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((I'm here!))

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((I don't know. You choose))

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Apperance:long black hair with green eyes tall and skinny
Personality:smiles a lot meanning she's nice, loves to care for others.
Why they are in a mental hospital:when people get on her nerves she tends to shout and lash out meaning she has anger issues
Other:used to be engaged to Nathan

Apperance:shaggy blonde hair with hazel eyes tall and lean
Personality:can be a jerk at times but is caring and creative
Why they are there:beats on people if they bother him
Other:Used to be engaged to Macy

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Macy was walking to her ex fiancee's house to get some of her things. She knocked on his door and waited.

Nathan opened the door for his ex fiancee Macy. He smiled tightly at her. She was the one who cheated and ruined everything.

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((oh shucks...this is before the mental hospital...flashback okay?))

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 4151 comments ((I'm sorry to barge in and all but Nada could you post on ours?))

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((It's okay))

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((okay...i'll now put them when they're in the hospital.))

Macy was in the little room where she had to sleep. She didn't like this place. Ever since her and her ex got attacked my something that could only be explained as a shadow.

Nathan was getting his pills. He was crazy! But he knew the real truth.

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Nathan was let out into the kitchen. He had only boxers and a tank top. He looked at Shane and Clare. He knew them well enough to know that they don't care about him being in boxers.

Macy came into the kitchen after Nathan arrived. She went over to him and kissed his lips. They weren't quite over each other yet.

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((Haha, it's okay))

Macy pulled away from Nathan and went and grabbed an apple and bit into it.

Nathan looked at the two of them "Took me 8 years to find out that my fiancee was cheating on me for a month"

Macy looked at him and said "I said I was sorry, it was only a one night stand and I was drunk"

Nathan shook his head "I know. I just can't get over it. Maybe later on I can."

Macy smiled "I hope so. I still love you Nathan"

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Nathan looked at Cassandra and said "I feel sorry for you. But at least we know how each other feel. Doesn't it suck. But how long did he cheat on you for?"

Macy went over to Nathan and slapped his butt and went ot the fridge and got some orange juice. She drank out of the jug.

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Nathan nodded and looked at Macy. He wanted to get over her but it was really hard to.

Macy looked at Shane and said "So Shane how long have you been in here for? I know I've been told before but I forgot."

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Nathan sighed and didn't know what do to. Neither did Macy.

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