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((I'll rp tomorrwow cause gots to go for the night byes))

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(( got time for one quick post))
Darius sighed as he rested against a tree.
Dimitri was in the sky looking around searching for someone.

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Dimitri noticed.....something with tenticles What the......what is that...?.

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Dimitri noticed the guy change into a human Rrgh........I'll have to kill him......

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Dimitri sighed softly "Too bad......." he said softly then winced slightly from the chains in his body. He ignored the pain and flew overhead looking down at them "..........."

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Feliks skipped down the path happily. She noticed Victor and Cassandra, gasping happily.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "A-Ah! Dang it...Felix! W-Where are you going?" Toris cried, holding her skirt down as she ran. "Oh Felix...I missed y-you..." She hugged her stomache.

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"Like, Toris, don't try and, like, run." Feliks giggled.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I'm sorry..." She whispered, shaking her head. "It's just...we were talking, and chatting, and then you just r-ran off!"

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"Yeah. Like, that guy that was just here...He was, like, totes sexy." she huffed, looking around. "Where are you, like, sexy guy?!"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Toris frowned. "Why don't you find a man w-who doesn't run away every time?"

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"It's, like, not my fault. Where is he?!?" she stomped her foot.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) She sighed, putting her hand on her shoulder. "Let's just go back home, okay? I have to have a shower..."

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"Yeah. You, like, totally smell." she laughed, winking at Toris.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Toris frowned. "I...I do?"

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"No! I was, like, kidding." she put her hands on her hips. "Like, jeez."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Oh..." She giggled. "That's...oh!" She tilted her head. "Maybe you should shower too..."

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"Me? Like, wh-Ooh." she grinned.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Well only if you want..."

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"I totes do." she giggled, taking Toris' hands.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Toris smirked back. "This will be nice..."

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Feliks moved a little closer to Toris. "It, like...Totally will..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) She giggled, kissing Felik's neck slowly.

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She gasped happily. "Gosh...Toris...Right here?" she blushed, looking around. "What if someone, like, sees?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Well, I mean, just a bit of kissing." She moaned.

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"You're so loud, Tor..." Feliks snickered, kissing her cheek.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Ah..I like that..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Ah!" Toris ran over to Victor, rubbing her chest in pain. "Damn, my ribs here." She mumbled, then smiled at him.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Oh! No, that's not what I meant, I mean, I...well...I.." She blsuhed. "Oh no..."

((Hey Chase :) I invited you to a group!))

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) (( :) Yay.))

"I was gonna ask you something...b-but I foregot..." She perked up. "Oh, yes." She leaned foreward. "I'm sorry a-about my friend. She's a little...odd." She whispered in his ear.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "She just lost her boyfriend, s-so yeah. What, s-she kinda dumped them, but y-you know how girls like her are."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Toris frowned. "I-I'm sorry, I must be bothering you..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Not a lot? S-So I'm bugging you a bit?" She smirked.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) " can I stop that?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Um, well I work at a coffee shop just down the street. How about this?" She put her hand down her shirt, pulling out her purse and taking a coupon out, handing it to him.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) She smiled. "It's open from 6am to 6pm, so you know." She looked up at the sky. "It's such nice weather..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Oh, how rude of me." she bowed her head. "I foregot to ask your name."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Toris." She smiled. "I-It got kinda windy there..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Ah, are you okay?" Toris asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

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How shall I bring in Flynn?))

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((Kay.Were are they? :3))

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) ((Flynn is really a secret ninja space pirate who is intent of taking over the world, but there is one problem: She has no shoe laces. So she is on an epic adventure to find shoe laces, but in the epic drama known as Flynn, it is revealed...she is alergic to shoes :O Nah I dunno.))

"Oh, I have some tylenol..."

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((XD LOL))

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Oh..." She frowned. "Do you need help?"

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Flynn yawned, a little 'Nyyyaaawwwnn~' escaping her lips.Her eyes darted over towards a pair of people talking.
"Nya~ Wonder who they are~~~?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) ((Chase?))

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) /"Oh..." She glanced at Flynn. "Do ears?"

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"Yeah~ I've got kitty ears~"

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"Eh, thanks~ I'm Flynn.And you are?"She said, a twinge of impatience in her eyes.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I'm Toris..." She blushed.

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