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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) ....

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Sting

Parent:Hades ((da da da DAAAAAAAAAA!))

Personality;Secretive, athletic, intellegent, not very forgiving

Look Like: Long brown hair with red highlites, It looks really cool when she lets it down, but he keeps the hair in a braided bun, but her long bangs hang in front of her purple eyes. yes purple. Pale skin, she constantlly has rings and arm bands, bot made of bronze (your gonna love when you find out why : ) ) Camp half blood shirt she has pulled up and underneath she had a black cami covering her mid-driff. Short-shorts, black of course, and converes, see her with out them SOMETHING is terribly wrong


Weapon:her bands,oooooo, you gonna LOVE this! and her staff, and yes, it's like riptide, but it's a pencil, but it ain't wood in staff form.

Special weapon: her arm bands! I SWEAR! IT'S GONNA BE AWSOME!

Theme song: Can't take me(I'm Free) :

other: Okay, you know how Thalia can like 'zap' people? Well, Stinger can kind to the same, bu YOU have to touch HER she can't put a hand on her shoulder and be zapped, plus, her armor has to be out to be vulnerable, Anyways. Stinger's body is screwed up, if you hit a cirtian spot on her, like a pressure piont, it will do more that paralyze her, or make her flinch or what ever, STUFF happens. That's why she where's full body armor

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Thira

Hephestes(however you spell it)

She's devoted, like, insanely, but she's smart and kind to people

She's got a red 'bob' style that flips up in the back a little, it's redish-blonde and she is pale. One of her legs is permanetly dislocated so she limps. She slender and semi-curvy. She's got big brown eyes nd long red lashes

wepons.....hmmm, Your gonna love what's in her boot : )

Her Special wepon? OH YEAH!........Have SEEN her wriat bands ; )

I couldn't say, mabey...... I know it's kinda a sad, but it fits, trust me....

Other, she hates herself and has never been truly loved, her mom actually LEFT her at Thalia's tree at 3 months, so.....

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sarah
21(she works here)
She fun, lots of fun
Layered brown hair and yellow eyes
She's good with a staff and shield
Her adoptive sister is Thira
She can make music, like, imitate it perfectly, I mean, oh you'll see

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Just call her M+M (Music Mafia/ Maddy Miluncet)
Parents: Ma and Apollo
Powers: Mimmic sounds perfectly and pulls ounds and play 'em back, she's basicly a sound computer/i-pod/mp3/walkman/etc.
appearance: big gold-colored eyes, brown hair, avaerage height, skinny and curvy. MUSCULAR! OH YEAH GIRLS CAN BE SHAPY TOO!
Height:I just answered this...
Weapon of choice: sound, bursting ear drums is her game
Any other facts: uh...... OH! you constatly hear music when your around her based on her mood. Yeah, it's weird and you may think your going insane, but that's just her power


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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod
why do i feel scared...

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Hee hee hee

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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod
that clinched it

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) M&M isn't like that, she doesn't really like to use it, but trust me, she WILL

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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod
I repeat, SCARED

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) You should be!

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Liam or Gaara, he gives you the choice
God/goddess: Nyx
Appearance: ... and he'g got bullet hole scars on his legs
Personality: Just plain fun!
Weapon(s): Battle staff
Other: He's drop dead, gorgeous,wonderful, talented, awsome!!!!!


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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Zipporah
Age: 15
God/goddess: Gaea
Appearance: Long(waist length) blonde hair she braids and puts vines in. Big green eyes, pale complexion, slender, avaerage height. Very, elf-like (Lord of the rings)
Personality: meh, a lot like my other charries I make, strong willed, but sweet
Crush: Rocky
Other:meh, she's a sneak,theif,pretty, charming, not exactly and outstanding personality, oh and she's blind

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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod
another blind demigod...

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) There's more? 'Cause she was blinded in battle

message 17: by Jerry, I do believe you killed my hat! (new)

Jerry | 6594 comments Mod
derian. gave up his sight to control his magic.

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Lionlord M&M sounds like that sound dude from the forest in naruto early on.

message 19: by Lionlord (new)

Lionlord Tzipporah

message 20: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) M&M is a daughter of Apollo, Sting is the other one. The difference is that M&M has total controll, but ting can only use her's to summon dead or destroy stuff.

I like to spell it Zipporah.

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Lionlord I read the devils arithmetic and noticed the name. Like the sound dude that makes people's ears bleed and die

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) *twitch twitch*

message 24: by Lionlord (new)

Lionlord Stings having a stroke

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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Lionlord wrote: "Stings having a stroke"


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Lionlord You were twitching.

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Jerry | 6594 comments Mod

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) ugh

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