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What about Jacob's future babies? (spoilers)

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Michelle Auer The thing that bothered me was they made this whole big deal about how Leah was a wolf because she could not have babies and that Wolf's ONLY imprinted on people who could carry the line.
Then the head wolf, the most wolf of the whole wolf line imprints on someone who can't make babies!!
I know, she is half human, but the other half-humans didn't have offspring, only a vamp dad who was making 'a race of super humans' with unsuspecting villagers. You think if they COULD have babies, thy would have already in the last 150 years? You know, so dad didn't have to do all of the work creating a new race?
The only loophole I could see is if she could have babies before she reached full Vampire maturity and stopped changing, meaning he would have to have puppies with her before she turned *cough* six?!?!
That was the hardest to swallow for me. I agree with a lot of the other complaints but that was the worst part for me.

Lori I don't remember it saying that Leah couldn't have babies and that is why she is a wolf. I understood that after she phased, she stopped having her period. I wondered if maybe she stopped phasing, that would return. I don't know, it sounded like she was just as confused about it. It doesn't make sense that while she is phasing she could carry a child.
I guess I haven't thought too far into Jacob and Nessie having babies. I'll have to think about that one more. Thanks for bringing that one up.

Riley If Bella could have Nessie, then I think Leah could also have a baby.

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Amy well the thing with vampires not having babies is that their bodies cant changs. but nessie's body is going to change untill she becomes and adult. so i think jake and her could have kids if she was still a teenager... in like 5 years. (sorta wierd tho...)

Lori They'd have to be careful with the math, I guess. Also, I wonder if their babies would grow rapidly inside the womb like Renesmee did. If they did, then I guess it would be possible to have more than one pregnancy. Oh, this is such a whole new story in itself.

Sarah They talked a bit about genetics in the book and how Jacob has 25 pairs of chromosomes and they thought Nessie did too. But the problem is that even though they have the same number they wouldn't match. Her extra pair and his extra pair are different either it wouldn't work at all (most likely) or it would create some even crazier hybrid, human,vampire,shape-shifter.

Sella Malin Yeah, it would be really weird...part human, part vampire, and part werewolf! Would it even work? That confuses me!

niamh I would have thought Nessie would be infertile like other offspring that are bred from species that have different number of chromosomes like the mule.

but saying this SM isnt to into the whole logic of science thing so anything could happen.

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Belle Anderos maybe one gene would dominate the other-- you know, the whole dominant allele vs. recessive allele. so maybe either the werewolf/shapeshifter gene would take over or vice versa. and, vampires and werewolves aren't actually designed to be enemies. the shapeshifters first began just to protect the tribe. vampires came after. but i guess that SM can do whatever she wants with it because she has so far with the whole vampite baby thing.

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Kat Helgeson Niamh - are mules infertile? Someone told me about their chromosomes, and that allowed me to accept Nessie's existence just a bit more, but if they're infertile it's definitely an interesting point.

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Kelly Carlisle kept on bringing up how similar Jacob and Nessie were with Jacobs 24 pairs of chromosomes. But Id rather they not have kids, while they still can. I wonder if Stephenie realized how weird it would be if Jacob had to impregnant a 5 YEAR OLD! No matter how freakishly smart and grown up she is. I would have loved it if Jacob didnt imprint and fell inlove Leah, how we were lead on to believe. Gah, whatever.

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Jade Leah could not have babies becasuse she was not getting older. Her body was not changing in order to accomodate for a baby. She was not a wolf becasue she could not have babies. She could not have babies because she was a wolf. Once Nessie stops growing i dont think she will be able to have babies either.
I saw someone ask if mules could have babies. no, they are a cross breed which inables them to. Which also bring up the question if Nessie could have babies before she stopped growing.

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Lori It makes sense that Nessie could not have a child after she stops growing. So I guess the question is if she could before she stops. So, let's just say she can. Maybe that child would be human. Nessie is half human and so is Jacob. However, that would mean that Nessie would have to carry that child to term. Would she have time? As fast as she is growing? I don't know. The fact that she is a half-breed may not apply to this fictional world. I mean, male shape-shifters can reproduce.

Okay, why can all the male vampires and male werewolves (shape-shifters) have babies and females can't? (Pout)

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Lauren I totally wish Jacob would have imprinted on Leah. Its cool that he did with Nessie but I was really hoping for him and Leah. They hated each other at first, and it would have been so cute if they fell in love. I really don't like Nessie, her real name is weird. Thats probably the worst thing about the book. Haha

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Liz I think Jake and Rose would be a good pair. It was funny when they fought over Nessie and who gets to play with her and take care of her.
You know at the end, how Alice brings some other half vamp half human to show the Volturi? Was he still half human half vamp or did he become a vampire as he matured? I know it is like a supernatural weird world, but vampires and werewolves are totally different species so I don't think they would be able to have babies. But I don't know.

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Marissa All supernatural-ness aside. In order to have children you have to go through those changes in your body,puberty and all that. And i understand people go through these changes at different ages but 5 years old? Is that even possible?

And if you bring up the fact she's a vampire that seems even less likely.

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Penny Shape-shifters aren't half human like renesme is. They are human with an extra chromosome (sp???) that allows them to shapeshift or whatever. So I could see why they wouldn't be sterile.

Renesmee is an enigma. She doesn't make sense (even in SM fictional world) but whatever, I'll play along. Let's just say Edwards sperm did stay in his body while everyother fluid disappeared. Let's pretend that his sperm has become vampire sperm even though it was human sperm to begin with (and therefore, shouldn't have changed. Remember everything is frozen). Let's pretend that he would ejaculate even though there is no reason he should be able to (considering SM decided to back up her story with science instead of just saying "hey y'all, it's magic", I still don't see how how he could), and Bella got all pregnafied (which did happen in the story, I know). Since "science" was used to explain everything I am guessing that Renesmee, being a half-breed, shouldn't be able to have children. BUT we all know that she will have the best, 'most smartest', 'most prettiest' babiez that ever walked the earth, EVAH.

Isn't venom poisonous to Jacob? Is that only since he's been a wolf or is that since he was born (being a carrier of that extra special gene or whatever). I only wonder because any BOYS that Jacob fathers with Renesmee would probably die due to the venom that SHOULD BE present in them at birth (Half breed males have venom, right?). It's sort of like when a mom and baby's blood isn't compatiable, it can kill the baby (what's that called again?). So all male babies should be still-born or most likely impossible to conceive altogether. It goes to reason that the females would be like Leah, able to phase, and possibly at a young age since it's the presence of vampires that spurs the change--with vampire DNA present, it would force a younger change. I think the Females would also be resistant to venom. I mean they wouldn't die if bit by a vampire. So basically they would be breeding BETTER werewolves that WON'T die if bitten by vampires.

Does ANY of the above even make sense? NO? Well it makes sense in my head, so there.

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Toni "They are human with an extra chromosome (sp???) that allows them to shapeshift or whatever."

But...chromosomes have nothing to do with magical shape-shifting. They can cause abnormalities, but more likely in the form of deformities, criminal behavior, and miscarriages than supernatural abilities.


Meyer really should have just left the science alone.

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Kat Helgeson Kara - It's 4 am, so for like half a second I took you seriously.

I was like, wow, this has gotten so dumb!


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Toni @ Kara

Maybe Carlisle should have been the one to re-enroll back into school. XD

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