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Trisha | 492 comments Post comments for the last half of the book here.

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I'm saddened as read about Oliver's plight. For that matter I'm saddened for all the children then and now who have had to resort to crime in order eat, keep warm, live. Parts have actually brought me to tears. Where is the Dicken's of our time?

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Jenna Scribbles I read Oliver Twist a few years back. I felt I would have loved it bit I had (spoiler alert) a had time getting past the fact that they wandered for days and the house they happen to break into is Oliver's Grandfather. Grandfather? Who ever it was... It ruined the whole story for me. It is a powerful story otherwise.


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Denise, have you read any YA books by Deborah Ellis? If you haven't yet, look her up on GR. One of my kids got her books at a Scholastic book fair when she was in middle school, and I read them too! They introduced me to the plight of kids and women in Afghanistan. She doesn't write like Dickens, but she does reveal conditions of suffering in that country under Taliban rule. She is an advocate for the people in that area. I think the first book in a series of 3 or 4, is called The Breadwinner.

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