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Metacognitive log #5 - Due Mon 2/21 by midnight!

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Ms. Orner | 80 comments Mod
Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you are staying warm and dry today. Personally, I think rainy Saturday afternoons were made for curling up with a good book, and I intend to do that myself once I finish responding to your prompts for log #4.

For today's log, I have two sets of questions: one for those of you reading fiction and one for those of you reading non-fiction. First, however, everyone should answer the following:
1. What is the title and author of the book you are reading?
2. What page are you on?

Fiction readers:
3. Describe the setting of the story in as much detail as possible.
4. Have you ever been to a setting like the one in your story? If it was, how was it like the setting in the story?
5. If you could visit the place in your story would you go? Why or why not?

Non-fiction readers:
3. What was the most exciting or interesting thing you read in your book this week?
4. What connections can you make from what you learned in this week's reading to your personal experiences, the community you live in, or the world?
5. Is there a subject in the book about which you would like to know more? What questions do you have about that subject?

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Josh | 5 comments I am currently lessening to “Three Seconds” by Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom. I have listened to 4 hrs out of 15 hrs. The book is set in Russian prisons, and government buildings. I have not been to Russia or any prisons. No, because I don’t want to go to a prison.

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Carla (carlas) | 6 comments I am currently reading Flowers in the Attic/ Petals in the wind by V.C. Andrews. And I am currently on page 137. I have yet to discover if this is two books in one or if just two parts in one book. Well right now the children are staying in their grandparent’s mansion. But even thought this is a mansion the children have to stay in a room on the highest floor. And in that room there is a door to the attic, in the attic it is a place of pure imagination. There are so many antiques and just a lot of interesting stuff that they can use. Plus the children have fixed up the attic so the smaller twin children won’t’ be scared to go up there and play. They also arranged the attic so it would be a huge hang out place. They also made it so the attic looks like it is a garden. The mother brought the children a whole lot of art supplies so the children can make their own types of flowers. And they also made some different unique types of animals to put all around the attic. If you are wondering why these children are confined in these two rooms is a long story but I will tell you anyway. Once there was a happy family, beautiful mother hard working father, and four amazing beautiful children. One day the father was driving home from work on his birthday awaiting a surprise party, but instead got in a car accident and died. The family was devastated. They had no money to provide for themselves. So the mother wrote a letter to her filthy rich parents that had disowned her because she fell in love and married her half uncle. They wrote back saying they will provide for her. But the father did not know she had children. So these children are hiding away from him. I would want to visit that attic because it has a lot of interesting things in it. But I would only like to visit there not live.

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maria meza (mmeza) | 6 comments I am currently reading Maus and its a narrative story about the Holocaust. The author of this book is Art Spiegelman. I am on page 23. This book is Non-fiction. One thing that I found interesting is the part where they say that the US took everything away from them like papers and clothing, they were cold and afraid. This part can connect to what we are learning in class because the topic is the same and this really happend. This can also connect t the world because of what's happening with the immigrants in the USA and how they treat them.I would like to know more about what happend with this people been taken away from there love ones, I would like to know how did they felt and how was their lifes like.

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Konrad Kubicki | 6 comments I am currently reading The Deep by Peter Benchley and am on page 192 at the moment. The story of my book takes place in the Bermuta Triangle, it is very sunny over there most of the time and a lot of activities are available with great restaurants and views. I have been to a similar setting like this when I visited Hawaii back in 2006. They are a bit similar because they are both tropical places with beaches. I would go to the Bermuta sometime because it seems it would be fun and I like tropical area's that I can get a tan in.

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Tyara Walker | 6 comments The book I am currently still reading is Perfect by Natasha Friend. I am on page 125. The setting throughout the story is either at Group for teenagers, at Belly’s house (the main character). Belly is in Group because her little sister found her making herself throw up in the bathroom and snitched on her. So Group is where about 10 teen girls get together because they have eating disorders, low self esteems, and have problems with who they are and how they look. Other times, the setting takes place in Belly’s house because that’s where a lot of big problems occur and that is where the heart of the story happens. Yes I have been in a similar setting: my home. It is similar to Belly’s setting and what happens because just like her, in my house, that is where all of my family’s problems and emotions/feelings come out and happen. When I leave my house, I usually act completely different and hide what goes on at home… just like Belly. Well, there weren’t any extraordinary or fun places in my book, so no there aren’t any places I would like to go. My reasoning for this is because the only places Belly and the other characters go are to Group, their houses, school, and around the small town. I can do all that in San Francisco.

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Dcakes101 | 6 comments I am reading Ghetto Superstar by Nikki Turner.I am on page.129 in my book.The setting is in the ghetto of Richmond,Virgina.Yes,I have been to a setting like this before.The Western Addition is similar to the setting of Richmond,VA because in the book a singer from out of the ghetto trys to make it big,and in the Western Addition the same thing goes on.Like five or more singers and rapper have made it out of the ghetto and are now living their dream.

I think it is how Viola(Fabiola's mother)goes to Casino to trys to get him to get Fab's confidence back for her because what he has to say matters to Fabiola.I learned that I need not to take the life I have for granted because some people don't have it or never did live as good as I do.No,there are no questions that need to be answered.

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Sirague | 6 comments I am still reading The Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman and I am currently on page 138.
I think the most interesting thing I read this week was a story on racial profiling about a student that went to Colorado State University and was arrested because he was an Arab. It was post 9/11 so the INS was cracking down on the tiniest errors made in visas or that came up in background checks. Another similar story was another Arab got home invaded by the police and was nearly deported but his wife went though a whole big ordeal to get him to stay in the US.
I connect what I have read to the racial profiling and stereotypes that happen in everyday life. I mainly connect it to the deportation of Mexicans in Arizona and the racial profiling. Also a lot of police view African American as more of a threat due to stereotypes that have a similar theme to what I read.
In my book there is a lot of talking about under the table deals with foreign nations who we are not in good relations with. I want to know how these deals go down. There is also a lot of talk of the politicians that are involved in this and I wish they would explain their involvement in simple words because what they are talking about is constantly confusing me. I also just want to know how all this secret confidential information got out if it supposedly our nations secrets.

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Cheyenne Cheshewalla (cheyennecheshewalla) | 6 comments I am now reading a new Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of Baskervilles.It is in a collection of other cases in a giant volume so I am on pg.673.It is a fiction book.
So far the setting is in the apartment on Bakers Street where Holmes usually makes his residence.It is, how shall we say it, a very untidy(in the words of Watson) yet very well organized manor(in the words of Holmes).Things are kept in the wildest places yet, everyone always seems to know exactly where they lie.If something is moved even the tiniest bit then everything is set off balance.For instance, Holmes, in his strange and peculiar manner,always keeps his tobacco in the toe in a Chinese slipper which is never moved aside from the fireplace.If it was to be moved no one would have the slightest clue as to where it has gone.In a past novel, Watson is heard to say "Frankly, my dear friend, I do not get how such an intelligent mind as yours can be so hard to live with in its mannerisms."
I have never been to such a messy yet organized place,unless you count my locker.
If I could visit any place in the world of Sherlock Holmes, I would indeed go to the Baker street residence.

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Czer | 6 comments I am currently "reading" the book Maus by Art Spiegelman and it is a short narritive based on the Holocaust. I am currently on page 52, where Vladek has made a negotiation with a SS officer, that I do not recall his name. At this point in the comic in the concentration camps the SS officer questioned many jewish civilians if they knew how to speak - read english. Once Vladek came along they started to talk about how he knew english and how discrete they had to make business between them. Although he did not have to go through much, he soon was able to have priority among many other jewish people. To think this would of change Vladek for the rest of his life, he stilled remembered of his friend. In what way did he remember his friend, first of all he remembered that his wooden shoes did not fit. And dispite that they did not fit, the germans did not care, if they fit them good and if not, who cares.

In a situation as harsh as this one, never similar maybe. I have always been the kind of guy who has friends here and there but always keep in mind the ones who are for life. To think that I would never be in pain or in misfortune, I know who to call or ask. This relates to the story because Vladek was the kind of guy who anyone would be better off with, although he sometimes didnt think of them, he knew who was there for him as a brother.(as said on the book Night by Elie Wiesle)

Since we are in the Holocaust unit, I would like to know more about how many jewish civilians became SS officers and how. I would also like to know more about this because maybe this made it easier for others, such as in the book Night, when someone came to where the prisoners were, and helped them survive selection. This seems quite cool at points but to think it will involve reading I rather keep questioning why. I know I should like to read more then I do but reading so much in a short period makes me try to stay as far as possible from reading as i can. And even though reading is not my subject i cant wait to finish reading Maus by Art Spiegelman.

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Izzy Dito (izzydito) | 6 comments Im currently reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Im currently on page 27. It is a fiction book. The setting of the story is i'm assuming somewhere in the United States. It's mostly set in the narrators home but they also go to doctors offices. I'm not totally sure where the story takes place so I can't say if I want to visit but if I knew where it was I believe I might like to go there. I have been to a place like the book, the way I picture it their in a big house which i've been to before and the doctor's offices i've of course been to before too.

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Juan Ramirez | 6 comments The book I'm currently reading Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. I'm on page 109. Long story, short, people die, they go to elsewhere, they go back in age, then they are born again. No this book is different then allthe others ive read. HELLA YEAH I WOULD VISIT ELSEWHERE! it sounds so cool but the only bad part is that you have to be dead to go there.

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Annie | 7 comments I am now more than halfway done with Before I Die, by Jenny Downham. I am currently on page 215 and find this book extremely interesting.
The most interesting part that I just read in my book this week as the love scene with Adam and Tessa, the main character. It intensified the book and did a good job of making me follow along.
The main character has cancer and cancer is very common amongst people in the world these days; some are saved and some aren't. In this case, Tessa cannot be saved. I feel like I can't connect this to my own personal experience or anyone else in my community, but I'm sure there are people in the world that are in that unfortunate situation.
I would like to know more about the type of cancer she has. Is it really rare? Are there people that actually go through what Tessa is going through? The plot of this book is really interesting and well thought out.

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