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Trisha | 495 comments Since "Oliver Twist" is nearly 500 pgs, I decided to split the book in half for discussions. This will be the discussion for the first half of the book. Happy reading!

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As I have been reading Oliver Twist, this question has come to mind: who was Dicken's writing this for? I mean, who was the audience that he was intending this story for? I think I read somewhere that this was released in small bits in a magazine. I am just curious who his readers were back then, because Oliver Twist seems to be written as entertainment and at the same time it obviously contains a message which seems to be an attempt to punish society!

Morgan (morganmn) I think it was less to "punish" society and more focused on "pushing" society. What better way to draw attention to the atrocities of poverty and the poor social structures that existed for alleviating it than entertainment. After all, you do get more bees with honey...

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Indeed, you do! I am starting to enjoy this story, but for quite a bit of it I was put off by the sickeningly sweet way Dickens talked of Oliver and anyone "good"! I guess I am just not used to such obvious side-taking in literature! I felt too aware of an agenda, and it bugged me! Now, however,I am enjoying the unfolding events.

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Trisha | 495 comments So far, it is an interesting story, but the mommy in me is so heart-broken for poor Oliver that I just want to scoop him up and hug him!! I also think that I need to read something cheerful! Between "Crime and Punishment", "War and Peace", "Dr. Zhivago", and "Brave New World", I am all tapped out for depressing novels.

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