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Howards End or Red Badge?

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message 1: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (badgirltex) | 3 comments Mod
Ok which one was worse to read?

I mean, Red Badge was short but Howards End was at least ok to read.. :P

message 2: by Josje (new)

Josje (jozje) | 2 comments I am not sure, the Red Badge wasn't that bad but I didn't like the story much. And Howards End could have been a great story if it wasn't so tedious.
I'm leaning towards Howards End, just because it was too long.

message 3: by Tara (new)

Tara | 2 comments Howard's End.
It really was a struggle for me to get through it.. I have to admit that is was the same with the Red Badge of Courage, but it still dragged me along a little bit more than Howard's End. And ofcourse, it's shorter, so it was easier to get through. Also, there was more real 'action' in RBOC. :)

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