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A couple "neat" things about this book

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message 1: by Wilson (new)

Wilson Hines (wilsonhines) 1. This guy has a sense of humor. I love it.
2. He gives chapter length dedications to characters and more importantly, you may not think some of them are important, until three or four chapters later.
3. The type setting is small enough, that when you compare it to a 400 page book by D. McCullough, you quickly find this is actually about a 800 to 900 page book. Saying you've read 50 pages today is literally like 100 in another book.

message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
I, too, am enjoying the author's style of pauses in the narrative for some biographical sketches. I've come across some gems of facts in those but I'll save them for our after-read discussion in order to avoid spoilers.

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