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Sam (archieleach9) | 205 comments Has your TBR shelf become unmanageable? Well, this spring, we're giving you the perfect excuse to dust off some of those books you've always meant to get to but never have. "Spring Cleaning" is about reading ten books from ten different genres. The categories are...

15.1 - Mystery/Thriller
15.2 - Science Fiction
15.3 - Fantasy
15.4 - Historical Fiction
15.5 - Supernatural
15.6 - Romance OR Horror
15.7 - Drama
15.8 - Biography (also autobiography)
15.9 - Memoir
15.10 - General Non-Fiction

Each "Spring Cleaning" task can be completed only once, and tasks can be completed in any order.

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam (archieleach9) | 205 comments Scoring:

Each task is worth 15 points; however, you can receive bonus points in two different ways:

1) Read a book written prior to 1980, receive 5 bonus points.
2) Read a book with more than 500 pages, receive 5 bonus points.

A bonus of 150 points will be rewarded for anyone who completes all of the "Spring Cleaning" tasks.

The "But Who's Counting?" bonus:
For those who want an extra challenge this season, this is for you. After completing "Spring Cleaning" and the 20 Reading with Style tasks, come back and begin "Spring Cleaning" again. You won't receive any more points, but if you finish "Spring Cleaning" a second time, your name and score will be taken off the Readerboard...and your name will be placed in the Reading with Style "Hall of Fame"!

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