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Gale Minchew (galeminchew) Hello to all!
I am a recent recruit to Goodreads and a new member of this group! Since joining Goodreads, I have really enjoyed finding groups with such a diverse background and similar/compatible interests! I love historical fiction, mystery/suspense, and paranormal fiction, but I have found that having an almost 12 year old daughter can really drive my choice of books into an interesting direction (like the Percy Jackson series I just completed at her request)! Admittedly, I love Greek Mythology, novels set in historical times that give the reader a "living glimpse" into the past, mysteries that do not give the ending away at the beginning of the story, and novels with a fantastical edge that really captures the imagination and leaves the reader wondering "What if..."

Aside from my love of reading (i.e. complete Percy Jackson series in a week or so!), I am also a new Goodreads author. My debut novel,Shadows of Destiny, is a young adult, paranormal story about a teen girl with psychic abilities who must unravel the secrets to her past so that she may stop the shadows that terrorize her dreams. A reader from another group recently recommended Juliet, and since there are many common threads through that story and mine, I am looking forward to placing it at the top of my to-read pile.

I have peeked at several discussions, and I must say that I am especially looking forward to the bookmark swap and possibly some of the challenges...if time will bend just a little for me. Regardless, I know there will be plenty of good discussion and creativity out of this group, and I look forward to meeting you!


Angela Sunshine (angelasunshine) Your book looks interesting. Where can I find a copy?

My sons are in 9th grade (not twins, one's a stepson) and have different levels of reading enjoyment. It definitely shapes what I choose to buy for our little "library". One son will read anything, but the other is reluctant, so I'm always trying to figure out what will pique his interest. He's just finishing the last of the Percy Jackson books.

I love contemporary and romance YA too, but I try to have a fair share of Maximum Ride types available. :)

Welcome to our group!

message 3: by Gale (new)

Gale Minchew (galeminchew) AngelaSunshine wrote: "Your book looks interesting. Where can I find a copy?"

Thank you, Angela! Shadows of Destiny is available through Lulu. Just click on the blue Lulu button on my order page and it will take you there... http://www.galeminchew.com/Order.html

Have your boys ever heard of the Pendragon books by D.J. MacHale? My daughter has them but is hesitant to start without a good review...lol...too many other books in her pile she knows she would like to read instead!


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