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movies with the best plot twists

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message 1: by Gail (new)

Gail D.C. | 228 comments There are not many or perhapes I have not seen that many but I love it when the movie surprises you in a good way. I like to try to figure out a movie as I see it. I think ok this has happened so most likely this is what will happen next. It is grate when I am made to see it or think about it in a new way.

Some I think fit this is

6th scence
What lies beneath

That one with the guy from King of scotland? The big guy. When he is the army guy who is being held prisnor. Although I was not that surprised I don't know if it was I had heard a spoiler or I just figured that one out on my own.

Let me know what movies you have seen that have a Big plot twist in it!

message 2: by Judy (last edited Aug 14, 2008 03:44PM) (new)

Judy (judy5cents) | 28 comments You're talking about "The Crying Game" and Forest Whitaker. That film I would say has the plot twist to top all plot twists. I haven't seen one that's come close since. Although I did enjoy the twists and turns of "The Prestige" with Christian Bales, Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine.

message 3: by Gail (new)

Gail D.C. | 228 comments You just reminded me of another movie that was cool! It is called the Illusionist. Not a Huge plot twist but a good one all the same.

message 4: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments MEMENTO by DARK KNIGHT director Christopher Nolan.

message 5: by Gail (new)

Gail D.C. | 228 comments Alex I have not heard of Memento. What is the basic idea without giving away the twist.

Judy thank you for the name Crying Game. I hate it when I can't come up with the titles.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

bridge to terebithis i guess. idk

message 7: by Tina (last edited Aug 14, 2008 07:40PM) (new)

Tina Angel Heart. I haven't seen that movie in like 1000 years, but I always remember at the end I was like...well hell!

message 8: by Sandi (new)

Sandi (sandikal) What was amazing about "The Crying Game" was how everyone who saw it managed to keep the ending secret. "Sixth Sense" was the same way. I didn't see that ending coming the first time I saw it.

"The Others" had a pretty good plot twist too.

message 9: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments Hi Gail, I highly recommend MEMENTO because it's a puzzle film, one that needs worked out by deconstructing the narrative and piecing it back together. The twist is in discovering the truth that hides behind a veneer of self delsusion and amnesia.

message 10: by Becca (new)

Becca (becca2) | 86 comments Psycho, Pscyho, Psycho!!
Crying Game
Sixth Sense
The Prestige
Planet of the Apes

I know there are some more in my indie/foreign genres, but my mind is a blank at the moment (as it seems to be more and more these days--le sigh).

message 11: by Amy (new)

Amy | 58 comments Tamyka, I love the Catherine Breillat movies I've managed to see so far - Brief Crossing, Romance, and Fat Girl (or, To My Sister, the title I prefer, actually). I don't really think of them as twisty movies, normally, but Brief Crossing definitely has one, and Fat Girl is a shocker.

message 12: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) bridge to terebithis i guess. idk

My SIL is still ticked that her mother took her pre-teen to this movie but had no idea that it would end the way it does. My niece cried her eyes out.

My Girl

Sixth Sense (everyone said they knew the twist at the beginning but I must be dense because I was totally shocked)

The Crying Game (I think this was the big twist that started the current crop of twist movies)

And all the others mentioned.

What about The Stepford Wives? I was shocked at the betrayals and the ending.

message 13: by Tom (new)

Tom | 5440 comments Count me in as someone who saw the alleged Big Surprise in THE SIXTH SENSE coming a mile away. Likewise the alleged Big Surprise in THE USUAL SUSPECTS, easily the most tired surprise I can think of. Do they have to pay royalties to Agatha Christie for ripping off her gimmick?

message 14: by Karin (new)

Karin | 51 comments I think the plot twist in The Others is one of the better that I've seen... That and The Orphanage
Both had me scared out of my mind!!!

message 15: by Manuel (last edited Aug 21, 2008 03:29PM) (new)

Manuel | 469 comments Sleuth with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier; plot twists within plot twists.

There was a movie I saw in the 70's that was kind of disturbing...with Martin Sheen as a pedophile, attracted to 13 year old Jodie Foster living alone. I think it was called......
"The little girl who lived down the Lane"

message 16: by Bliss (new)

Bliss (blissreads) | 9 comments Oh my God!

I totally agree that I was amazed at how people kept the ending of "The Crying Game" such a secret!

"Sixth Sense" was a good plot twist too.

We watched "The Usual Suspects" last night. It's not as good the second time around (even years later) because I already know. But I did see some stuff I didn't notice the first time. :-)

I liked "Primal Fear" too.

"All About My Mother" ("Todo sobre mi madre"), with Penelope Cruz was a good one too.

What about "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home" with Bette Davis? Does anyone remember that one?

message 17: by Bliss (new)

Bliss (blissreads) | 9 comments Hey Manuel, I remember "The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane". Truly creepy!

message 18: by Gail (new)

Gail D.C. | 228 comments Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane is certanily a huge fave of mine! It was on tv earlyer this year and I got to see it again. Wow.

message 19: by MichelleCH (new)

MichelleCH (lalatina) I recently re-watched the Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. Jodie Foster is amazing in the film. A much younger Martin Sheen is appropriately creepy as well..

message 20: by Maryanne (new)

Maryanne Raphael (maryanneraphael) | 250 comments I loved Crying Game I did not know the end when I saw the movie

message 21: by Manuel (new)

Manuel | 469 comments I remember Martin Sheen was in another child/abuser/protector/predator movie.

I think it was one of those TV movie of the week movies we had in the 70's.

He kidnaps a teenage Linda Blair from her rural family and he keeps her in his forest cabin.

Amazingly she grows to love her captor and he gives her more and more freedom and other material rewards. The ultimate Stockholm Syndrom scenario. I remember him giving her some sort of Princess dress while she recite poetry to him.

Truly creepy and so un PC for today.

message 22: by Cesare (new)

Cesare (spiritscar) | 72 comments I'd just like to point out that the screenplay to the original
Planet of the Apes was co-written by the king of plot twists himself, Rod Serling.
The Twilight Zone is television at its finest and still holds up to this day. That you can turn that on and see Dennis Hopper playing a neo-nazi, I mean thats edgy even for today, especially for today.

I'd also like to throw a film out there no one else has mentioned.
This is kind of grey if it qualifies as a plot twist, it is definitely an ending that shocked and surprised many people and still does.
And with any good plot twist ending, it is one that you you do not see coming, yet feels completely organic to the story and in fact, inevitable that it would have arrived at that point.
I am talking about George Romero's original 1968
Night of the Living Dead.
For anyone out there who has not seen this film, do not be so quick to judge or dismiss this. This is innovative, independent filmmaking in its heyday. It speaks volumes of the society we live in, and how we treat each other as human beings.

message 23: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie The Sixth Sense was Shaymylan (no idea how he spells that) was really good, by far his best film. I know many people understood the twist prior to its development, but still good.

I also enjoy: The Orphanage and The Prestige. You can't even compare The Prestige and The Illusionist. The Prestige was superior on all levels.

Some random others: The Departed had some good twists and turns, as did Psycho, which is probably the movie that best defines this category.

What is "Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane"? I am a movie junkie and I love random stuff - I have never heard of this. Can someone give me a small synopsis?

message 24: by Manuel (new)

Manuel | 469 comments Note to Stephanie.

Its been a while since I've seen it.

13-14 year old Jodie Foster lives alone in a rented Victorian house in the country.

She says she lives with her writer father, but no one has seen him for some time.

She has a busy body wealthy landlady who seems to be constantly driving up and poking her head into Jodie's business. The landlady also has a creepy son (played wonderfully by Martin Sheen) he is the object of speculation and rummor about peculiar incidents in his past.

One day the landlady comes up to see Jodie's father and retrieve some belongings held in storage in the basement of the house. Jodie tells her to leave because her father is not available, the woman refuses to leave and insists she is going to the basement. Jodie demands she has no business being in the house without her Dad's permission. The landlady insists she is going to the basement.......
Its one of those old fashion basements, where you have to lift the floor-door to gain access to the stairs. The landlady clears the carpet covering the floor-door and then goes down the stairs and she is screaming because she sees something shocking. The floor-door has been propped open at a 45 degree angle; as the landlady is in panic, she tries to climb back up the stairs, she accidentally triggers the floor-door and it crashes down on her skull.

Eventually independent and lonely Jodie makes friends with the nerdy teenage neighbor. He helps Jodie dispose of the landlady's body and he provides an outlet for Jodie's solitude. He soon helps her in other ways when the police start looking for the landlady as well as her Dad.

I remember being creeped out in one scene, when the clearly underage 13-14 year old kids start to have sex.

Eventully Martin Sheen starts to put things together and he realizes Jodie has a lot to hide.
He decides to blackmail her into becoming his mistress.

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