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message 1: by Hunter, Unova Champion (new)

Hunter Law | 195 comments Mod
Here's your PC Box.

message 2: by Victini, Unova elite 4 best of all!(Exept the champ...) (last edited Feb 20, 2011 05:04PM) (new)

Victini | 267 comments Mod
Watchog lvl.87
Stoutland lvl.88
Liepard lvl.85
Simisage lvl.86
Gigalith lvl.87
Zebstrika lvl.84
Hydreigon lvl.88
Druddigon lvl.86
Cryogonal lvl.89
Chandelure lvl.82
Elektross lvl.83
Alomomola lvl.85
Amoonguss lvl.87
Vanillite lvl.1 (Hatched from mysterios egg found lying on ground)

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