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message 1: by Stan (new)

Stan (stan72) | 23 comments Mod
Is anyone aware if any of the Japanese cellphone novels have been published in English? I've seen some excerpts from some of the novels, but haven't been able to find out if the entire novel in any case was ever published in English.

Also has anyone seen any of the movies that have been made in Japan that are based on these novels? I'd be curious as to the reactions of any group members.

message 2: by K. (new)

K. | 2 comments Stan,

Have you been able to check into their site lately? For over a week they tell me my password is wrong, then won't accept my email address. Are they having problems or did I screw it up?

Do you know what the little dollars signs beside the review mean?

Thanks for any information you can give me.

K. Dawson

message 3: by Stan (new)

Stan (stan72) | 23 comments Mod
K. Dawson,
Hopefully your login challenges got all cleared up! I think what happened is your browser accidentally saved an incorrect email address so that was what was getting entered, but I think we fixed it.

I haven't seen those little dollar signs. Copy and paste and send me something and we'll see what that is if its still happening.

Thanks for asking and you're writing awesome stories by the way!

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