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message 1: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
So, do you
a) Start before the series is finished if it sounds good? Then anxiously await each new installment
b) Start before the series is finished if it sounds good? Then forget about it till the next one is released
c) Never read an unfinished series
d) It depends on how good it sounds, sometimes I wait til it's done, sometimes I don't
e) None of the above...let me tell you why

message 2: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
I am a firm d right now, but don't think I will be starting any new series. I can't take the cliffhanger endings that seem to be the trend now. I always thought of them as cheats and it seems that everyone is using them now.
I WILL start a new series if I notice in the reviews that the books can stand alone.

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) Im with you Jesslyn on "d," but I still have alot of series still a-waiting for them to be finished! Sometimes I find an author should have wrapped it up along time do you read only up to a certain point? Or hang in for the "final"?

message 4: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
The reason that I probably wont start any more series is that I looked at all of the ones that I'm in the middle of and it is just too many.

There are a LOT of good stand-alone Fantasy books and plenty of finished series out there. I am going to use my resources to find new books. I'll be going to go to the bookstore more often. I got too dependent on Amazon and there are thousands of books that never make it to my recommendations list.

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) Let us know what you find! Im interested in any "stand-alones" you come across..I like some "romantic" elements in it..I find them hard to find.

message 6: by Allysen (new)

Allysen | 3 comments Sadly I'm an A, but not on purpose. I find books, or others recommend them to me without letting me know its a series that isn't finished! I'm waiting for about 5 books to come out right now. I'm very much considering becoming a C. but that limits my selection, so we'll see how it goes. I'm not one to give up though, I've been waiting 11 yrs for the final NightWorld Book,Strange Fateby,L.J. Smith. to come out, and she's still not sure when it will be ready.

message 7: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
I have a recommendation for a standalone. This is not for everyone, see my review here:

message 8: by Jada (new)

Jada Stuart (JadasArtVision) | 7 comments A) but I have good luck with it. When I decided to read harry potter I only had to wait on the last one for have the year. Not 3 or 4 books like most people. I feel bad for them. Other times I would read series and not have the book and family members buy it as a Christmas present for me and I have to wait till after the holidays

message 9: by Kashii (new)

Kashii | 6 comments I'm definately a D. The only two series i ever had to wait for the next book in was the kushiel series and harry potter. Other than that... i really try not to read an unfinished series

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