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Paige-Lindsey WOW, okay omg i can't wait for May to see the cover and i can't wait to read it! I already love Patch and all the other characters of course.. i can't wait to see where Nora's journey goes. I know the book is going to be amazing and won't be a let down! I just hope they make it into a film ;) xxxx

Ntzee I can't wait for Silence either!!! Patch is just so dark, sexy, and dreamy! =P I can't believe the ending for Crescendo ended like that! Huge cliffhanger!!!! If they make it into a film, they better find a really GOOD Patch...but I don't want it turning out like the whole twilight craziness....

Paige-Lindsey Ahaa i know yes, i just think Twilight's a bit overrated to be honest, i've watched and read Twilight but Hush;Hush just seems soo much more interesting and addictive. I love the ending part when Patch and Nora are together but i hated this cliffhanger!! And i agree they are going to have to find one sexy man to pull off the Patch character ;), either way i would sooooo go watch it!

Ntzee Twilight is definitely overrated!!! lol It's nothing compared to Hush Hush. On facebook I saw someone post up this picture of a guy and said that he is the perfect Patch.. I can't see him as Patch...I need a better looking guy. haha.

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The cover is so totally AWESOME. I like how both Nora and Patch are on the cover this time. I cannot wait until this book comes out, however, I will be sad since it is the last book in the series :(

Ntzee I know! I love the cover! =) but yes, I'll be sad too now that it will be over...I wish the release date was sooner.

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me too :(

Alicia I can NOT wait for this book to come out. It has been far to long a wait...and then the cover only makes me want it more!!

Bulma Books 3 months and counting....October, if you can come any sooner plz let me know....

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