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((Previously on Avatar:

Zarya was told that she was the avatar so she set out to find an earthbending teacher, which was where she met Tandia. They were soon met by Thalia, an evil firebender, and her companions Trent, Mirasa and Troy, and Sira, another firebender keen on killing the avatar, and her friend Arche. Troy tried to follow his orders to kill the avatar but couldn't, so he tried joining them as she learned earthbending. Troy realized that he could airbend as well, but didn't want others to know. he left the others hoping that he could never interfere again, but he discovered Thalia's plan, so he went to warn Zarya, giving her mere days to master all of the elements. Thalia arrived with Trent, just as Sira and Archer arrived. Troy ended the battle by killing his brother Trent, sending Thalia into pure rage, leaving the scene, too depressed to continue. Sira and Archer tried to kill them so Troy encased them in stone, but before he could, Zarya's spirit guide saved her, bringing her to the forest. Troy went back to the air temple, while Tandia took their friend Dewey to the mountains.

Thalia found Shana, an energy bender who could learn bending just by touching someone, who she trained to work for her, she then went on to find Miyu, a young bloodbender, Rose a misled earthbender, and Hudorai the previous avatar's airbending daughter, and she used them to teach Shana bending.

Zarya met Raelynn, the earth kings daughter, and Aeros, Hudorai's twin brother. They were kind to her, and nursed her to health, keeping her company until Troy returned from his spirit talk with Avatar Aang. Tandia and Dewey came also. Soon Miyu, and Rose had ambushed them and killed Dewey, almost killing the others, while Shana and Thalia battled Zarya and Aeros in the sky, on Thalassa.

Not long after that, Troy and Aeros are lured out into the woods by Thalia and Hudorai. Thalia tried to kill everyone, succeeding in killing no one, but Hudorai was killed in this battle. Aeros, greif stricken soon found his two other sisters, who joined the avatar. Troy however was thought to be killed, so he returned to his home not knowing where to find Zarya. He looked in Si Wong Desert first, then was kidnapped by Ammos, a gay (:P) sandbender, and his non bending sister. the three of them succeeded in finding Zarya as she was in the midst of battling.

The battle was started by Thalia and Shana, who were joined by Rose, Miyu and her zombie army, and Shikyo and Takai, two waterbenders who lived in the recently destroyed city. the battle ended with Thalia, Miyu, and Rose dying. Zarya was also killed for a breif time, where Troy let go the spirit of Aang, bringing Zarya back to life. Tandia, seeing Zarya's dead body killed herself, letting her spirit go into the earth, like Yue did to the moon. Tandia's old badgermole now controls her spirit

Troy and Zarya, living together in the Northern Air Temple with a fairly large group of random villagers. the other three air temples are inhabitted by air bender refugees who are calling themselves the West, East, and South Air Bending Colonies. If you want an airbender, make one now, cuz we're gonna kill em all soon... Aeros and Raelynn live in Ba Sing Se, but Aeros is... out right now. Takai, Shikyo, Shana, and Brooke live in the Northern City, previously the Northern Water Tribe, now all elements are welcome to live here... Khana, and Korina, the new fire lords are living in the palace with Ammos and Tychi as guards... Sira and Archer... we'll see if Asami returns.....))

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Troy was dreaming again, as one would regularily do at night, but something was off lately... like something needed to be done. He of course knew what it was--or at least what his dreams were telling him it was, but he didn't want to bring it up to Zarya, as it may upset her, knowing that she can't do it... not on her own accord anyway... the avatar state was still unatainable... he also dreamt that his airbending was back... but of course he knew that would never happen.
Zarya shook him awake, and he opened his eyes slowly. She smiled at him.

Aeros pulled the green bag over his shoulder after putting on his tunic. He looked back into the dark chamber of Raelynn... she was sleeping, and he had previously said good bye... to her sleeping self, too afraid to say it to her face... he left a letter though...

Raelynn, I love you... but i can't stay here right now... there is too much unfinished business that i have to take care of... I have two little sisters ruling a colony by themselves, I haven't talked to them in forever... I will return... i think. I know you're going to hate me now... and if you do... tell me when i come back... I'm sorry i won't be here for you and your father... sorry...

Of course there was much more to his leaving than his sisters... they were quite alright on their own, it was his mother that bothered him still... he missed her... he needed to be with her... but she was dead. always would be dead... and the only way to come back to her... would be to die himself... he couldn't do that of course... leaving Raelynn forever... no.
He looked ahead and walked into the rain.

Ammos and Tychi were sitting on either side of Khana and Korina, who sat happily in their throne room, where they were instructing their council on what to do with the aftermath of the war... yes it was three years past now, but a lot of damage had been done... they had recently had the capitals of the four nations rebuilt, as the Northern City, the Northern Air Temple, The Fire Nation Capital, and Ba Sing Se. The Water Priestess also sat here, the Earth King would have been here as well, as this was the monthly meeting where they would discuss tactics, but he was very sick now... and wouldn't likely return ever.... The Air Col/Cel ((king/queen in elvish)) was yet to be decided... or would never be so air seemed to be gone finally... forever.

Takai, Shikyo, and Brooke sat at the kitchen table, waiting for Shana. Finally Shana arrived. "Hewwo." Brooke said smiling.
Shana sat down and ate thinking again of Zarya...

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sydney Zarya brushed Troy's cheek gently. "Are you sleeping well? You seem... Stressed." She sighed, hating that he may not be comfortable. Somewhere in the back of her mind would insist it was her that made him uncomfortable, but she tried not to listen.

Raelynn slept, the dark of night still around her. She heard coughing faintly and climbed out of bed. She pulled on her robe and went to check on her father. Something was off and she knew it, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Raelynn helped her dad take a few more pills and then she crawled back in bed. "Aeros..?" She asked groggily. Raelynn turned over and Aeros wasn't beside her. Raelynn climbed back out of bed and went to look. She felt the vibrations in the earth and knew he was gone, she headed to his pillow seeing something. A letter, Raelynn read it and tears filled her eyes. "Oh." She whispered.

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((Yay Asami!!!!!!!! Guys ... We kinda rock at roleplaying together... JUST saying...))

Troy faked a smile to Zarya and sat up. He kissed her quickly before standing and getting dressed. He had clothes from every nation and colony in his closetso today, he dressed in earth kingdom clothing. He almost left the room, but stopped himself.
"Zarya-" he wanted to ask her about it... But he didn't. "Coming?"

Aeros walked toward the carriage, hopped on and left... The osteriche horse pulled him and the carriage towards the exit to the city. The guards breifly questioned him, but they eventually let him by. He started towards the river to the west... It would take days travelling this way, but he had no other way to get to the southern water tribe... he looked back to the carriage where his small boat sat upside down.
"what am I doing!?" he screamed.

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sydney Zarya stood and walked to her closet, she pulled on some clothes. "Yeah, I'm coming." She jumped on his back. "Carry me?"

Raelynn sat down and sighed. She rubbed her eyes.

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Khana sat bored in her throne, fingering a light twirl in her hair... she sighed, glancing over to Korina who looked even more bored than her. She stood, walking over to her sister, "Bored?" She asked, smiling. "Ya think??" Korina replied with a funny snort and they giggled slightly... "Let's go for a walk!" Khana suggested, looking around the room for an answer. Ammos shruged his shoulders and Tychi jumped up happily. Korina also stood, brushing her knee-length green skirt. Khana started walking backwards towards the large golden, double doors that led to the bright and sunny outside world of the prospering fire nation. Korina hid her sensitive eyes from the lgiht behind her dark hair, squinting. Ammos and Tychi soon became happier as the four friends began to bubble about their plans for the day. Royal escorts insisted on accompanying them to the market but none of them really minded, and off they set, skipping and singing, never happier in their lives... these were the good times.

Vaer sat leaning against the giant fluffy air bison, Eidae. She was very warm and actually a great spot to sit and read with the glowing sun on your face. Vaer flipped the page of the tightly bound book in his hand, discovering more than he thought he could have known about the green dragon with every turn. "Hey Eidae," he whispered into the old bison's floppy ear, "Did you know, the green dragon's scales- even just one touch!- can burn the human skin to ash... pretty interesting huh?" Eidae turned her head slightly in boredom in seemingly boredom at his statement and licked his face, sending him to the ground, scowling slightly at the drool, but he scratched her ear lovingly in return... "Not like you have anything to worry about though, hun..." Vaer said softly, smiling into her large blue eyes, filled with wisdom and blinking every now and then dryly, "You're no human, lucky you... you wont have to worry about dragons, plus- if one ever went near you i'd keep you safe, you know that right?" She oppened her five foot long jaws and yawned with quite some force indeed. Vaer chuckled, setting down his book, and standing back... it didnt smell very nice... "Oh Eidae, what would i do without you?" He stroked her fluffy fur once more and headed to his sister, who was standing over by the fire, playing with a pocket sized hurricane in her palm. "Ondryn..." She looked up in obvious annoyance, the little twister vanishing instantly. "What is it?" She replied, her anger fading as fast as it had come and placing an anxious smile on her face, "How is she?" Vaer nodded, "She's fine right now i think, it's not bothering her as much as yesterday... which means... she's getting used to it?" He added with a hopeful smile. Ondryn looked over his houlder, she wanted to say something... that she wasnt sure that was the case... to not get his hopes up... that she might not make it... but instead, she smiled at her older brother, wanting him to stay this happy. Eidae's pregnancy had scared him at first, but somehow, by talking to her every day, it had reassured him that it wasn't a big deal... but Ondryn knew deep inside that Eidae was old... she wasn't the strongest thing in the world, and honestly, Ondryn wasn't even sure she could handle it. Of course she kept this to herself, Ondryn didn't want her brother to loose hope, ever since they'd met Eidae one year ago, Vaer's depression had almost dissapeared completely... occasionally she would catch him sitting alone, and she would see a glimpse of that fear and hopelessness etched upon his face, but in his books, and with the bison, he'd grown stronger, had gotten over their family's death, moved on from the questions he'd obsessed over answers with. So she kept her thoughts to herself. She kept her smile there to guide him. But she had a fear... that if they lost Eidae... she might loose her brother too.
"Ondryn!" A yell sounded from the other end of their camp and Dune walked out from behind the side of the cliff, Codai trailing close behind, strumming his guitar lightly. "What the hell do you want now??" Ondryn shouted back, hands on hips.

Shade had just gotten up, the sun had risen early this morning, shining blindly through the window, he squinted, getting up and reaching for the blinds, pulling them closed, and took out a pen and paper, sitting down in the mahogany chair next to a table in the corner of his room.
Éöwyn was already up, walking around the kitchen, searching for her necklace... this was important, she had it yesterday! ((zaha, sorry, didnt really know what to do with them yet :P))

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"well I've no choice now," Troy faked laughter, and brought her down the stairs. He stopped in the dinning hall, and flopping over into one of the large chairs at the ends of the long table. Thirty or so people sat at te table already, so Troy stood to seem professional, leaving Zarya in a strange posission on her chair. They both laughted a bit before Troy sat down at the other end of the table.
Troy looked to Zarya, who noticed his glance and smiled to him. Troy genuinely smiled back. He though about his airbending again, knowing he was wrong to want it so much... He lost it for Zarya... She wouldn't be here if he hadnt done so... Zarya died that day... And he brought her back... If she had stayed dead then he would have had to obey her reincarnation... Always thinking of what once was...

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sydney Zarya breathed out and waited for something. She wasnt sure what though.

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Troy ate in silence while the rest of the inhabitants of the Northern Air Temple ate, and chatted with one another and Zarya. they were all very happy about living here, which was great for them, but none of them understood the spirituality of this place, they all just lived normally, but they lied in the Monks old home... it was indeed replaced with many new gizmos and gadgets, but still it was Air... they needed to act like it...

Aeros slowed his tracks, finally stopping at a small group of houses half way between the serpents pass and Be Sing Se, yes he could always hop aboard his boat here, and be done with it, but he was more comfortable taking off from Omashu, where he would start in the ocean, leaving no room for crashing.
He slid out of the carriage and unhitched the horse, tying it up to a tree nearby, and knocked on the doors. "Hello...?" He said slowly. "is-er... is anyone here?" no one answered, so he went for a walk to collect food.

Shana stood from the table and half bowed towards Shikyo and Takai, and then left the room... she needed to not be here for now... they always knew what she was thinking, when she was thinking it... but not if she wasn't near them. So she hid away in her room, and thought about Zarya...
I've done so much wrong... I need to make it right! I need to go see Zarya--I'll run away... no that wouldn't be fair to them--plus if Zarya turned me away i'd have no where to go... I'll talk to them about it...
Shana walked outside to practice here bending... after Zarya had taken her bending away she had thought that perhaps she would be able to only bend earth... but she couldn't bend any... then she was able to move a pebble.... and recently she had been able to shoot flames as well... recently being last year.
Shana walked inside after an hour of bending, and melting ice, and sat down at the table. Takai wasn't there, but Shikyo and Brooke both sat there as well. Brooke was crying of course.
"Brooke!" Shikyo yelled. "NO!" Brooke ran away crying.
Shana looked awkwardly toward Shikyo, 'Um..."
"Yes?" Shikyo smiled.
"I think i need to go on a road trip..."
Shikyo shook her head immediately. "no."
"But i have too--you're not my mother, and you can't stop me!"
"If you see the avatar, she'll kill you! She may be nice, but after everything you've done, Zarya will not forgive you!"
"I wasn't going to see the... avatar."
"Oh really?"
"Ok i was, but--"
"I'm sorry. But no, is my final answer."
Shana stood reluctantly and went to bed. SHe knew she would be watched now, so in a weeks time she would leave.

Ammos and Tychi followed closely behind Khana and Korina, bored as well... They wanted to go see the world again, but unfortunately that was not going to happen unless they were ordered to, that was obviously not going to happen...

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sydney Zarya finished eating and then walked over to Troy, she bent down and whispered to him.. "Would you accompany me outside? I think we need to talk."

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"Um... yes. Sure..." He stood up and took her hand leading the way to the garden.

((this place seems really freakishly perfect....))

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sydney "What's bothering you?" Zarya asked gently. "You haven't been sleeping well, you don't really... smile anymore. What's going on you know you can tell me anything."

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Archer walked across the bridge, only to be met by Sira with an eyebrow cocked and a smile dancing on her lips. He ran toward her and picked her up, smiling. He just got back from a training mission. Sira smiled and made him put her down. She'd been keeping things under control at the school, while the main master (not Archer) was away doing something.

"Any word?" Sira asked. Archer shook his head.
"Not yet, but soon i hope." Sira scowled.
"We're going to die here." she moaned and Archer laughed.
"We'll get back soon enough. Maybe even catch up Zarya and the gang." he said with a wink.

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Troy looked to her. "You need to not... be the way you are. You need to be more ruthless and--well i need to... and YOU need to, well... you need to master the avatar state." she stared at him blankly. "You've actually been in it... what... six times?" he asked, and she shrugged, "It's important... if you think about it... Thalia (he had trouble speaking her name now) was nothing... weak in comparison to what could be... and Shana, she could come back! You never know... and also...." He stopped, he wanted to go on and tell her to take a dive into the spirit world, but couldn't.

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sydney Zarya stepped away from Troy. She opened her mouth to say something, but she stopped herself.

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Later that day to Sira and Archer's surprise the Master came back. A young man with shoulder lenth black hair and eyes almost too blue. Archer stopped the students and came up to tap Sira's shoulder, in the middle of a demonstration. She spun around in a firey kick, Archer ducked trying not to swear. Sira realized what she was doing and laughed. "Sorry." she managed. Archer glanced at the Master.

Sira looked at the Master. "Hello?" she said, Archer internally groaned.
"Thank you for keeping my school under control while i've been away." The Master smiled at them. Sira blinked.
"It's been a pleasure." Archer said. "We'll leave you to your things." he said, and they started back to the school to get their stuff with was mostly weapons.
"No need yet." the Master said. "Why don't you stay for dinner. We can discuss...things."

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Troy stepped up to Zarya, and hugged her. "I know... it seems simple... all you have to do... well is do it... and yet i know how hard it may be to perform this..." Troy did not know how to comfort her. He had tried to explain his thoughts... and the Avatar state was scary...

"Is she still in her room?" Shikyo asked.
Takai nodded. "She won't come out."
"What's up with her?"
"Well like you said, she obviously wants to go see Zarya..."
"She wouldn't... would she? I explained the severity of it..."
"She would. Keep an eye on her." Takai advised as he stood up.
"Where are you going?"
"Brooke is crying."
"Oh... hurry back."
Takai went to Brooke's room, and picked her up. She was crying.... again. Takai sat down and put Brooke on her lap, "Another nightmare?"
Brooke nodded through her tears and clutched her dad's arm. Brooke started speaking through sobs, "i 'as weawy... scary..."
"What was scary...?" Takai asked slowly.
"Me." Brooke said, her tears stopped.
Takai reached for the lamp on the table and pulled the string, letting light flood through the room.
Brooke looked to her dad, smiled and crawled into bed.
"um...?" Takai said. He kissed Brooke's forehead and shut the light off. "I love you." He whispered into the darkness.
He turned back to look into Brookes room as he was closing the door, but he gasped. "what the hell? SHIKYO!"

Troy was still hugging Zarya as it happened. Her eyes shone white. He didn't notice at first, but when she pushed away from him she shot into the air and stared down at him. Troy jumped backward. "Zarya!" He shouted, "Come on!" she wasn't planning on coming anytime soon. Zarya, still in the avatar state flew up to the top of the building and rested on the peak of the palace, sitting in a crosslegged possition.
The wind began to speed up greatly, so great that it began picking people up off of the ground. Troy, still not a master of earthbender, but one of the only three living here created a barrier of earth to stop the wind from getting to everyone, but the shield shattered, and fell down into the water creating a large splash... too large... the water didn't stop coming up, until it was surrounding Zarya like a giant bubble. then fire from the outside torches exploded and created a spherical fire net around her. then a large earth bubble followed suit. Though it was unseen to everyone, air also surrounded the avatar.
"What's happening...?" A villager asked.
"I'm... not really sure." Troy said. "Is she... in the spirit world?"

Aeros came back with food, smiling to himself. He had done a pretty good scavenging.
He set the food down in the carriage and started sorting it out. He had learned cooking from the maid at Raelynn's castle... Raelynn... He felt awful for leaving her... "I have to go back..."
He threw his food into a pot on the fire he had created before he left and started cooking... he couldn't go on. He HAD to though... so he would... Raelynn.... "I'm sorry..."

Ammos and Tychi led Khana and Korina back into the palace, and into the throne room. To their surprise a hawk sat, screeching loudly. Once it noticed them, it stopped and glided towards them. Ammos grabbed hold of it and took the note, letting the bird fly away.
Khana and Korina,
Your presence is required at the Eastern Air Temple
Yours Truly

It didn't say who it was from.
"It must be Troy and Zarya..." Tychi said reading it over Ammos' shoulder.
"They're in the Northern Air Temple..." Korina said.
"But they could've traveled." Khana said. "It would only make sense for them to revitalize the other temples as well right?"
Tychi nodded. "That is true..."
Korina sighed, "Are you sure...?"
Khana and Ammos nodded. "Yes," it was Khana who spoke.
"So do we go...?" Korina asked.
Ammos nodded.
"We can't have them leave the country." Tychi said. "If this IS a trick... then perhaps we should stay here."
"Well that's the beauty of having two fire lords... am I right?" Khana said happily. "I'll go, and Korina, you stay here. Ammos, you come with me... i might need protection... we will also bring five guards. Tychi, Korina, you two stay here with the remaining ten guards... deal?"
Ammos was happy with this deal, so they turned to Tychi, who said "as long as both of you decide it's alright... then it's alright with me..."
then they turned to Korina.
She paused for a long moment, then, "ok... fine."

Ochi cartwheeled into the house, smiling. "Hey Kori!" She cheered, "Where's Andras?"
Kori shrugged as she shot white and black flames into the fireplace.
Ochi sighed, Kori was trying to frighten her... Kori was a scary person... and only Ochi knew of her past, but Ochi was not scared of her. Kori would do nothing to harm her unless Andras said it was ok... Kori would never win Andras' heart by killing his sister.
Andras thumped his way down the stairs, and sat on the rickety wooden chair at the kitchen table by Kori.
"You realize this is the longest we've ever been at home?" he asked the girls.
Ochi nodded, "Maybe we've decided to not kill people anymore?" She eyed Kori.
"We haven't killed anyone... just tortured them..." Kori said glaring at Ochi.
"In any case..." Andras said standing up, "We leave at Dawn."

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sydney Zarya still sat.

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Sira and Archer sat down on the other side of the table from the Master. "Ummm? Is there a reason we couldn't leave?" Sira said ignoring Archer's glare. The master didn't say anything.
"Well, we don't mean to be rude." Archer said hastely. "There are just things we need to do...." The master looked up.
"I have words for the avatar."

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Days had gone by now, and Zarya still sat. "I wonder what's going on..." Troy said as he paced back and forth, watching in admiration as the villagers still tried to near the avatar's body. "She randomly goes into the avatar state then into the spirit world... its been five days... what's going on?" Perhaps what Troy had said had triggered something inside Zarya... no, that's too bizarre, words wouldn't trigger it... but then... what would?
Troy jumped suddenly at the loud roar from the window. Thalassa was sitting there, his eye up to the window. "hey bud!" Troy said jumping out the window and onto Thalassa's head. "You're hungry?" The answer was a yes... Thalassa took Troy to the stables, and whinned until Troy pulled more food out for him.

Brooke was skipping towards her father, and Shana, her mother having sent her out of the kitchen.
"Hi Shanie! Daddy!" She smiled.
Shana laughed.
"What is funny?" Brooke asked.
"You." Shana said, "Dude," She nudged Takai, "Are you... sure you saw what you said you saw...?"
"Shana, I'm sure i saw what i said i saw..." Takai said.
"Tell it again."
"Not now... not while she's around.
"Daddy..." Brooke said, "Why you scared of me?"
"I-I'm not scared of you Brooke..."
"Yes you are."
"You just gave me a little scare the other night is all..."
"But why?"
"You just did." Takai said.
"...But why?"
"oh.... But why?"
"OH MY GOSH!" Shana squealed as she backed out of the room. Life was good here... and she was going to feel bad about leaving here, but now that they were more concerned about little Brookies strange habbitsm than Shana's leaving, it was time. She had it all planned out. Bed early, early wake up, and leave. Simple really.

Aeros was nearing Omashu now, and was very pleased with the quickness of this trip. He'd be home to Raelynn before she could say... a really long word!
His Ostrich-horse was getting really tired, and very hungry, as he had not stopped the previous night, and neither the bird, nor Aeros had eaten in two days. But finally the top of the hill was in sight, and then only moments later, Aeros could see the great city of Omashu.
He smiled.
It took an hour more to actually get into the city, but he didn't really mind, his mind was off of the hunger, and when the guards let him in, he almost screamed with happiness. He led his horse to the nearest stable, and sat to watch it eat for a bit before heading into a cafe nearby. He ate quickly, and paid the lady, then readied himself for another short trip. By nightfall Aeros had reached the ocean, so he let his osterich go, telling it that it was free, but secretly hoping it would find its way home... all it was to do was follow its own scent back... then maybe Raelynn would know he was ok. Aeros thought about it a moment, then tied a letter to the bird.
He laid his blankets down in his canoe and took a nap before heading out to sea.

Makapu Village was far behind them now, and Ochi was shivering between Andras and Kori, the snow was falling hard on them all now. The moon was out and Ochi knew Andras was excited, he was flexing his fingers, and swirling the snow around his fingertips.
"Why here?" Kori asked shivering.
"It's a nice place." Andras said.
"Yeah, but really cold!" Ochi complained.
"Stop whining child!" Andras hissed.
"Why here though!" Kori asked again, "Last time we tried a major city we almost got ourselves killed!"
"That was Ba Sing Se! This is different. And its nighttime... AND there are only two capable fighters in the house. We have two. and a half."
Ochi growled and stood up.
"Where you goin?" Kori asked.
"Leaving." Ochi said simply. "And I'm taking the boat." She knew she had done wrong, a massive blast of black flames shot to her right, and another blast over her head. Then the snow around her feet hardened, and she was pushed to the ground, landing on her knees, and face, almost breaking her ankles.
"Dammit Ochi! Now you've done it!" Andras hissed, "He's seen us! Abort mission. We'll return tomorrow."

Takai raised his eyebrow as he looked out the window.
"What are you looking at honey?" Shikyo asked hugging him.
"n-nothing..." Takai studdered. "C'mon... let's go to bed."

Shana woke with a start. The sun was high in the sky. "Damn." She muttered, she had missed her chance, "tomorrow."

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The dark haired girl walked, silent as death, and fluidly as a cinder fish, weaving her way through the dark forest of the spirit world. Her feet barely touched the ground and she appeared to simply float, like a ghost wandering the world, searching... for something. Though she didn't know what yet...
"Follow the lights..." Came a whisper in the back corner of her subconscious mind. That voice... it seemed familiar... if only she could place a name, or face to the voice.
"What lights? I can only see the dark..." She replied to the voice.
Several glowing stones appeared in front of her, stepping stones. Cautiously, she placed a foot on the stone, and instantly her heart was filled with a glow that told her to press on... something was happening... someone was here... someone she needed to see. One by one, the stones lit up, lighting a path through the black forest. The trail stopped. A violet petal appeared in front of her, looking as if it was floating in a pool of water. The girl bent down and touched the purple flower petal, and everything around her was instantly enveloped into a blazing white light.

Zarya opened her eyes to find herself in the spirit world. A girl with familiar long black hair, and piercing, dark green eyes stepped out from the forest and into the light. Their eyes met. "Tandia...?" Zarya whispered. Tandia's eyes widened in shock as her name spoken by Zarya made the memories rush back to her, the past, her friends, earthbending. She smiled, and the mist that had covered her eyes for the past three years suddenly cleared.

Shade and Éöwyn had left days ago and were now traveling in a small paddle boat to keep cover from any suspicious fire nation soldiers...
Éöwyn was busy thinking... about her family, wondering if it had been worth breaking their hearts and abanding them, for this cause... for Shade? Of course it was... she thought, playing with the black whip in her one hand, the other helping paddle them across the vast sea, both of them absentmindedly searching for a place to land and spend the night... She was aware of Shade watching her, but pretended not to notice.

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"We've got to get moving!" Dune shouted right back at her, though they were standing only feet apart. Ondryn opened her mouth to argue, to say that they needed rest for they'd back travelling for days, but Vaer stopped her, raising a hand and giving her a knowing look that made her close her mouth and simply glare at Dune, eyes filled with so much hatred they seemed in danger of spilling over. Codai put an arm on Dunes shoulder.
"Come on man... let's all cool down a bit... dude." he said, leaning against the cliff, and closing his eyes, whilst pulling out a guitar. He began to strum silently.
"Yeah easy for you to say Codai. You never get stressed- sometimes it seems like you don't FEEL." Vaer exploded suddenly, on verge of loosing control. Ondryn sensed this and bit her lip in worry, thinking of what to do. Codai opened his eyes a little and looked away...
Dune spluttered into laughter and turned to Vaer, a hilarious grin upon his face. "You're one to talk!" He shouted, laughing, "You-"
Vaer punched him in the face.

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"Sooo.... One time we watched a scary play... it was called the grudge and..." Ammos told Khana the story of the play, as they sat side by side in front of the small, dim campfire in the cold starry night. They looked around nervously as he finished the story, and a tree creeked, Khana jumped up and down.
Ammos jumped up and grabbed her around the shoulders. "it's ok..." he said, and he helped her lay down again. She was having a panic attack. "No more scary stories..." Ammos noted to himself.
They had travelled for three and a half days, having stayed with Korina and Tychi for a while longer.
The fog was thickening. Really? thought Ammos, it would get foggier right after a scary story
Ammos laid down next to Khana, and the two slept all night.

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Korina stood up from her throne, getting bored of simply sitting all day. She began pacing back and forth thinking of her sister, and wondering if she was ok. She still didn't think that it was a good idea to obey the note, she had a strong feeling that Troy and Zarya were still up North... but she hadn't listened. And worse, she hadn't listened to Tychi, who had been known to predict the future on numerous occasions... nothing good could come of this.
Korina looked up to the family portrait, where Khana and herself were in the front, and right behind her, her brother and sister, Hudorai, and Aeros. She had never known Hudorai well, and now she was dead, but Aeros... she had known him well, and now he was gone... she hadn't seen or heard from him in years... did something bad happen to him too?
She turned around, to head back to the throne, but she was cut short by Tychi.
"Hi..." She said, her eyes were unfocused... something was wrong.
"What...? Nothing... CALM DOWN!" Tychi snapped storming back the way she had come.
Korina was a little scared, so she ran back to the throne room.

Shade held up a hand to stop Eowyn from rowing. There was something in the air... he could sense it. Eowyn looked at him, and then around the boat in curiousity, she could feel it too. what was it? they stopped the boat and waited for a few still moments of impatient silence. Then, out of the fog, some small dark shape was begining to clear.
"Grab the net..." Shade said to Eowyn, and she did so willingly, tossing it to him. Shade caught it lightly.
Shade's eyes narrowed in short relief as he realized it was a person. Eowyn however, widened her eyes at Shade, waiting for him to speak. Shade gestured for her to take one end of the net, depending on who this stranger was, they might need to keep him. The boy arised from the fog. He had short, brown hair and grey eyes. He looked very tired.
"Hey, you!" Eowyn reached out of the boat, which tipped dangerously in the water. They wavered for a second while Shade steadied the boat. Eowyn pulled the stern of the boy's boat and docked the two boats together. Aeros-the boy- looked at them confused.
"Who are you? State your name!"

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Sira and Archer narrowed their eyes. They never told the Master about their time with the Avatar. "Who are you?" Sira demanded.
"Master Jaceon. You know that. It is obvious you two are some of the fire bender that fought with the Avatar. I read much about you. It was an honor that you trained my student. But now i ask one more thing of you. To pass on a message."
Sira saw Archer's hand go in a ready pose. She slide her hand so it was on the hilt of her knife. "What is it?" Archer said coldly.
The Master smiled. "I wish you to tell her that their is more beyond what you see." Sira and Archer exchanged a look. The Master stood up from the table and smiled warmly at them. "Thank you for the honor you bruoght to my school. Please do pass on the message. Farewell." He left the room.

Without a word Sira and Archer had gathered up their things. Not much, they were always on the move now. They stood at the gate of the fire kingdom, now open. No one was in sight, and the setting blood red sun was a nice sight. "Where do you think they are now?" Sira asked. Archer's gaze looked off in the distance before resting on Sira. "Somewhere. We'll find them, because i have a feeling.. that information could mean life or death."

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sydney Zarya looked at the spirit Tandia. "Tan!" She hugged her quickly. "Oh how I've missed you."

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Tandia wasn't sure if spirits could cry, but in that moment she could've sworn she felt a single tear slide down her face, tracing her pain and happiness as carefully and perfect as a butterfly's wingbeat. She hugged Zarya back, missing her now more than she had for a very long time.
Soon, Tandia stepped back and looked at Zarya, she laughed, smiling at her best friend. "Zarya, wow, you're so tall!" the two of them laughed and talked about their lives... well Zarya's life. When Zarya asked Tandia what was new with her, she simply shrugged, looked away and cleared her throat. Always changing the subject to something about Zarya. The avatar seemed to notice this but pursued it no further... it didnt look as if Tandia had had a particularly good three years being... dead.

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sydney Zarya looked at her friend and was saddened, she wished there was something she could do. Zarya sat on a nearby log. "Tan, do you know why I'm here...? I remember Troy saying I couldn't be me... And then I just was here..."

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((thnx a lot Wynnie! umm i think i'll have Sira and Archer meet Troy))

Sira looked behind her at the village. Two horses, just standing their. What luck! She grabed the riens, laughing, and raced toward the earth kingdom.
"SIRA!" Archer yelled, then sighed and leaped on and raced after her.

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((No problem :D))

Eowyn and Shade pulled Aeros into their boat with a struggle. Shade motionned for eowyn to move aside and he took one of his swords, holding it dangerously close to Aeros's neck. Eowyn smiled wickedly, twirling her whip still, again and again. Aeros watched the purple fire of her whip, and began to feel... lighter... almost as though it were... hypnotizing him. Not enough to loose conciousness however, just so that he felt calm. Eowyn looked into his eyes, seeing that her trick was working. "It's best of you co operate with us sweatheart." She said, leaning one arm against a paddle.
Shade pressed the knife deeper into his skin, forcing tiny beads of blood to sprout to the surface. He opened his mouth to speak, eyes trailing away, across his blade, and through the sea, not exactly knowing where to rest. Finally they seemed to decide on Aeros's eye. "See, im trying not to kill you. I just need you to answer a few questions. If you answer correctly you can leave the way you came... if not-"
"Well we'll get to that later..." Eowyn interrupted him with a wink, making Shade smile even though he didnt know why.
"Or, you could fight us, and we'd have to deal with an unnessasary death. We aren't big fans of killing, see... it would be so much easier if you will do as we ask. Now tell me, what is your name?" Shade hesitated lowering the sword, but after quick, desicive thinking, he lowered it, and offered a hand to the stranger.

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"T-Troy." Aeros lied. He wouldn't have thought of lying if it wasn't for them mentioning lying... so in all he felt really dumb. The dark dressed girl stepped forward and wrapped her hand around his neck.
"No it's not. I'm not stupid boy."
Aeros sighed, "Aeros. My name is Aeros." He felt the girls grip loosen, then she gripped his neck again, tighter this time.
"Éöwyn..." The man motioned towards the other end of the boat, so she let go of Aeros, and stepped backwards.
They began whispering furiously, as Aeros looked around for some sort of weapon. These people were strange, but he knew that the one was a bender... water, but the other... fire maybe? So the point was, that his water wasn't going to be much use...
Finally the couple wandered back over to him.
"I am Shade, and this is Éöwyn, and we are going to have to kill you."
Aeros fell to his knees in "shock", and grabbed at the knife in his boot. Shade knelt down to eye level, and smirked, "Scared? Sorry, but airbenders aren't to live in this world."
Aeros said nothing.
"He asked you a question mortal! Are... you... scared?"
"You wish." Aeros said jerking himself into a standing position and whipping the knife at the boys face. A branch of water erupted from the river and stopped the knife before it hit, but it didn't matter, because Aeros was already in his boat, and paddling away. Clearly Éöwyn was watching to see if Shade was going to be hit, and not their prey for she had not done a thing until he was started. Then bursts of purple flames surrounded him. "NO!" he shouted, pushing backwards with his hands, sending the boat flying. He wasn't sure what way he was going, but he didn't care...
They thought he was an airbender...?
Were they following?
Where was he going...?

Troy left Thalassa in the stables, and headed back up to see Zarya... she hadn't moved any... not that he could see if she was even there.... or could he? Maybe if he... Troy used his hands to try and crush the earth... he squeezed his hands into fists and the rock crumbled.
"Guys... We need to take down the shields!" Troy said, squirming around to try and see if Zarya was there. Through the fire and water, he couldn't see her face, but her shape was visable. He grinned. "Any firebenders?" He knew there was only one firebender who lived here, so she stepped forward and tried.
and then the net of fire fell.
there were no waterbenders here, but Troy knew it didn't matter... she went in the avatar cycle? water first, but then earth fire, and air, starting from the outside... water being the closest to her.
"We need... an airbender." Troy said.

Ochi was sulking sitting by the raging greyscale fire, her brother cuddling with Kori on the other side. "I kinda like it here..." Andras said. "I think i want to stay here another night..."
"no!" Ochi snapped.
"Hey... its growing on me too." Kori smiled, looking into Andras' eyes. "Let's stay just one more night."
"Ok..." Ochi said. It was early morning, before sunrise, so they had nearly 48 more hours of staying in the water tribe.

Shikyo, was doing the dishes again when she saw Shana leaving the property out the window. "SHANA!" Shikyo water bended the ground and froze Shana there. "Get to your room."
Shana felt like punching someone...
Brooke was crying and Takai was in her room again, a little nervous that her eyes would resume their terrifying state.

Ammos woke up for a moment, and checked on Khana. She was fine so he fell back to sleep.

Tychi was crying in her room. "What do i do?!" She squeaked... "Nothing seems to work!" Tychi looked at the door... Unless... no... YES! IT would work... Korina would live! Seeing the future was very helpful... but then she saw one thing she was not fond of... "No..." She fell down crying again. then she wiped her tears away. "Be strong." Tychi smiled. "Korina! Aeros is on his way!"

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Dria Ayia | 2 comments Maiia woke up from her long slumber and sat up against the icy block that lay to the wall of the cave in which she slept. She quickly got to work making a fire. She gathered some twigs, and shreddings of bark that she found lying around outisde the cave where trees had once stood, lively and radiant... that is, until she killed them. She'd burned the few remaining trees to ash in a furious temper tantrum. She was only a child after all, so you couldnt blame her. She crouched down to the kindling and blew through her palm, instantly creating a small, flickering fire. She fed it a little more, then stepped out of the cave in search for something to cook.

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"What are you going to do about the avatar state now?" Asked Tandia to Zarya, after a long conversation.

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sydney Zarya sighed, she knew this subject would come up sooner or later. "Well when I was exploring everything there, I learned something... Everyone who can bend at all can energy bend. Some of us are just more able, like Shana. Now you can't bend all the elements, so I'm not sure how Shana was able, but you can bend your opposite! You can bring peace and stability into your life!" Zarya smiled. "Isn't that great!?"

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Troy looked back to Thalassa, who was now nervously flying in circles above his stable because he was scared of what was happening to Zarya. Troy wished he could help him, but before Zarya could come out a water bender needed to arrive. but worse... an airbender as well. Airbenders were hard to come by... meaning extinct. How was Zarya ever going to get out? Maybe he was just over reacting. Maybe there wasn't an air sphere after all... maybe it would all turn out OK... no he was wrong and he knew it. Zarya was going to be stuck in there forever....
"Zarya..." He gasped. He couldn't hold it in... Zarya... she was going to die there... or did they nourish you in the spirit world?
He looked up to her and frowned, her beautiful shadowy self was sitting still in the sphere of water...
How are we going to get an airbender...?
"You." Troy said suddenly pointing to one of the villagers. "You wanted to be a politician right? Go for it." The man was confused at first, but then Troy explained further. "Go to the different colonies and cities... ALL OF YOU! you all need to go for the win here, and maybe you could spread word of the avatar's distress and if there are any airbenders then they will come and help right?"
The man smiled. "COME!" He shouted. He began rounding up his troops, and then headed off into the night, ready to leave in the morning.
"I'll get you out..." Troy whispered to himself.

Ammos woke up finally, and grabbed hold of Khana's arm. "come on..." He hissed pulling her to a stand. "it's mid day already! no staying up late tonight... Khana only mumbled and groaned, as she stumbled to her feet and followed Ammos sadly.
Ammos was sad too, he missed Tychi... he missed sleeping and most of all he missed his warm bed... but they were going to the eastern air temple, and they had quite the ways to go...

Three sharp loud knocks filled the chamber where Korina and Tychi sat.
There was yelling outside, as the guards complained about something, then Korina jumped to her feet and ran towards the door that opened in time for her to jump through and hug the boy on the other side.
"Korina!" Aeros smiled, hugging her back. "i missed you..."
"Aeros! Aeros!" Korina gripped him tighter. "You jerk!" She let go and jumped back.
"Wait... what?" Aeros said momentarily forgetting about the dangerous duo following him.
"You--my own brother-- decide to leave me and not speak to me for THREE YEARS?"
"I'm sorry i was with Raelynn and i just--"
"Oh is Raelynn more important than me and Khana?"
"She means everything... to me."
"And we don't?" She squealed.
"that's not what i meant, I love you both... but Raelynn... i love her."
Korina just turned and grumpily crossed her arms.
Tychi smiled and stepped forward hugging Aeros.
"Hey there," He smiled, "How have you been?"
"Good, but i just--"
"Where is Khana?" Aeros cut her off.
"She is with Ammos heading to the Eastern Air Temple to see Troy and Zarya."
"Are they not in the Northern Air Temple....?"
"That's what i thought..."
Tychi was waiting impatiently for the two to stop talking...it would be impolite to interrupt the fire lord...
"Then why are they going to the East?"
"The letter said that we were to go there..."
Tychi was now tapping her foot and checking the sunlight for the time.
"Can i see the letter?" Aeros asked.
Korina handed him the scroll and he began reading, "I was just thinking that maybe they had moved to the east trying to revitalize all of the --"
Tychi snapped, "GO!" She yelled, "You, Korina, you need to go!"
"Tychi? What are you talking about?" Korina asked.
"GO!" She yelled now pulling Korina across the room to the secret door in the back. "Aeros take her and keep her safe."
They opened the door and left. But Korina came back and hugged Tychi, "Come with us!"
"no..." Tychi started crying, "i can't... Good luck." She pushed the grief stricken Korina back in the door. SHe started screaming and banging on the door.
"WHAT"S HAPPENING TYCHI!? TYCHI--" Aeros had grabbed her and begun dragging her through the tunnel. She was crying more now.
Tychi ran to the gates of the throne room and ran as fast as she could to the girls chamber. She grabbed a long black wig and placed it on her head, then grabbed Khana's left behind hair piece and did her hair up. She ran back to the throne room after dressing in one of Khana's gowns and sat down, wiping her tears.
the door burst open and she squealed.
"KORINA!" it was just the servant boy, wearing a strange yellow cloak and a bag slung over his shoulder. "Where is Korina... and Khana. IMPOSTOR!"
"Shut it!" Tychi growled. "It's me... Tychi. Korina left with her brother, follow them. Help them... keep them both safe."
"And you...?"
The boy stood still staring at the brave girl. "You are a hero..." He said as he followed Korina's screams.
Tychi smiled at the boy then turned to see the doorway in time for it once again to be thrown open.
"greetings," Tychi said nervously, "How can i help you?"

Shana was playing with Brooke in her room, bored out of her mind. Takai and Shikyo were talking about her at the table and she heard every word... they wanted her to be safe... they really cared... and yet she needed to get herself to Zarya anyway... she needed to!

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Shade burst through the door, Éöwyn close to his side. He surveyed the room, taking in the neatly decorated fire nation walls and accesories... his eyes soon travelled to the center back of the room and realized where he was- the Firelord's palace! He looked at Éöwyn, and saw that she too was staring at him, the same look of realization and nervousness in her eyes as well as him. Shade took the lead, motioning for Éöwyn to follow, they rounded a few corners, searching the palace for Aeros- the airbender... maybe in the doing so they could find the firelords... but that was only wishful thinking. First thing first.
Shade slid a door open and stepped into a room, dimly lit by firelight from the scarlet candles. It was then the two of them took in the figure standing in their way, looking slightly nervous, it was a girl, maybe eighteen with dark hair and green eyes. "Who are you??" Shade demanded to know, flinging out both swords as an act of intimidation.
"I- I'm Korina." the shaky girl spoke.
Shade looked to Éöwyn and she whispered excitedly, "One of the Firelords, Shade!"
Shade wasn't so sure. He stepped over to 'Korina', and played with her hair with the tip of his sword.
"Korina is it?" He asked, pacing around her in a slow circle.

Tychi panicked as the intruder's sword brushed dangerously against her wig. One wrong move and her secret would be exposed- that she was NOT Korina, and not a firebender, let alone a firelord, but she stayed calm, biting her lip so she wouldn't cry.

Éöwyn watched the procession with obvious interest, until Shade suddenly stopped and glared straight into Tychi's eyes, making her wince. "Then tell me, Korina... WHERE is Khana?? Where is your sister?"
"She's away... on vacation in the southern water tribe." Tychi stated fearlessly, even lifting her chin a little higher as she said it.
"Is that so?" Shade asked.
"Yes." Tychi nodded. They were convinced, or so it seemed.
Éöwyn looked to Shade, "Are... you going to do it?"
"It has to be done Éöwyn, you know that."
"I know, it's just-"
"You said you knew what you were signing up for." Shade told her a bit angrily, turning to face her.
Éöwyn flicked her violet fire whip in slight, obvious annoyance. "Whatever Shade..."
"Éöwyn... I'm sorry, i told you-"
"Whatever... it just seems... wrong somehow."
"It shouldn't..."
"Well it does."
"Then close your eyes this time." Éöwyn twitched but didn't move. shade walked over, taking her hands in his and moving them to cover her eyes. He pulled away, and looked at Tychi/Korina. "Please make this easy.." He whispered into her ear.
"What are- what are you doing??" She hissed back, very scared now.
"I'm sorry Korina... but you're a firebender- the firelord. You're evil, and evil needs to be disposed of." Shade took a step closer, red glinting in off his eyes, a reflection from the firelight.
"No-" Tychi's eyes widened in real fear now, bright green blinding Shade's mind and he felt something, Éöwyn was right but...
He raised his hand and shot water from the center of his palm- absorbing it from the air around him. It formed quickly into a thousand tiny icicles, which pierced into her, she felt nothing. Shade stood straight. Tychi looked at him confused, mouth slightly open as if to ask, 'That's it?', but it was then she froze, because the tiny melted icicles travelled through her bloodstream, to her heart, collecting there and freazing together, slowly covering her heart, and turning it to stone-frozen ice. Tychi slumped over, no longer breathing. Éöwyn opened her eyes, expressionless and walked over to Shade, taking his hand. Shade cleared his mind quickly and smiled with some reluctance, putting it behind him. the ran out of the palace as fast as they could, to the boat and into the water. No murderers wanted to be there when the palace guards arrived.

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Sydney :) wrote: "Zarya sighed, she knew this subject would come up sooner or later. "Well when I was exploring everything there, I learned something... Everyone who can bend at all can energy bend. Some of us are j..."

"What do you mean?" Tandia asked her, a little confused...

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sydney "Long ago, we all were benders. Energy benders. Everyone could bend at one point, then the technique was lost until the Spirit world reminded the Avatar. He or she was able to master all elements after that because of energy bending. Even now I am an energy bender and that Shana girl, you remember her right, well she figured out how to tap into one's energy bending!"
Zarya smiled, and took Tandia by the arm so they could walk together. "While I was exploring the avatar state I found this deep in one of the enclosures. Though the technique can't be used by non-benders. There has to be some kind of bending in you, and what's else you can only learn your opposite. Water and Fire, Earth and Air."
She waited for a response but didn't get one so she continued. "This means we can have a peaceful harmony in our souls. This means Troy can be an airbender again..." She whispered her last bit.
"Tan? I'm scared though. To teach the world their opposite I have to accept the avatar state and in turn give up everyone I love."

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((Soon :P
I need to start sorting things better. TYCHI is dead. and no one even notices.... :(
Characters associated with Wynnie:
Ammos, Aeros, Jarred

Characters associated with Asami:
none.... hmmm well it's ok because Im making Aeros and the others find Sira and Archer.

Characters associated with Sydney:

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Andras, Ochi, Kori, Shana, Brooke, Takai, Shikyo...))


Troy was now alone... he felt much more usless now then ever before. He could have gone as well but instead he only stayed here hoping that some crazed miracle would happen an Zarya wouldn't need an airbender to survive... unfortunately he had no real faith in that.
He sat down on his bed, and sighed. The least he could do would be to find a water bender to prepare for when the air sheild went down right? right... so who could be the waterbender.
He thought hard and realized that the only waterbender he really knew was Aeros.
He knew Aeros lived in the earth kingdom, so that would be where he would go.
He stood up and raced down to the stables after pulling his green cloak over his shoulders. "Hey buddy!" he said as he flung open the doors to the stables. "You ready to go?"
Thalassa looked excitedly to Troy and began nervously fidgeting his claws. Thalassa hadn't been out of the air temple in almost a year... poor guy...
Troy got the saddle ready and attatched it onto the dragon, then slid on top of it. "yip yip!" Troy said. He knew it wasn't necessary, he just missed the aang inside of him.
Troy and Thalassa flew through the sky heading south-east. They followed the river until it split off, then just headed the way they knew that Ba Sing Se was. Of course Troy was asleep for this, and Thalassa, quite tired. The dragon loved to fly and stretch it's wings, and legs, but it had to force itself not to land early.
Finally Ba Sing Se's walls were in sight, so Thalassa shook Troy awake. He looked down and knew they wouldn't be bothered as most would assume he was the avatar. Thalassa flew towards the large green roofed building, and then landed in the yard. Troy hopped off. He was in no hurry because he knew Thalassa would have to spend the night at least, so he walked up to the big oak doors and began knocking furiously.
the door was opened by a girl in a smooth silk green dress. It was a maid.
"Greetings, I am Ju Di." She said a little sternly, "There isn't much room for visiting right now. Please come back when the king is feeling better."
Troy pushed back her and walked inside without saying anything. he looked around not at all knowing where to look for Aeros. Ju Di grabbed him from behind and yelled, "Princess! Princess! Indruder!"
A few seconds later a the princess stood at the top of a flight of stairs, wearing a green dress much like Ju Di's, but much prettier. Even though she was a princess... seeing her in the dress was odd to Troy, he hadn't seen her in years...
"Hi Raelynn!" He smiled.


Aeros was still dragging Korina along the tunnel until she bit him.
"Stop! Stop!" She yelled. Aeros released her and gasped in pain,
"Korina!" he yelled as she ran back, she rounded a corner before Aeros even started running. Korina kept running, and Aeros followed her at a brisk pace, until she screamed. Loud and high pitched, echoing through the tunnel. Aeros shot off, running as fast as he could, "KORINA!" He yelled as she still screamed. He rounded the corners and tore water from its rightful place on the walls of the dark slimy tunnel, and shot it towards the figure holding his sister.
"Jarred?" Korina asked. Aeros froze.
"Jarred?" he asked. he knew him as well... not well of course, but indeed they had been friends. "Whatever, if you're helping, help me get her through the tunnel."
Jarred nodded, "So, what's the plan?"
"I dunno... i was going to go to the Southern Water Tribes... but i was stopped by these two people... creeps. they chased me here, and i think we need to get help."
"the avatar..." Korina said. she knew what he was planning.
"yeah." He said, "and the others."
"Which others?" Jarred asked.
"Troy... Sira, Archer... you know. them." Aeros said.
"What about Raelynn?" Korina scoffed.
"Stop doing that!" Aeros hissed. Korina was starting to get on his nerves already, "Stop being jealous ok?"
"me? What? I'm not jealous of her!" Korina gasped.
"Whatever! You are such-"
the siblings looked to Jarred.
"Stop fighting. Both of you! We haven't even started our journey together, and the two of you are down each other's throats! We need to go quick. Tychi can't hold off whatever it was that was there forever, so we need to GO!."
Aeros said nothing but turned to stalk down the tunnel.

Ammos and Khana had again fallen asleep, and then woke up once more at Dawn. The dessert was the least exciting place in the world and Khana was tired, cold and thirsty, and yet... Ammos was grinning broadly the whole way through. Sand was his element, and it felt great on his feet. Luckily they could travel fast and underground around miday, just like Ammos used to do in the old days... he didn't realize how much he missed this place.
By the time the sun was high in the sky the desert started changing into a grassy plain, and then a village appeared on the horizon.... or Ammos saw it with his feet anyway. So they wandered towards the city and found a nice restaraunt to eat at. They had run out of food, so this was the perfect time for something like this to happen.


"Andras... no." Kori said. She was now teaming up with Ochi, which was unheard of... but neither of them liked the snow, the cold the water....
"Guys... Just three more days... then no more." Andras said. "It's not like it's that cold in here..." They were in a stone hotel.
"Andras!" Ochi said. "You're being dumb."
"No you're both being dumb. Three more days then we're gone."
Ochi and Kori sighed and glanced at each other, both depressed, but Ochi knew it wasn't the cold that was bugging Kori it was the wait for the kill.

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sydney Raelynn smiled. "Troy!" She ran down to him and gave him a friendly hug. "Don't worry Ju Di," She said with a powerful tone. "He's an old family friend."
Raelynn lead him back into the deeper palace. "So what is the reason for this visit?" She smiled.

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Troy smiled, it was great to see a friendly face... he hadn't seen any of his friends in a while... "Actually... i was hoping that Aeros might be able to come and help Zarya..." he said simply.

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sydney Raelynn frowned and looked straight ahead. "Aeros isn't here."

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"What? What do you mean he isn't here!?" Troy said loudly. He took a deep breathe to calm himself down... there really was no reason for him to be so upset... he could go anywhere to find a water bender... "Ok... where did he go?"

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((w-w-w-w-WHAT!!!!? I didn't know all these posts happened! Goodreads said i was the last one to post!!!! I am sorry!))

Sira and Archer finally made it to Ba Sing Sae, they pulled down their hoods by force of habbit. "Let's get to the palace." Sira said. "That's were they'd be."

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sydney Raelynn sighed and kept her tears inside. "He went to visit his sisters..."

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((no that's totally ok. it said it to me too, i just have no life so when im bored im on the computer (24/7) and i type in facebook and goodreads and i constantly refresh the pages till something exciting happens...))

"In the fire nation.... alright." Troy said, not knowing what to do to comfort her... "So your dad...?"
IDIOT! Troy you are so dumb! how is that supposed to comfort her!?

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Sira kicked in the doors to the kingdom. Archer sighed and followed her proud stride. She grabbed a gaurd. "Troy." she demanded. The man pointed a shaky finger in the direction. She and Archer ran to them.

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Troy looked down at Raelynn, her lip trembling, then the doors burst open once more.
"Zut Alors!" Ju Di squealed storming from the room.
Troy didn't recognise them at first, so he overlooked them, but he suddenly took a second glance.
"Archer?" Troy asked, "Sira?"

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Sira grinned that wicked grin of hers. Archer raised an eyebrow at Troy. "Look that differnt, do we?"

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"Well it's been three years!" Troy smiled, he gestured for them to come over, and then looked down to Raelynn. "Are you... ok?"

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