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message 1: by Toni (new)

Toni (cherrycherry) | 10 comments Mod
I thought this thread would be great for discussing how we will organize the club. In the description area, on the main page, there's a 'rules' section so I will fill that in with whatever we decide.

I guess areas to discuss are:

a) How often we meet
b) When/where we meet
c) How we choose books
d) What happens if the group wants to split into 2
for X amount of time? (i.e. reading different
e) Organizing the online space with book related
f) Anything else?

I'll start.
a) For group meetings, I'm thinking once a month for now and that can change as time goes by.

c) Haven't given this one much thought. We could each take a turn, pick randomly, each suggest a book and pick randomly from said list etc...

I'll give this all more thought and share any ideas I have. I hope everyone contributes.

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Shepherd | 5 comments Hello all!
a)I agree that once a month is a good start for now at least.
b)Downtown is the best option for transportation (but I don't mind driving to a specific location). Perhaps a cafe with couches? I'm not really a cafe hopper so I'm not sure of the best spots.
c)To get the ball rolling we should just try one, but I would definitely like to suggest a book in the future. Maybe the random list is the best idea so we don't seem like we're leaving someone out.
f)This is my first reading group ever, so would someone fill me in on the details of how it works generally. Thanks!

message 3: by Toni (new)

Toni (cherrycherry) | 10 comments Mod
It's my first book club too, so no worries. Here check this out: http://bestsellers.about.com/od/bookc...

Lori, if you're reading this do you have that Oprah link still?

c) Choosing books, another idea could be based on a theme. Every month could have a different theme and then a book is chosen based on that. It doesn't even have to be a theme related to the content of the book, could be based on the colour of the book cover, or the gender of the author.

message 4: by Rosalia (new)

Rosalia (RossByTheSea) | 3 comments Hi,

I'm good with monthly meetings and am very open to whatever book selection method you're all happy with. I love the theme idea!

It's my first reading group too. Downtown/Old Montreal/Plateau etc. work best for me. If the area is narrowed down, I would be happy to find a place.

Enjoy the day everyone!


message 5: by Toni (new)

Toni (cherrycherry) | 10 comments Mod
Downtown (Atwater/Concordia) area works best for me.

message 6: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Shepherd | 5 comments Thanks for the link! Ya I'm good for anywhere in the downtown core.

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