into one holiday. Each deserves his own day of honor.

People make a fuss about getting a 3-day weekend, but I think it's more important that we celebrate on the actual day of whatever it is we are commemorating.

message 3: by Arminius (new)

Arminius | 1034 comments I agree with you. Washington deserves his own holiday. The father of our country does not have a holiday unto himself, that is a shame!

message 4: by Arminius (last edited Apr 08, 2011 02:00PM) (new)

Arminius | 1034 comments I can feel the outrage about this from the other TCers.

message 5: by Arminius (new)

Arminius | 1034 comments That is most likely true and I am all for honoring the presidents. However, George Washington is not just a president. Without him there would be no independent United States to become full of idiots, as it is now, to dismiss his importance.

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