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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) So how many people are editing their 2010 NaNo novels?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I murdered my 2010 NaNovel...

message 3: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) I still need to finish the plot... I got the words. And I need to edit the 2009 NaNo novel...

message 4: by Zulmara (new)

Zulmara | 70 comments I am editing and having a blast doing it...I am actually thinking of various places... obsession...

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm re-doing the beast. I think I have a solid idea, but it needs some serious revamping. But I'm not dispairing of scrapping 50K words. I got a good idea of what I wanted out of the story and characters by doing NaNo.

message 6: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylareads) I'm still working on finishing it. I took a break from working on it after NaNo, ended up quitting my job and going interstate to visit a friend and have just recently picked it up again.

I'm excited to get to editing it, however. The break has been good - I've reread most of it and I see everything that's wrong with it, so I'm itching to cut some of it, and change some of it to suit a few things I discovered about the story during my time away from it.

message 7: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) I haven't really worked on my 2010 NaNo novel all that much but I'm editig 2009's for the third or fourth time.

message 8: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne I was supposed to be cowriting my NaNo with a friend; I did my 51k words and she did zero. Still at zero. So now I'm writing a new one on my own, just started it this month and on 30k words as of this morning (thanks to the holiday weekend and free time).

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) Awesome! Congrats!

message 10: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) I have way too much editing to do on NaNo 2010, and I've yet to finish NaNo 2009 AND NaNo 2008.

message 11: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) Oh boy.

message 12: by Aly (new)

Aly Lawson (alylawson) My goal was to edit the story over the next couple months, then turn it into a keepsake proof with CreateSpace. And thus have something somewhat decent to show and pitch to a select few. =)

message 13: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) If you publish on CreateSpace, you lose your first publishing rights, and it may be harder to get the book published by an actual publishing company. Just a warning, if you were thinking about publishing your book wide-scale. And those rights are for each book individually, not for you as an author.

message 14: by Aly (new)

Aly Lawson (alylawson) Good to know! I wonder about an excerpt for a magazine... Which is what I was thinking. Hm. What do you mean by 'rights for each book individually'?

message 15: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) Like, if you right one book and self publish, you've lost the first publishing rights for that book. If you then write a second book and get it published through, say, Random House Books, the second book still has its first publishing rights.

And I didn't know this last year, but never got my book edited to the point where I'd want it published. Luckily one of my friends discovered and enlightened me of this before I tried publishing anything myself.

message 16: by Aly (new)

Aly Lawson (alylawson) Got it. Thank you! Maybe Kinkos is the way to go for a keepsake and preserved opportunities. =)

message 17: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) No problem! :) And there's a site that doesn't get rid of your first publishing rights, supposedly, but I haven't looked into it all that much. is the site, and here's the terms of use for the site (which i have not yet read):

message 18: by Aly (new)

Aly Lawson (alylawson) Cool, thanks!!

message 19: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) No problem, hopefully that site works out and doesn't steal your book rights. :P

message 20: by Aly (new)

Aly Lawson (alylawson) Ha, me too. =)

message 21: by J.C. (new)

J.C. (jcjoranco) | 7 comments I'm doing my editing by hand. I printed up the whole thing and using a blue pen to make all my corrections.

message 22: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) I use red ink,, because I like it and it stands out. But yes, I tend to do most of my editing on paper, too.

message 23: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) I just finished doing my fourth round of editing on paper. Now I just need to put the changes in the maunscript on the computer.

message 24: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Lombard (jslombard) Ah editing... that's something I can speak to! Yep. National Novel Editing Month. Every March. Edit 50 hours and you get a certificate. I urge you all to check it out.

message 25: by Sam (new)

Sam (sam_ekberg) lol thats awesome. i have been so busy writing all of my new stories that i haven't had time to edit my nano 2010 novel but i really need to, it's really bad.

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